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Go Big Or Go Home

July 12, 2011


Erin Schrader

That’s the mantra I used when deciding what my husband of {soon to be}
5 years
and I should do for our upcoming anniversary vacation.
Because I didn’t want to go home..
I decided to go BIG.
As in World’s Biggest…ship that is.
That’s right.
Hubs and I will be saying “Bon Voyage” in a few months on this vessel:
Isn’t she pretty?

Take a look at her hoods {yes, she has neighborhoods..}
Central Park:
Royal Promenade:
Adult Only Solarium:
And our room overlooking Central Park….
{that a child may be conceived in. Ha. JK. We don’t do that shaz.
Well the whole conceive part that is…}
Remember when I made mention way back when about getting hot & steamy in this?

Yeah, still pretty excited about it…

Aside from her 24 restaurants, Zip Line, Hot Tubs & Pools Galore, Casino, Mini Golf Course, Cupcake Store, Martini Bar, Starbucks, Comedy Club, blah blah blah..
I am most excited for the Flash Mob Dance Class I get to attend.
That’s right-I’m breakin’ out in dance mid-cruise with a group of people.
Scratch that one off the Bucket List

Problem is, I have done so much research and have read appox. 237,287 reviews {triple that amount in pictures} over the last several months, it has led me to have very-very vivid dreams of being on the ship.
Thus, resulting in me feeling like I’ve already set sail and know what the whole trip was like.
Oh well, I had fun the first two experiences so I am sure the 3rd will be just as good if not better 😉

Warning: Expect to see 1.2 million pictures from this vacation after we return.
You think I’m bad in my kitchen alone with a camera?
Wait until this whole shebang.
Boom Shaka-Laka.

PS. Pretty sure a cruise constitutes buying a wardrobe dedicated strictly to all things Nautical.
I’m thinking….



and definitely this.

But for now…I will return back to reality.

Happy Tuesday Muffins. 

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