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Athletic Socks That Won’t Slip

January 23, 2024


Devon Culver

If you like to run, walk, or exercise, you know that good athletic socks are tough to find! Luckily for you, I have done the research and the testing to save you time and money. Hopefully this also eliminates the annoying blisters! I went in with some preconceived thoughts, but was a little surprised at my findings.

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These Under Armour socks take the overall 1st place prize!  I love everything about them from the softness to the compression in all of the right places! If they’re clean, they’re the first sock I reach for!

Adidas takes runner-up!  They feel supportive and they are the perfect thickness.

Bombas have such a good reputation in the running world.  To me, they feel a little too big and too thick.  They stay in place, but during a longer run I could see them causing blisters.

I have been a fan of Balega socks for a long time.  They did not disappoint during this testing process.  They hug your feet in all of the right places.  I also love all of the fun color options they have! The only reason they didn’t take a top place is because they are a little too thick.

I like the tab on these Vuori socks, it goes high enough to protect the ankle from blisters.  They slipped a little during my run, but it wasn’t overall was not too bad. 

I wanted to love these Amazon socks because of the price, but I didn’t like them at all.  They’re so bulky and slide down my ankle constantly.  If I continued with a long run in these socks, I would absolutely have developed some blisters!  I’ll use these for an ‘around-the-house’ sock, but will not work out in this pair.

I like the compression and feel of these Athleta socks.  This color is out of stock, but they have other options! Overall, a good sock with no complaints!

I have had Zella socks before, but this particular pair was labeled as an ‘Athletic Sock’.  I do feel like they stayed in place and didn’t slip.  My one complaint is that if worn around the house, these socks will find and collect every single piece of lint and fuzz.

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