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Products That Make Hosting Easy

November 6, 2023


Team LIY

Fa-la-la-la-la! The most wonderful time of year is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: the season of hosting is upon us. While we love spending time with friends and family, we get it. Hosting can be stressful. But never fear! The LIY Team is here to share a few of our favorite hosting hacks to hopefully make your holiday season a bit less stressful. Here’s to a holiday season with less stress and more merry spirits! So sit back and relax. Here are our go-to products that make hosting easy!

One more thing! We created a FREE printable template to display your wifi password for guests. Simply download, print, fill in your password, and display it in your guest bedroom or game room for teens. Because nobody has time to read the back of the internet router on Thanksgiving day, am I right?


Steph’s Drink Dispenser

6 Quart Drink Dispenser / Drinking Glasses

I use a drink dispenser year round when hosting. In the Summertime, I typically use them for lemonade as seen here – but I also use them to set out water at every gathering. In the Fall and Winter I’ve used them for cold cider with cinnamon sticks and cranberries floating. There are so many options – and such a great hosting hack to keep you out of the kitchen checking to see if the drinks need refilled since it’s so much bigger than a standard pitcher!

Claire’s Carafe & Wine Chiller

Carafe // Wine Chiller // Wine Glasses

The easiest way to elevate your mimosas? A carafe. The lid helps to avoid spills, it looks so pretty on the counter, and saves room in the refrigerator! Be sure to keep the bubbly chilled with an insulator!

Erin’s Cup Holder + Marker Station

Drink Cup Holder

This is a hosting must-have! Simply place your plastic cups on the holder and then add your Sharpie markers so your guests can easily grab a drink [and mark it]! While my exact style is currently out of stock, there are so many options to choose from on Amazon!

Hannah’s Crockpot Liners

Crockpot Liners

If you are using your crockpot for holiday hosting, get these!! They are a game changer for clean up and work like a charm. Just pop one in prior to adding your ingredients, cook like normal and clean up is a breeze! Just pull the liner out and quick clean the crockpot.

Jen’s Deviled Egg Serving Tray

Deviled Egg Serving Tray

If there is a Holiday Party I’m hosting.. there will be my famous deviled eggs! I have a few serving dishes specifically for deviled eggs, but this one is my favorite! Holds a great amount and looks pretty doing it!

Claire’s Charcuterie Board & Serving Platter

Charcuterie Board // Serving Platter

The key to your guest’s hearts is through their stomachs. 😉 I like to have snacks ready when they arrive and a charcuterie board or serving platter are great ways to serve a little bit of everything. I love that this platter is all one piece making it easy for washing + storing! This serving board is perfect for meat & cheese while hosting, but also looks beautiful displayed on my countertop when it’s not being used! PS. If you’re new to charcuterie [don’t be scared!] learn how to create the charcuterie board of your dreams here!

Erin’s Veggie Tray

Veggie Tray with Carrying Lid

One of my favorite snacks to have on hand: veggies, cheese, and my favorite homemade veggie dip! This container is a must-have for easy storing and toting! Best under $20 Amazon purchase! Get the veggie dip recipe here!

Erin’s Snack Basket

Similar Basket // Snack Pack

Introducing one of my favorite hosting hacks; this basket of snacks! I don’t know about you, but our house is a revolving door with friends, family, nieces/nephews, etc! I always stock up on these bulk snack packs from Amazon and they are perfect to set out in a basket for anybody to have [I keep this in the pantry to whip out at any moment’s notice]!

Devon’s Wine Charms

Wine Charms / Wine Glasses

These wine charms are a fun way to help your guests keep track of their wine glass at your holiday party. They attach with a little magnet and stay in place once you put them in place. Cheers!

Claire’s Guest Bathroom Basket

Basket // Toiletries Set

Years ago, I house sat for a family who left the sweetest basket of toiletries in the guest bathroom during my stay, and the thoughtfulness of it has stuck with me for years! If you have guests visiting from out of town, a toiletry basket ensures they’ll have everything they might need [and helps avoid any last minute trips to CVS 😉 ] ! Less stress, more mulled wine. Cheers!

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo // Echo Dot

A great playlist is must while hosting! If you don’t have a speaker system throughout your home, an Amazon Echo is a great option. Alexa allows you to play any music genre, turn the volume up or down, skip or pause the music [and SO much more!], all without lifting a finger! Ps. Spotify has a ton of curated playlists for every occasion – “Dinner with Friends” is my go-to!

Katy’s Mini Chalkboard Signs

Mini Chalkboard Signs

Steer clear of needing to explain what + where everything is when you’re hosting these mini chalkboard signs! Complete with a chalk pen, cloth to erase, and 12 signs for under $10!

Katy’s Glass Beverage Dispenser

Glass Beverage Dispenser

We recently hosted my son’s 1st birthday party at our house and this glass dispenser made it SO much more convenient for guests to grab water! It’s also a plus that it is pretty being out as part of the decor!

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