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5+ Lululemon Look-a-Likes from Amazon

December 21, 2022


Team LIY

If you’ve been following along with LIY for any length of time, you know our love for both Lululemon and Amazon runs deep. Whether you’re hitting the gym, traveling, running errands, or kickin’ it on the couch, Lulu’s high-quality pieces are some of our closet favorites! The down side? They’re pretty pricy and the more popular items are in and out of stock frequently [Belt Bags, we’re talking to you]! Insert Amazon. We set out to find comparable Amazon products that could pass for the real deal – for a fraction of the Lululemon price – without sacrificing quality! Spoiler Alert: get ready to fill up your Amazon cart. Here are 5 Lululemon look-a-likes from Amazon!

The Fleece Belt Bag

We all know how hard it is to get our hands on a Lululemon belt bag these days – dang near impossible. After I ordered this fleece everywhere belt bag from Lulu, I spotted this similar option from Amazon and wanted to compare and put ’em to the test. The Amazon option I purchased for $21 while the Lululemon bag is more than double the price at $58. The verdict: for starters, they look nearly identical with the exception of the Lulu logo and the gold clasp [which dang, I do love the gold clasp]. If I was just passing somebody by wearing the Amazon option, I would assume it was Lulu. The functionality is the exact same as they have the same pocket placements [one on the back, and then inside they both have two elastic pouches – photos of the Amazon one below! Long story short, if you don’t care about the Lululemon logo, I’d try the Amazon bag for a fraction of the price!

Amazon Sherpa Belt Bag

The Scuba Half Zip Hoodie

Amazon Half Zip Long Sleeve Fleece Crop Pullover Sweatshirt [sized up for oversized fit, wearing size Large in Khaki]

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie [true to size]

Here’s the deal. I really loved my Lulu Scuba Hoodie and wore it non-stop when it arrived. But after the first run through the wash, the zipper pull broke off! For a $100+ sweatshirt, I was super disappointed. However, I did take it into the Lulu store, and the girls working were SO nice and ordered a replacement for me – no questions asked. Maybe I received a dud, but I’m anxious to see how the replacement holds up when it arrives. If you’re not willing to risk it, my under $40 Amazon version felt like such similar fabric quality and made it through laundry day with no issues! Several of my girlfriends [Lululemon junkies!] even thought it was Lulu!

The Wunder Train Leggings 25″

Amazon Leggings 25″ [true to size, wearing medium]

Taking the popular high-waisted black leggings for a barre and treadmill test – which one did I love the best? Funny you should ask! I actually love them both, for different activities! For barre, yoga, really getting your squats on, I would choose the Amazon leggings! They were the perfect mix of soft stretch for those activities. The Lululemons were wonderful(tight/kept me all snug as a bug) on walks, jogs and my high fitness classes! They made me feel very secure and I loved them as I often think someone is running behind me… but it’s just my butt jiggling! 😉 The quality on both pairs are amazing! I found the materials on both-a-plenty, no peep shows happening with these leggings! All in all, I find these very comparable but would prefer one over the other depending on my activity for the day!

The Back in Action Long Sleeve Top

Amazon Long Sleeve Workout Shirt [true to size, wearing size medium in Camo Multi 6]

Back in Action Long Sleeve Shirt [true to size, wearing size 10 in black]

When I think higher price, I think higher quality, but I’m not sure that’s the case with this Lululemon Back in Action shirt! I tried the comparable Amazon CRZ Yoga version, and to tell ya the truth, I could barely tell a difference! While the materials felt almost identical [not to mention the same tags and overall stitching and fit!], the material on the Amazon version was a bit softer! For a basic, loose fitting, long sleeve tee, I’d pay the Amazon price over and over again rather than splurging for the Lulu! Both come in tons of colors!

The Loungeful Straight Leg Pants + Softstreme High Rise Pant

Brushed Softstreme Split-Hem High-Rise Pant [wearing in size 6, size up if in between]

Amazon Casual Wide Leg Sweatpants [wearing in size small, TTS]

Loungeful Straight Leg Pant [wearing in size 6 but could have gone down a size, TTS]

Let’s talk about straight leg sweatpants! I have always preferred a straight leg sweatpants over a cinched ankle… they just seem more comfy and a little baggier when lounging around the house. Lululemon has so many options for these kinds of sweatpants in a various materials but the price always feels too high for me. I went to Amazon and I will say, I struggled finding straight let sweatpants that weren’t pajamas! I finally found these Amazon CRZ Yoga Casual Wide Leg Sweatpants and hit checkout! After trying all three of these pants here are my thoughts. These pants are the softest material hands down, are loose while still giving you a little shape! I would wear them everyday if I could and think they are absolutely worth the price! These pants are the thickest material which makes them super cozy! They are also the baggiest of the bunch. These pants are the thinnest material, which makes them super lightweight and I feel like they could be great for summertime! While they aren’t as baggie, they didn’t give me much shape and I felt like they kind of just draped from my waist. So, taking in costs, materials, and preferences, I would splurge on these over and over again. Hands down some of my favorite pants!

The Swiftly Tech Tee

Amazon Seamless Workout Shirt [True to size, available in 37 colors! Wearing Large]

The Pace Rival Skirt

Amazon Skirt [left, TTS wearing large] // Lululemon Skirt [right]

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