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Cold & Immunity Boosting Must Haves

January 23, 2024


Team LIY

Tis’ the cold and flu season, friends…and man has it felt like a rough one this year! Here in Indiana it has seemed like one big respiratory, cold, or stomach bug after another 😷 While we hope and pray the worst of it is behind us [seriously, please and thank you🤞] I will take all of the immune boosting help I can get! Who’s with me?! The LIY team has rounded up our go-to’s for building up those immune systems to not only hopefully stop anything before it starts, but just feel our best overall!

Disclaimer: please consult with your doctor on questions you may have for any new supplements, medications, etc.! This post isn’t meant to be taken as medical advice, but just products we personally suggest and find helpful 🥰

Our Favorite Immunity Boosting Products

Cold Calm

My husband is a medical resident; which means bringing home lots of germs 🤧 I heard from y’all that this brand was magic for stopping symptoms in their tracks and I have to agree it actually works!! Anytime I feel something creeping in, I start taking this and it helps keep me from fully getting sick!! xo Katy


We love this supplement!! It is a combination of Vitamin C, D, NAC, and Quercetin [aka a magic combo for keeping the immune system strong.] -Katy

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Multivitamin

I don’t know what’s in this multivitamin but I swear it’s what’s kept our family from getting sick! The reviews sold me and despite the taste, it’s great! And kids can take it too! xoxo Hannah

Sovereign Silver

We’ve been taking this since before cold/flu season as an extra boost! They don’t taste like anything and they extra immune boost we need for this time of year! xoxo Hannah


When I get sick, my body can get really dehydrated. I am diligent about taking it when I’m sick to replenish electrolytes in my body.

Throat Coat Tea

Nothing feels better on a sore throat than hot tea with honey. This is my go-to when I’m sick! A lot of beneficial herbs while soothing a sore throat.

Propolis Throat Spray

I love this immune support spray that gives me antioxidants with every spray! The kids ask for it daily.


Take on flu-like symptoms at the first sign of aches, chills, headaches, fever, etc! Dissolve the bottle of pellets in your mouth as soon as you start to notice symptoms! Bonus: it’s kid friendly for ages 2 and up!

Let’s boost those immune systems!

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