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Amazon Legging Comparison

January 24, 2024


Team LIY

Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S] // Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]

Between the prices, shipping time straight to our doors, and “save versions” – our love of Amazon runs deep. Here at Living In Yellow we like to do the hard hitting work putting items from pillows to mascara to the test to bring YOU the best options out there! Today’s test: another big love of ours…LEGGINGS. We know the higher priced retailers that have buttery soft and roll proof options, but also we need to know the best of the best when it comes to budget friendly options too [that are sometimes JUST as good]. However, between the thousandssss of options, sometimes with Amazon you never know what you’re going to get! That’s where we come in. A few of us from the LIY Team put 5 different Amazon leggings most loved by our community to the test to really find out which are true winner [spoiler alert: these swept all categories!]. Keep on reading to find out which passed our test and which weren’t worth the purchase!

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p.s.s. Faux leather leggings more your vibe? We’ve tested those out here!

A Few Quick Notes On Testing…

Who Tested?

  • Tester #1: Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S]
  • Tester #2: Erin [5’4, typically a size S or 4 – currently 18 weeks pregnant!]
  • Tester #3: Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]

Leggings Tested:

What We Tested:

  • Best overall [overall fit/feel, quality, how they held up washing, etc.]
  • Best for workouts [do they roll/slide, are they squat proof, thickness]
  • Best for lounging [comfort level, material]

HeyNuts: Overall Winner, Best for Workouts, Best for Lounging

HeyNuts “Essential” Full Length Leggings [size down if in between]

WELL. These clearly won by a landslide – sweeping ALL categories we tested! Available in 22 colors, size XXS to XL, These are available in multiple options depending on your preference! Pockets [25″ inseam], no pockets [28″ inseam], and more options here! What we tested: the 28″ inseam option “Essential” with no pockets.

Tester #1 // Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S]:

After trying all of the contenders, I reached for these most after testing!! Pretty sure I even washed them every other day to ensure they were clean and I could wear them [lol]. BUT, the material felt much more luxe and expensive than I was expecting, the compression was great, I was shocked at how well it smoothed out cellulite/lumps/bumps, they were incredibly comfortable and fit well! I will say, they slid down a little bit but I think my body shape runs into that issue with a lot of different legging brands!

Tester #2 // Erin [5’4, typically a size S or 4 – currently 18 weeks pregnant!]:

These are seriously the only leggings I want to wear anymore! I have tried and own several brands from Amazon [and other retailers, including much more expensive options] and these are the ones I reach for time and time again! They are so soft, comfortable, have stayed in great shape wash after wash [I do always air dry my leggings]! Some have complained about lint sticking to them, however, I haven’t found a pair that don’t collect anything and I don’t find these to collect more than others! The perfect lounging/daily outfit legging in my book!

Tester #3 // Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]:

I love everything about these. The full length is perfect for my height at 5’8”. They are smooth, they stay in place and they are thick enough to not show every little thing when running. Love these for lounge, running, HIIT and everything in between. I have washed these a LOT and they’ve held up very well. These are the first leggings I reach for in my closet.

Colorfulkoala: Good for lounging, not workout approved

Colorfulkoala Full Length Leggings [size down if in between] // Colorfulkoala 7/8 Length Leggings with Pockets [size down if in between]

Tester #1 // Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S]:

These were a second runner up!! I did love these, however the material felt cheaper than the HeyNuts, almost like they were slippery not as luxe feeling! They didn’t smooth out the lumps/bumps as well and the material felt a little thinner. They were still really comfortable and I still wanted to wear them!

Tester #3 // Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]:

I had high expectations as these leggings are a top favorite among the LIY community. Unfortunately, I did not like them at all! I have the correct size, but they constantly rolled down while running.  I kept pulling them up at the waist. However, once you are sweaty, they will stick in place. They are smooth and soft, so I do like them for a lounge legging. I will not wear them again for running or exercise.

CrzYoga: Save your money

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Waisted Lounge Leggings [28″ inseam, size down]

Tester #1 // Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S]:

WAY too long for my petite, 5’2″ frame! Definitely needed to size down in these. Overall they weren’t terrible, not as great compression and felt more like an everyday legging than a workout legging!

Tester #3 // Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]:

I feel like I was showing the public every bump, lump and long leg hair. These were SO thin. I did not feel secure in this pair of leggings while running and felt like everything was jiggling around. The compression gets a 0/10. Their only positive is that they did stay in place well. That being said, I would size down if in between. I would possibly wear these again for lounge or errands with a LONG sweater or vest.

90Β° by Reflex: Just okay

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Squat Proof Ankle Length Leggings [true to size]

Tester #1 // Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S]:

Not my favorite.. they weren’t the worst pair but had their issues. Waistband felt too tight and the material was just okay.  It was more of a “grittier” less smooth texture. They had great compression and would still be great for workouts, I just wouldn’t reach for these compared to the others.

Tester #3 // Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]:

These were just okay to run in and I would grab them again if I didn’t have my favorites (HeyNuts) available. They stayed in place and felt secure.

Gym People Exercise approved, skip for lounging!

THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets [true to size]

Tester #1 // Hannah [5’2β€³, typically size XS/S]:

I did NOT like these…. there was a weird thick elastic waistband that dug into my waist, the material felt really thick and weird, not like a normal workout legging material [almost like a thick cotton texture]. They were great for squats because they did withstand the squat/lifting test, however due to the material and obnoxious elastic band, I’ve never wanted to rip off a pair of leggings so bad in my life. I may or may not have cut the waist band out πŸ™ˆ

Tester #3 // Devon [5’8β€³, typically size small or 2]:

Although Hannah wants to burn these leggings, I actually loved running in them.  There is a tighter band around the waist that keeps them secure while running.  I ran outside in these and not on a treadmill, so I had a place for my key.  They were thick and tight which I liked for cooler temp runs and compression. I would not lounge in these because the band is too constricting.

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