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What We Bought & Loved This Month

February 4, 2024


Team LIY

Another month calls for another round of “What We Bought & Loved”, where Team LIY shares our latest & greatest purchases! From Fashion to Home to Beauty [and all the random finds in between!] here’s everything we’re loving right now!

Fashion Finds

Erin’s Nike Air Max Sneakers

Sneakers [true to size]

Erin’s Aerie Waffle Set

Waffle Polo Sweatshirt [size down one, wearing in XS] // Waffle Shorts [true to size – I sized up due to pregnancy]

Erin’s Under $100 Event Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing in small] // Dolce Vita Heels [on sale! true to size, wearing in cafe]

Steph’s Cozy Waffle Knit [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

Waffle Knit [sized up for oversized, wearing in M in Catalyst Blue and in L in Flamingo Feather, I prefer the L] // Extra High Rise Rockstar Jeans [true to size, wearing in 10 Regular for 29″ inseam in Lia / I’m 5’4 for reference] // Boots [true to size]

Steph’s Fair Isle Sweater [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

Fair Isle Sweater [true to size, wearing in M] // Extra High Rise Rockstar Jeans [true to size, wearing in 10 Regular for 29″ inseam in Lia / I’m 5’4 for reference] // Boots [true to size]

Steph’s Extra High Rise Rockstar Jeans [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

Old Navy Super High Rise Rockstar Jeans [true to size // Top: wearing in 10 Petite for 27″ inseam in Light Grey / Bottom: wearing in 10 Regular for 29″ inseam in Lia] // Sneakers [true to size] // Boots [true to size]

Steph’s Tunic Sweater [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

Mock Turtleneck Tunic Sweater [Size down if between, wearing in M in Rose Red] // Hey Nuts 7/8 Leggings [TTS, wearing in M in 25″ inseam // Typically size 10/12 and 5’4″] // New Balance 327 [TTS, wearing in White/Grey/Black]

Steph’s Old Navy Luxe VNeck Tee [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

Old Navy Luxe V Neck Tee [TTS, wearing in M in Aurora Red and Dark Bottle] // Button Fly Straight Leg Jeans [TTS, wearing in 10R in Reem] // Old Navy Rockstar Jeans [TTS, wearing in 10R in Light Grey]

Steph’s Straight Leg Button Fly Jeans [5’4″, size M/L or 10/12]

Button Fly Straight Leg Jeans [TTS, wearing in 10R in Reem]

Katy’s Outfit

Tee [true to size] // Skirt [size down if in between] // Jacket [size down if in between] // Boots [true to size]

Katy’s Boots

Boots [true to size] // Scarf // Top [size up] // Similar Jeans

Katy’s Sorel Slippers

Sorel Slippers [size up if in between]

Jen on the LIY Team said these Sorel slippers were her FAVORITE purchase of 2023 [and replaced her UGGs!] Let me tell you, these are warm and cozy – I am in love! πŸ‘ p.s. I tried to swipe the dog hair off, but husky owner life πŸ˜… 

Katy’s Aerie Undies

Superchill Cotton Boybrief Underwear [true to size]

Who else HATES trying to find good underwear?! Claire on the team suggested these from Aerie and I am so thankful they don’t ride up and are super comfy – love them!

Jen’s Workout Tank

Workout Tank [true to size, wearing in medium] // Leggings [true to size, wearing in 6] // Sorel Sneakers [true to size]

Claire’s Aerie Sweatshirt [5’5″, size M/L or 8/10]

Sweatshirt [size down, wearing medium] // Leggings [TTS, wearing medium] // The BEST ankle socks!

Claire’s Aerie Tunic [5’5″, size M/L or 8/10]

Tunic [size down one, wearing medium] // Leggings [TTS, wearing medium] // Sneakers [TTS]

Claire’s On Sneakers

Sneakers [size up .5 if in between!]

Lauren’s Ski Goggles + Snow Pants

Ski Goggles [in A1-greyframe Revosilverlens] // Snow Pants [wearing in large in Quiet Grey]

Lauren’s Waffle Knit Top

Top [ wearing in large] // Jeans [size up, wearing in 10] // Similar Jeans // Boots [on sale!]

Lauren’s Striped Top

Top [TTS, wearing in med] // Shorts [wearing in L] // Sandals [size up .5] // Jeans [size down]

Hannah’s Long Vest

Vest [True to size, wearing in Small!] // Long Sleeve Top [Size down one, wearing in XS] // Leggings [Size down if in between] // Sneakers [True to size]

Hannah’s Aerie Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt [size down if in between, wearing in XXS] // Leggings [True to size] // Sneakers [True to size]

Hannah’s Workout Sneakers

Nike Air Max Bella Sneakers [True to size]

Macy’s HeyNuts Leggings

Half Zip // Leggings // Boots

Aundrea’s Dress [5’11”, typically size XXL or 18/20]

Dress [size up for roomier look] // Similar Heels

Sky’s Denim Dress [5’4″, typically size L or 12]

Dress [TTS, wearing in a L Petite for 5’4″] // Boots [sized up .5]

Debbie’s Dress Pants [5’5″, typically size S or 4]

Pants [true to size // Tee [true to size] // Similar Heels

Allison’s Sneakers


Lisa’s Dress

Dress [true to size] // Sandals

Beauty Finds

Jen’s Shark SpeedStyle

Shark SpeedStyle

Whoaaaa you all turned me onto this find and I’m saying THANK YOU to each one of you who said “It’s worth it Jen!” — I’m here to also add in my own “It’s worth it”.. This hair dryer is not just a hair dryer! I’m obsessed with the RapidGloss Finisher! Just look at it, usually my hair is a frizz mess… and I have to dry, then use my straightener which takes forever! Gone are the days! I dry and then plop on this attachment [which comes with this set] and gloss gloss, ohhhlalalaaa my hair is smooth as a babies…. You get it, I don’t need to harp on anymore! If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, don’t let this one pass you by!!

Jen’s Tarte Maneater Blush & Glow

Tarte Maneater Blush & Glow [wearing buffed pink] // e.l.f. lipshine [wearing happy]

Jen’s Tarte Sea Under-Eye Masks

Under-Eye Masks

Heather’s Tatcha Moisturizer

Tatcha Moisturizer

Ashley’s Firming Wrinkle Device

Firming Wrinkle Device

Hey, hey! Ashley, here! I have a silly fail for you….a little red LED light for your face.πŸ₯΄ It pays to read a full description of an item before purchasing! Anyway, moving on. What are your thoughts on red light therapy? I will be turning 40 this year 😱 so I’m looking to find ways to delay signs of aging naturally.

Home Finds

Claire’s Shelf Styling Refresh

Tap to Shop

Steph’s New Vacuum

Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Sthefany’s Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Macy’s Faux Fiddle

Faux Fiddle Leaf

Macy’s Picture Light

Picture Light

Macy’s Clear Storage Bins

Clear Storage Bins


Katy’s Organic Alcohol Free Sparkling RosΓ©

Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling RosΓ©

Maybe you’re just wanting to cut back on alcohol intake overall [or preggo!] THIS DEALCOHOLOIZED SPARKLING ROSΓ‰ is so πŸ‘ good πŸ‘ I honestly think it tastes better than a lot of I’ve tried that actually contain alcohol. The price point is a bit higher than my normal $10 bottle of wine 🀣 but the ingredients are organic and super clean [the taste reflects that for sure] CHEERS! πŸ₯‚

Jen’s O-Cedar Floor Cleaning Pacs

O-Cedar Floor Cleaning Pacs // O-Cedar Rinse Clean Mop System

If you own a O-Cedar Mop system, these cleaning pacs are the winning ticket! Simply drop one in, fill up with water & get to mopping!

Jen’s Scale


iHealth Nexus scale for body weight displays 9 body compositions to better understand yourself. Monitors weight (kg, lb, st), body fat, body water, muscle mass, lean mass, and bone mass. Calculates BMI, daily caloric intake, and visceral fat. I love how easy the app was to download and that it auto hooks all into your health app on your iphone… to keep track of everything! It’s sleek & looks nice just sitting out too!

Peloton Screen Pivot

Screen Pivot // Peloton Bike

If you have the original Peloton bike, you know the screen doesn’t rotate which makes non-cycling workouts difficult depending on your home workout space. This screen swivel was super easy to install and now I can easily rotate the screen to do bootcamp, core, and strength training workouts when I’m not on the bike!

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