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Amazon Summer Must Haves

June 2, 2024


Team LIY

Amazon is bringing the heat this summer! We take our job of bringing you the best Amazon items very seriously, and that’s just what we’re doing right now. We’ve sifted through the not-so-great and are sharing what to buy on Amazon right now!

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Erin’s Dress [5’4″, size small or 4]

Dress [true to size, wearing small]

The number of times I’ve worn this dress since delivery has to be going on two hands (I find myself rotating between around 3 outfits right now 🤪) I just love the blue color (representing that boy mom life 💙), comfy fabric, pockets, etc! 

Erin’s Set [5’4″, size small or 4]

Set [true to size, I bought in medium when I was pregnant! It’s a little oversized but I like the fit!]

Erin’s Dress [5’4″, size small or 4]

Dress [true to size, wearing in Small in Black] // Heels [true to size]

Erin’s Swimsuit [5’4″, size small or 4]

Swimsuit [True to size, wearing Medium]

Lauren’s Dress [5’6″, 8/10 or M/L]

Maxi Dress [true to size, wearing in medium] // Gold Sandals [true to size]

Lauren’s Gold Sandals

Gold Sandals [true to size]

Lauren’s Coverup

Coverup [wearing in large in black]

Lauren’s Earrings

Earrings [in Natural]

Steph’s Dress [5’4, size 10/12 or M/L]

Molerani Maxi Dress [true to size, wearing in L in 02 Ink Blue]

Lisa’s Dress [5’3″, size small or 6]

Dress [size up] // Shoes [true to size]

Skye’s Jeans & Tee

Black Jeans [TTS, wearing in 31/12] // Cap Sleeve Tee [TTS, wearing in L] // Similar Sandals

Heather’s Ruffle Top [size small or 4]

Top [TTS] // Pants [Size up 1; Wearing Medium Tall] Use code: LIYXSPANX for 10% off // Belt // Sandals

Claire’s Amazon Outfit [5’5″ size M/L or 8/10]

Top [size up if in between, wearing large in Ice Grey/White] // Shorts [size up if in between, wearing large] // Sandals [size up .5]

Claire’s Maxi Dress [5’5″ size M/L or 8/10]

Dress [True to size, wearing medium] // Sandals [True to size]

Hannah’s Sandals

Teva Sandals [size up .5]

Macy’s Shorts

Shorts [true to size] // Half Zip [true to size] // Sandals


Katy’s Stone Bathmat

Stone Bathmat [light white, 23.6×15.35] // Nashville Prints

Katy’s Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan [44″, fresh white] // Wooden Growth Chart [use code LIY15 for 15% off their entire etsy shop!] // shop Denver’s nursery here!

Katy’s Faucets

Emak 2-Light Black Bathroom Light // Mirrors // Countertop paint kit // Faucets

Devon’s Cabinet Organizers

Cabinet Organizers

I love organization and these little bins brought me so much peace. I don’t know how long my kids will keep it this way, but we’re all giving it a shot! I have extra bins leftover that I plan to use to organize all of the skincare in my bathroom.

Steph’s Rectangular Veggie Tray

Rectangular Veggie Tray with Lids [See 9+ Ways to Use It!]

Steph’s Dryer Balls

Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls [Check out our Clean Laundry Detergent Review]

Steph’s Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

Skye’s Outdoor Sectional

Sectional // Waterproof Cover // Citronella Candle // Waterproofing Spray // Firepit + Fuel

Heather’s Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

I was recently on a mission to upgrade my summer wine glasses when I found these on Amazon. The colors are so fun, they’re a sturdy glass and I love the shape. These are a perfect pairing to your favorite rose or white wine on the patio this summer! Cheers, Heather 🥂


Katy’s Face Wash & Glow Serum + Primer

Keys Illuminating Serum + Primer // Keys Golden Face Cleanser

This KEYS line from Alicia Keys is so good and I love that it is real & clean ingredients!! This cleanser feels great on the skin and the serum + primer gives the best glow under makeup or just on its own!

Sthefany’s Callus Remover Gel + Foot Scrubber Kit

Callus Remover Gel + Foot Scrubber Kit

Get your feet summer-ready ☀️ Hey LIY, Sthefany here. I’ve discovered some amazing products that will keep your feet looking great between pedicures, especially during the summertime when sandals are a must-have. Using the callus removal gel and the terracotta pumice stone together will leave your feet feeling incredibly soft. Give it a try and enjoy the feeling of baby-soft feet this summer!

Aundrea’s Glow Recipe Primer

Glow Recipe Primer

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect makeup primer! While I’m still on the market, I’ve received was recommended to use this pore blurring serum from Glow Recipe! It’s super lightweight, can be put on top of my daily moisturizer, and truly gives me a soft satin finished! 

Jen’s Bio-Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion

Bio-Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion

Are you fighting winter skin still? Same! I’m trying to get it summer ready and boy was I having trouble! I finally found something that has been a game-changer! PS. A little goes a long way and leaves you feeling so very moisturized in the best way! Have you tried this?

Jen’s Clear Lip Gloss

Clear Lip Gloss

I was on the hunt for something under $6 and small enough to carry in my belt bag – this one won! It’s a great gloss for just a little shine over lipstick or simply on your natural lips! I love it!


Jen’s Couch Skeleton Card Game

Couch Skeleton Card Game

With 3 boys all flying the coop… it’s me and the husband left – just looking at each other 😉 We love games, so I’ve been adding more 2 player games to our stash! This card game is super fun and easy to pick up! It’s quick moving and slightly strategic with a little luck! I hope you give it a try!

Jen’s Car First Aid Kit

Car First Aid Kit

You never know when you’re going to need something out of a first aid kit.. I recently grabbed a new one as my old one was down many many many bandaids & other items! It’s a great time to restock yours so you’re not left open wounded 😉

Jen’s Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer

Keep everything in it’s place with this organizer. It’s a must have for me… just keeps the car looking nice too! + I love tossing my quick grocery store run items in so they don’t go flying around! This organizer comes with straps that you can use to keep it well in place!

Jen’s Smoothie Bombs

Smoothie Bombs

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to step up your smoothie game? Bomb Drop! I’m obsessed with these! It’s such a great way to get some boost in nutrients! Add your liquid, frozen fruits & drop that bomb! Blend away! [note: you do need to blend blend blend, don’t be shy – let her run!] Then pour and enjoy!

Jen’s Ice Cube Tray for 40oz Tumbler

Jen’s Ice Cube Tray for 40oz Tumbler

My question was: Is this worth taking up the freezer space in your freezer? My answer is yes – only if you have a spare freezer! — Yes, if you LOVE cold water! For me, this was just a so-so purchase… I’m not in love, but don’t hate it either! Simply add water to the mold, freeze it – and run warm water over the mold – pop in your 1,2,3 molds to your 40oz. tumbler – lid up and get your water chugging on! I do love that my straw fits right on in with ease!

Hannah’s Watering Wand

Watering Wand

Hannah’s Bat Wall Mount

Bat Wall Mount

Ashley’s Pre-Workout

Naked Pre-Workout

Claire’s Summer Reads

The Paradise Problem // Funny Story // This Summer Will Be Different

Claire’s Protein Shakes

Variety Pack of 12

Protein 🤝 Caffeine — I’ve been loving these iced coffee drinks to get a little extra protein in the morning! Each can has 20 grams of protein, 250 MG of caffeine, and only 100 calories! I like to pour mine over ice and drink with a straw to get the at-home Starbies feel. Cheers!

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