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Meet The Dogs of LIY

January 19, 2024


Team LIY

If you’ve been following Living In Yellow for some time now [also, if you’re new: HI, GLAD YOU’RE HERE!] you’ve gotten to know Erin + the LIY Team, the beautiful LIY Ambassadors, and sometimes we even get our guys to show off some outfit/gift ideas! However, today we are introducing you to those really running the show for this whole LIY operation 😆… OUR DOGGO’S 🐾. From big, small, and in between – they each have their own set of quicks and personalities as well as a piece of our hearts.

Keep on reading to meet our pups and to shop our dog must haves at the bottom of this post!

Max & Ollie [aka Erin’s dogs]

  • Name: Max [brownish/gray one] and Ollie [black one]
  • Nickname: Maxi Pad [sorry little dude] and Owls
  • Breed: Havanese Poodles
  • Age: 7 years – sweet brothers from the same breed!
  • Favorite toy: Max is the only one who plays and he LOVES this little Lamb Chop toy!
  • A naughty habit I have: Following my mom into the kitchen and scratching her legs like crazy until she can’t take it anymore and gives us anything that we want [mostly in the form of string cheese]!
  • Favorite treat: We love our new Kong toys that our dad got us – he always puts in a little treat [along with some yummy spray]
  • Favorite memory: We love being in Florida and going on walks every morning – our mom just started walking us to the beach so we can put our paws in the sand and that is a lot of fun! We even got to see dolphins the other week!

Frisco [aka Katy’s dog]

Archie [Devon’s dog]

  • Name: Archie
  • Nickname: Arch
  • Breed: Vizsla
  • Age: 1
  • Favorite toy: an old TY beanie elephant
  • A naughty habit I have: counter surfing, but I’m working on it
  • Favorite treat: My grandpa got me these bones for Christmas and I love them!  Mom is happy they last so long and I can’t destroy them in one minute even though I try really hard.
  • Favorite memory: when all of my cousins came over to play

Mack [Lauren’s dog]

  • Name: Mack
  • Nickname: Mack Truck, Mack Attack, Mack n Cheese
  • Breed: German Shepard + Rottweiler + Pitbull
  • Age: 6 months
  • Favorite toy: anything and everything for my little puppy teeth!
  • A naughty habit I have: stealing my human brothers’ stuffies
  • Favorite treat: these bully sticks will keep me busy for an hour! mom says you can get them at Costco too!
  • Favorite memory: the day mom and dad rescued me and told me I could live in their warm house forever!

Marvin & Minnie [Jen’s Dogs]

  • Names: Marvin[left] Minnie[right]
  • Nicknames: Marv, Marvi-parvi & Min, Beans, Pretty Girl
  • Breed: Marvin Shepard + Collie Mix, and Minnie Shepard + Pit Mix
  • Ages: Marvin[8] and Minnie[10]
  • Favorite toy: Chuckit Balls toss them all day long please!
  • A naughty habit we have: begging for food, we do it politely 😉
  • Favorite treat: Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
  • Favorite memory: when we hear the words “walk” — or “treat” 2 words we live for!

Buck [Macy’s Dog]

  • Name: Buck
  • Nickname: Bucky, Bucky Ray, Buck-O, Sweeter
  • Breed: Blue Heeler
  • Age: 9
  • Favorite toy: Anything you throw! From tennis balls to sticks to my human siblings rubber bath toys. Fetch.is.life.all.day.long.
  • A naughty habit I have: Biting at your feet when you run. They don’t call me a heeler for nothin-its in my blood!
  • Favorite treat: Peanut butter
  • Favorite memory: Going fishing!

Zoey [Steph’s Dog]

  • Name: Zoey
  • Nickname: Zoe-Zoe, Zoez, ZOEY DESCHANEL DEKKER (when my mom has to call my name several times and I don’t listen)
  • Breed: I’m my own special mix! According to my DNA test, I’m Australian Shepherd + Mini Aussie + American Eskimo Dog + Australian Cattle Dog + Norwegian Elkhound
  • Age: 5
  • Favorite toy: Socks that didn’t make it into the basket that I steal and toss in the air to myself.
  • A naughty habit I have: Hiding my human brothers’ shoes. I don’t chew them though!
  • Favorite treat: Peanut butter in my Kong!
  • Favorite memory: Coming home to live with my family when I was 4 months old!

Oliver & Waylon [Claire’s Dogs]

  • Name: Oliver [left], Waylon [right]
  • Nickname: Ollie, Ollie-Pop, Way Way
  • Breed: Goldendoodle + Labradoodle
  • Age: 9 and 5
  • Favorite toy: Fishy, Kong, Tug, and Fetch
  • A naughty habit I have: Barking at the Amazon Delivery Driver 🙁 [even though he visits every single day]
  • Favorite treat: Meatballs!
  • Favorite memory: Snuggling our mommy, ruff-housing with dad, swimming, going for boat rides, and visiting Grandma & Grandpa’s house!

Aspen + Banjo [Cassidy’s Dogs]

  • Names: Aspen [left] + Banjo [right]
  • Nickname: Aspen: Aspy, Aspen-Jane, Jane, Jane Elizabeth [her alter ego], Janey girl. Banjo: Joe. Just Joe 🤣
  • Breeds: We are shelter pups! Our DNA is a big ol’ mystery and our mom is too cheap to buy a DNA test kit. But we think we are an English Setter/Border Collie mix and a Pitbull/Lab/Brittany mix!
  • Age: 7 + 4
  • Favorite toy: The plastic squeakers that are tucked inside every toy [wait we’re not supposed to eat those?] OR any of the baby’s toys [they just look so fun!]
  • A naughty habit I have: Naughty? Us? NEVER. Except for that one time that we got into 3oz. of chocolate and had to go to the vet in the middle of the night. Wuff… Oh and that one time that we ran away briefly. We knew it was naughty but it was so fun to run around the neighborhood together!
  • Favorite treat: Also the plastic squeakers that are tucked inside every toy… And occasionally our mom makes us homemade treats from blueberries, sweet potatoes and peanut butter!
  • Favorite memory: All of the weekend trips, family hikes and meeting our baby sister!

Rocky + Star [Hannah’s Dogs]

  • Names: Rocky [Left] + Star [Right]
  •  Nickname: Rocky: Rocko, Rocky Roo, Rocky Socky, Monster. Star: Star Star, Couch Hippo, Couch Potato.
  •  Breed: Rocky: A little bit of everything! Star: She’s mixed but mostly Pitbull! Both were rescued from local Dog Rescues!
  •  Age: Rocky: 1 and Star: 8
  •  Favorite toy: Rocky: Bouncy Ball, Kong toys, Squeaky Toys and Benebones. Star: Benebones and whatever Rocky is playing with!
  •  A naughty habit I have: Rocky: Using my parent’s furniture as my own playground, launching myself off of my parent’s bed onto my pillow at night, stealing shoes and slippers and hiding them around the house, putting dirty socks in my mom’s face. Star: Nothing, she’s perfect [literally does nothing wrong]!!
  •  Favorite treat: Peanut Butter, Frozen Blueberries and Animal Crackers lol
  •  Favorite memory: Rocky: Playing in the snow, running around with my dog sister and wrestling my kids! Star: Finally getting adopted by a family! I was a shelter dog and lived on the street most of my life until I was adopted in 2020!

Sawyer [Debbie’s Dog]

  • Name: Sawyer
  • Nickname: Sawyer Brown, Mr Brown, Brown, Brownie
  • Breed: Coonhound
  • Age: 14 year old that we rescued when he was 5 years old
  • Favorite toy: He doesn’t really play with toys. I got him a ball for Christmas because he seemed to like my dryer balls but he doesn’t seem to know what to do with the ball. He sometimes will get his sock out of his toy basket.
  • A naughty habit I have: His naughtiest habit is getting on all of our furniture and taking the pillows off. He especially likes to do this when I’m not home because he thinks he can get away with it when it’s just him and Dad. He recently tried going from the ottoman to my chair but the chair slid so he was totally stretched out with front paws on the chair and back paws on the ottoman until he finally fell to the floor!
  • Favorite treat: He’ll pretty much eat any treat. He loves pup cups and loves when Dad shares his omelette.

Charlie [Heather’s Dog]

  • Name: Charlie
  •  Nickname: Char Char; Puppy (the kids, lol)
  •  Breed: Rescue; terrier mix
  •  Age: 13
  •  Favorite toy: Hockey skates dog toy
  •  A naughty habit I have: Barking…at everything and everyone!
  •  Favorite treat: Any, he hasn’t met one he doesn’t like 🙂
  •  Favorite memory: When he met my son Liam (who is now 7). I’ll never forget him sniffing him and snuggling right up to us!

Honey [Skye’s Dog]

  • Name: Honey
  • Nickname: Honey Buns, Honey Girl, Sweet Honey, The Prettiest of ALL the Girls
  • Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
  • Age: Somewhere between 9-12 (she was a rescue so we aren’t really sure!)
  • A naughty habit I have: Barking at the dogs next door and getting ALL muddy, and then tracking that mud all over the house!
  • Favorite treat: Sliced turkey lunch meat!
  • Favorite memory: Having Honey come to work with me at the flower shop almost every day and becoming the best shop dog! We actually lost Honey on Friday, January 19th, the day this post published, and couldn’t not memorialize her here because she was the best, sweetest, loveable little thing. We will miss her so much!

Ellie [Lisa’s Dog]

  • Name: Ellie
  • Nickname: Ellie Bellie
  • Breed: Vizsla
  • Age: 9!
  • Favorite treat: She loves peanut butter in her Kong best
  • A naughty habit I have: finding the smelliest things in our yard and rolling in them.
  • Favorite toy: She loves any stuffy and throwing a ball with her Chuck-It.
  • Favorite memory: We have the sweetest memories at the beach every summer at sunset running off leash and catch the waves of Lake Michigan 💛

Our Pups Must Haves:

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