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Our Current Workout Plans [+ Cute Workout Gear]

January 10, 2024


Team LIY

Three cheers for 2024! New year, new us [or maybe same us because that was good too, right?! 🤣]. From hitting the treadmill [we tried the 12-3-30 trend here], to hopping on our bikes, to yoga, to weight lifting and in between – we are sharing our current workout routines! Now, don’t worry….we won’t leave you hanging on the cute workout gear either, because a fit you feel confident and good in is SURE to help make your workout even better [that’s a thing, isn’t it?].

Want to workout with the LIY Team and community?! Learn about + join our 1800 minute challenge here! p.s. A $250 Lululemon gift card is up for grabs 💪

Erin [5’4, typically a size S or 4 – currently 16 weeks pregnant!]

Maternity Biker shorts [true to size, wearing in small] // Same biker shorts non-maternity version // Sweatshirt [oversized fit]

I’ll be honest – the amount of exercise I have completed so far in 2024 has been zero. Zilch. Non-existent. Between being sick, traveling, and well, growing a little human, my motivation has been a lot lower than normal, but I am hopeful as soon as I kick this cold I’ll get back on the bandwagon. And by bandwagon, I mean daily walks [preferably on the beach but I’ll take what I can get ;)] Last year I fell in love with walking – whether it be outside or on the treadmill doing the 12, 3, 30 challenge [read more about that here!] it’s a great way to get movement in! Another favorite: a 20-minute ride on my Echelon Bike! It’s amazing how sweaty I can get after such a short time. Quick, fun, effective, and a great way to transition from the workday to the evening!

  • Favorite workout song: I might be the odd woman out here, but when working out I prefer Podcasts! Whether it’s Jenna Kutcher, Dani Austin, or How I Built This, it helps pass the time so quickly [while sometimes learning something new in the process]!
  • Favorite Sneakers: When it comes to getting my walks in, I love both my ON Clouds and HOKA’s! You really can’t go wrong with either!
  • A Fitness Tip I Swear By: A year or two ago I changed my perspective from “Ugh, I HAVE to workout” to “Wow, I GET to workout” and it’s worked wonders! Being grateful for your body and the ability to move it while you’re able is such a gift and one I don’t want to take for granted! It’s a lot easier to lace up those shoes when you’re thinking through the lens of gratitude vs torture!

Katy [5’4″, typically size XS/S or 2]

Tank [size up, love the built in sports bra!] // Leggings [size up] // Zip Top [size up] // Sneakers [true to size]

With a 1 year old and husband in medical residency, I am currently in a season of working out at home! I know that I workout longer and harder with a group fitness class, but I am still enjoying moving my body and getting it in when I can! I love mixing up my workout routine! Whether that’s my Echelon bike, yoga, strength training, or cardio! I usually pull up a free workout via YouTube on my Apple TV! For yoga I love Yoga with Adrienne [she’s so calming and fun!] and for strength workouts I usually choose one from Juice & Toya or MadFit! We also purchased an at home sauna [ours is a 2 personal traditional] and it is one of my favorite ways to sweat, relax, and detox!

p.s. for pregnancy, postpartum, and baby-wearing workouts I used Pregnancy & Postpartum TV and Belly Strong!

  • Favorite Way to Move My Body: Any kind of dance! I used to take a Zumba hip hop class multiple times a week that I LOVED. It didn’t even feel like I was working out, but just moving my body and having fun!
  • Favorite Workout Song: any 2000s rap gets me hype!
  • A Fitness Tip I Swear By: Starting my day with a walk is a great way to set the tone for the day! I also swear by getting my steps in [10,000 a day]. It has been such a game changer for me mentally and physically! [wearing a tracker is HUGE for holding yourself accountable! See our fitness tracker comparison here!] I also truly believe in using workouts as a form of self care and “therapy” to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Favorite Sneakers: Currently loving my On Clouds!

Hannah [5’2″, typically size XS/S]

Pullover [Size down one, wearing in XS in Sparkle Blue] // Longline Sports Bra [True to size] // Leggings [Size down if in between] // Sneakers [Size up .5]

I’ve been working out from home for years, call me weird but I hate going to the gym and don’t care for classes, so I’ve slowly turned our basement into a home gym and I love it! I typically wake up around 5am and get a cardio warm up in on our treadmill or our exercise bike and then lift weights or a workout routine through the Tone It Up app! I’ve used the app for years and love it; lots of different options and programs you can join!!

  • How I’m Planning on Getting Healthy This Year: This year I am trying to prioritize more mobility and stretching in my workouts! I prefer lifting weights but rarely stretch or move my body to help support my lifting!
  • Favorite Way to Move My Body: Lifting weights! I think there is something so empowering about strong women. Lifting weights has been so beneficial for me and shown me what I’m capable of when something is hard. I swear it also helps me keep up with my kids too [lol].

Jen [5’7″, typically size M/6]

Sweatshirt [true to size, wearing medium] // Sports Bra [true to size wearing medium] // Lululemon Leggings [true to size, wearing 6] // On Cloud Sneakers [true to size or size up if in-between]

Not sure if I should be proud to share that on January 1st, I went to the YMCA and cancelled our gym membership! We just weren’t using it enough… due to slowly creating our own garage gym space! So I’m excited knowing we will be saving some money by hitting the garage to pedal & pump it up this year! I’m also itching for the Spring/Summer to roll on out… outside and on the water is my favorite way to get exercise in!

  • Favorite Workout Song: Pump Up The Jam, Technotronic
  • Favorite Way to Move My Body: Hiking, paddle-boarding, walking — honestly anything outdoors, count me in!
  • Favorite Athletic Brand: Lululemon[love their “we made too much sale!]

Ashley [5’8″, typically size medium or 4]

Sports Bra [true to size] // Leggings [true to size]

The Barbie movie inspired me to go PINK! I love this set and it’s super comfy. The bra has minimal support but works fine for my smaller chest. Leggings are squat proof. I’m wearing a M in both, TTS. For reference, I’m 5’8”, 155lbs. Also, if you’re working on building your glutes, get these!

Here’s my current workout routine for the week! I do a warm up set then three sets of each exercise, 7-10 reps.

Monday: I don’t always go on Monday. If I do make it to the gym, I do a light full body workout with some cardio at the end.

Tuesday: Chest/Shoulder Day
     Bench press (I alternate weeks between dumbbells or barbell)
     Incline bench press (same alternating schedule)
     Chest fly machine or cable flys
     Dumbbell shoulder press
     Lateral dumbbell shoulder raises
     Shoulder shrugs
     Note: Between each set I rest & do push ups or dips
     Additional options: Chest press machine, single arm kettle bell press

Wednesday: Back Day
    Seated cable row, close grip
    Seated cable row, single arm
    Lat pull down, wide grip
    Cable face pulls using rope
    Back fly machine
    Note: between each, I rest and do push ups or pull ups
    Additional options: Deadlifts, standing barbell row, Gorilla row with kettlebells

Thursday: Quads/Calves
     Front squats with barbell
     Elevated Calf raises using dumbbell
     Leg press, quad focused
     Barbell walking lunges (20×3)
     Quad extension machine
     Goblet squats
     Seated adductor machine
     Note: rest between each set

Friday: Glutes/Hamstrings
     Glute focused back extension, holding kettlebell
     Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells
     Smith machine hip thrusts
     RDLs with barbell
     Weighted step ups
     Glute kick backs
     Reverse deficit lunges

If time allows, I love to finish with a kettlebell windmill, 7×3 each side. :hugging_face: Great for your core!

more of my workout favs!

Sports Bra [true to size] // Leggings [true to size]

Sports Bra [true to size] // Leggings [true to size]

Allison [6′, typcially size medium or 10]

Nike Sneakers [true to size]

  • Favorite workout song: I’ve been loving anything Miley Cyrus lately!
  • How I’m Planning on Getting Healthy This Year: I just started a 30 day Doterra cleanse, and I’m vowing to workout 4 days at a minimum.
  • Favorite Athletic Brand: I still love lulu, but the lululemon “saves” on Amazon are great too
  • Favorite Way to Move My Body: I’ve really been enjoying going to the 8:45am classes at a local country club. They are different everyday and taught by different instructors. The fact that it changes daily really keeps my focus and interest.
  • A Fitness Tip I Swear By: I don’t really swear by any fitness tip, I know I feel better after I leave class, and I’m proud that I’m moving my body daily.

Debbie [5’5″, size small or 4]

Leggings [true to size] // Sweatshirt [true to size]

My current workout plan is yoga at yogisanonymous.com with Kate Duyn and on alternating days I usually do Pilates on the Better Me app!

  • How I’m Planning on Getting Healthy This Year: I’m planning on getting healthy by limiting alcohol and sugar and by doing intermittent fasting. I fast until noon and then end my eating window at 8pm.
  • Favorite sneakers: definitely Sketchers!
  • Favorite Way to Move My Body: yoga and ballroom dancing

Devon [5’8″, typically size small or 2]

Tank [true to size, wearing small] / Leggings [true to size, wearing small] / Socks

I don’t plan to shake anything up this year, but instead keep it consistent with more of the same. I plan to continue group work outs at home with friends and maintain my running endurance! I don’t love running when the air hurts my lungs, so you can find me on the treadmill until March! I *might* sign up for a race or two this year!

  • Favorite workout song: Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell
  • How I’m Planning on Getting Healthy This Year:  I plan to stay consistent with at-home workouts with friends and daily walks!  I don’t have a specific plan, but typically I end up with some sort of HIIT workout 3x a week and a run on the other days!
  • Favorite Sneakers:  On Cloud X 3 My dad gifted me On Clouds for Christmas years ago and I have been loyal to the brand since.
  • Favorite Athletic Brand:  After participating in an Amazon legging comparison [coming soon!!], I don’t think I’ll ever work out in anything other than HeyNuts leggings !  I recently purchased a Vuori tank that I LOVE, but I really need them to give me more colors to purchase!!  Finally, I can usually find some budget-friendly options in Target’s All in Motion brand.
  • A Fitness Tip I Swear By:  For more effective workouts, properly fuel your body with whole foods and good hydration!

Sthefany [5’2″, typically size XL or 12]

H&M Sports Bra [true to size]

Have you tried H&M activewear? The new collection of H&M sports bras are designed to elevate your fitness game while keeping you comfortable and confident throughout your workout. The support of the styles shown in the photos are great for any type of workout. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or practicing your favorite yoga poses.

Claire [5’5″ typically size M/L or 8/10]

Tank [size up if in between, wearing large] // Shorts [size up if in between, wearing large] // Fav Sports Bra [size up if in between, wearing large] // Sneakers [TTS, so comfortable!!]

Last year, I officially joined the Peloton club [along with several girls on the Team] and it’s been a blast scheduling rides together, recommending our favorite classes or instructors, and overall encouraging each other along the way! When I’m not in the saddle, I love to do inclined walks on the treadmill. The popular 12-3-30 workout is quick, effective, and I love that I’m able to watch a show or read on my Kindle while I walk! If you like to walk or run, these sneakers are one of the best investments I made for my health in 2023 – worth every penny! Here’s to happy and healthy New Year!

Lauren [5’6″ typically size M/L or 8/10]

Tank [size up, wearing large] // Leggings [true to size, wearing in medium] // Sneakers [size up .5]

Anyone else fall off the fitness bandwagon the last few years? My consistency has been lacking! I’ll tell ya, between having kid #1 and kid #2 and Covid, I’m way off of where I want to be fitness wise, and committing myself this year to getting back to where I know I can be. My motivation? Continuing to move my body now so that I can still move my body years from now [when God willing I have little grandkids to run around with]! I know that I feel better when I am moving my body, and I feel more confident when my clothes fit how I want – and a big part of that is fitness.

Favorite Way to Move My Body: Spinning on the Peloton and adding in strength workouts through the Peloton programs! And when I’m looking to take it a bit easier, a nice long walk on the treadmill [or outside when it’s nice weather] watching a show!

Favorite Sneakers: These sneakers have been a staple in re-starting my workout game over the past 6 months or so! They truly feel like walking on clouds, and I now own them in not one, but two colors! Perfect for walks on the treadmill!

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