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13 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

February 1, 2024


Erin Schrader

If anybody would tell me that I’ve been at this whole Living in Yellow gig for 13 years, I wouldn’t believe you – until that is, I look at the gray hairs on my head and quickly realize I’m not a spring chicken anymore and so yes, it is possible that I have been running this for over 1/3 of my life now. Wow. And this my friends, is why I’ll be 38 when I have my first child – the birth of Living in Yellow clearly took priority 😉 No matter how long you have followed [1 day, 18 weeks, 6 years, or all 4,745 days] it means the world to have you here, truly. We hope you stay another 13 years!

ENTER TO WIN ONE OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS HERE! [Giveaway is now closed!] All 13 Winners have been notified by email, please check your inbox/junk/spam 🙂

CalPak Duffel – Ariel
Hey Nuts Leggings – Jessica
Nikes – Molly
SPANX Pullover – Tami
Lash Mascara – Jacqueline
Stanley – Debbie
Athleta Joggers – Tiffany
Elemis Pads – Gina
Hamper – Kaziah
Anthro Blanket – Haley
“The Erin” Necklace – Jessica
Veggie Tray – Anne
Coop Pillow – Hollee

1. Calpak Luka Duffel

Calpak Luka Duffel [use LIVING10 for 10% off site-wide] chocolate color/regular size

In case you’re wondering if the Calpak duffel bag is worth it, allow me to tell you for the thousandth time that YES, yes it is! I use this thing every single time I travel [it holds SO much, fits under the seat on the plane, and looks brand new after countless trips]! Friends, it’s a must!

2. Hey Nut Leggings

HeyNuts 7/8 Leggings

4 words: Move Over Lulu Align! Hey Nuts have entered the building and here to stay! I can report that I’ve officially jumped on the Hey Nut train CHOOCHOO with no future of jumping off! I love that they offer pocket options too!

3. Nike Air Max 90 Futura

Nike Air Max 90 Futura [true to size, if in-between size up!]

My newest NIKE kick obsession 👟 I recently got these and just wore them for the first time to travel down to Florida. Not only are they fun to look at [😻] they are quite comfortable as well! 

4. Spanx AirEssentials Half Zip

Spanx AirEssentials Half Zip [use code: LIYXSPANX to save]

If you know, you know! The SPANX AirEssentials collection aka Heaven on Earth. If you haven’t given your body this treat, I’m here to say – just do it!

5. Lash Paradise Mascara

Lash Paradise Mascara

Hands down, the best $7 I’ve spent on Amazon when it comes to beauty products! I love how this mascara lengthens and thickens my lashes, without transferring to my face at all! 

6. Stanley 40 oz Quencher

Stanley 40 oz Quencher

If you’ve been working on your hydration station like I have, then grab yourself a big-o-Stan the man to carry around and chug on 😉 This baby will keep you hydrated, fits like a glove in most tight spaces + is just a champ at wetting your whistle!

7. Athleta Coaster Luxe Joggers

Athleta Coaster Luxe Joggers

On the search for the coziest pair of joggers? Well, friends, I’ve found it. The Athleta coaster luxe material is truly the best of the best. The coziest of the cozy. I can’t say enough good things. Dip in!

8. Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Pads

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Pads

Raise your hand if you swear by these Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Pads like I do!  🙋🏻‍♀️ They’ve become a staple in my skincare routine! Pro tip: I cut them in half to make the container last 2x as long!

9. 90-Liter Hamper

90-Liter Hamper

One of the purchases I love the most from 2023 — yes, a hamper [and yes, my age is showing now]. I bought this from Amazon during Black Friday and couldn’t love it more! Each side has its own handles to easily remove and I love that Shawn and I can keep our laundry separate [or you can divide by colors/lights]! It holds a TON and looks so nice in our bedroom!

10. Anthropologie Luxe Faux Fur Throw

Anthropologie Luxe Faur Fur Throw

Blanket season is always a “thing” right?! Meet the coziest one we’ve found: this Anthropologie throw! Even the dogs can’t get enough! I’m telling you, it’s amazing! One of the most luxe items we have in our home [and an awesome gift to give]!

11. “The Erin” Necklace

Hey June “Erin” Necklace [use LIY15 to get 15% off]

The Erin Necklace we created with Hey June sold out in hours the first time around and now it’s back again! It is gold-filled meaning it is very durable/wearable [I’ve owned my Hey June jewelry for YEARS with zero tarnishing!] I love this easy [and cute] hexagon + bar front clasp and dainty chain! You can wear it for everything [believe me, I do]!

12. Veggie Tray

Veggie Tray

The most used [and loved] under $15 Amazon purchase of all-time [well maybe outside of my mascara 😉] Simply use it for veggies like I do, fruit, taco bar toppings, etc – it’s so convenient to fill up, store in your fridge, and whip it out whenever needed! 

13. Coop Pillow

Coop Pillow

Every single night when I lay my head on my pillow I’m reminded of exactly why I love this Coop pillow so so much! If you haven’t hit checkout yet, do yourself a favor and buy one ASAP! It’s the most loved pillow by thousands of us [you control the firmness or softness level to your liking]!


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