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Favorite Denim Shorts By Inseam

April 4, 2023


Team LIY

Katy’s tee [similar] // Katy’s Sneakers // Allison’s top [use code LIY10 for 10% off] // Allison’s Sandals

HEY-YO, LIY! Warmer weather is on the horizon and you know what that also means?! Shorts season. While I will give three (or one hundred!) cheers for sunshine ☀️ sometimes shorts shopping can leave ya feeling a little more on the gray, cloudy side; ya feel me?! NOT ANYMORE. We are taking back our love of denim shorts here and finding the best of best – no matter your inseam preference! Katy (a content creator here at Living In Yellow..hi 👋 shhh it’s me writing this post but talking in 3rd person LOL 🕵️‍♀️…breaking the 4th wall here as they say in show biz) and Allison (one of our beautiful LIY Ambassadors) put denim shorts to the test from 3″ – 5″ inseams on two different heights. For reference: Katy is 5’4″ and typically a size 2 or 26 and Allison is 6′ and typically a size 10/12 or 30! Now, let’s get to shorts shoppin’….

p.s. more favorite shorts for Spring can be found here!

3″ Inseam

Kut From The Kloth: Jane Instruction High Rise Short with Fray Hem [size down]

With her 6′ frame, these were the only 3″ inseam shorts that Allison tried and they were a no from her! However, these were not only Katy’s favorite 3″ pair, but favorite pair OVERALL that she tried! Katy loved the stretch and fit; still feeling covered and comfortable! However, these rode up on Allison and she felt that they were way too short!

Madewell: Relaxed Denim Shorts [size down]

As mentioned, Allison didn’t try the remainder of the 3″ inseam shorts since she doesn’t normally reach for that inseam! For these Madewell shorts, Katy would purchase! They have more of a true denim feel, but again with being a short inseam, they don’t feel like booty shorts! They do run large though.

Old Navy: Mid-Rise Ripped Boyfriend Jean Shorts [size down if in between]

For $35 (and normally on sale!) Katy would recommend grabbing these babies from Old Navy! “They do feel tighter on the thighs compared to the other two 3″ inseam options, so while that’s not my favorite fit, I would still purchase!”

3.5″ Inseam

Liverpool: Christine Hi-Rise A-Line Fray Short [true to size]

Not only were these Liverpool shorts the only 3.5″ inseam that we would actually purchase, but they are Allison’s favorite short OVERALL! These shorts have great stretch, high quality material, and fun gold button fly detail!

Kenzie: Notched Frayed Hem Shorts [size up if in between]

These shorts run on the smaller side but do have a bit of stretch to them! They were a no from both of us just because of the overall sizing and Allison felt they were too short for her! If you’re on the shorter side, they are cute shorts and are currently on a MAJOR sale (under $25 currently!)

American Eagle: AE Denim Highest Waist ’90s Boyfriend Short [size up]

Allison summed up these shorts by saying, “no stretch, no photo” haha and we can get behind that statement! While we normally love a good AE purchase, unfortunately these shorts were just not bringing the comfort or stretch we were looking for.

4″ Inseam

Kut From The Kloth: Jane Cuffed Shorts [size down 1-2] // more sizes here

These were Katy’s favorite of the 4″ inseam for a 5’4″ height, but she needs them sized down by 2 and extra cuffed to feel like fit properly! However, these were a no for Allison because she felt they were too short for 6′ even though she loved the stretch!

Abercrombie: High Rise 4 Inch Mom Short [true to size]

Abercrombie does have some great shorts but these were a no for both due to not feeling like they had enough stretch or felt flattering overall! Allison did like the slits on the side and said if you have larger thighs, they are worth a try!

Target: Universal Thread Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jean Shorts [size up if in between]

While Katy said no to these shorts from Universal Thread because of the lack of stretch that was a plus for Allison with this particular pair because she felt like that it “held everything in”! Also these were on the longer side for Katy at 5’4″ but a great inseam for Allison! All in all, you can’t beat the price point!

Silver Jeans: Suki Cutoff Denim Shorts [true to size]

While Katy wasn’t a fan of these due to the fit around the thighs, they were Allison’s 4″ inseam favorites and she felt they were very soft, easy to move in, and loved the fray hem!

GAP: Low Rise Stride Denim Shorts with Washwell [size up if in between]

These shorts are a VERY true denim feel AKA no stretch, and Allison opted out of the photos for these because they were a big NOPE for her! However, Katy really liked the trendy look and style of these and would purchase! Note: this wash [purple lotus] has a pinkish/purple tint!

Evereve: Ever Short [size down]

These Evereve shorts were an overall thumbs up from Allison! Katy liked the fray and fit around the thighs, but felt like they were too long for personal preference on 5’4″ or under!

5″ Inseam

Agolde: Parker Long Short With Cuff [true to size]



These Agolde shorts were Katy’s favorite (spend) pair for the 5″ inseam as long as they are cuffed! If not, they were too long! However, the price is pretty steep for a pair of shorts! They have a nice button fly underneath and feel high quality. These were a no for Allison due to the lack of stretch!

Jag Jeans: Alex Distressed Boyfriend Shorts [size down]

Katy is not pictured due to these running way too large on her! Allison really loved these shorts! Highlight’s for her are that they are super soft, comfortable, a good length around thighs, and don’t ride up. Also noteworthy: they do uncuff multiple times if you want them longer/shorter!

Joe’s: The 5″ Mid Rise Cutoff Denim [true to size]



If comfort is key, go for these! Katy loved the stretch in these shorts and would wear them if cuffed for her height! Allison also would purchase and found them very comfortable!

Old Navy: High-Waisted Button-Fly O.G. Straight Ripped Side-Slit Jean [size up if in between]

Katy gave her stamp of approval on these shorts and for under $50 (check first though because they are more than likely on sale at Old Navy! They are currently only $15 as this is being typed!) she thought they are a great go-to option! However, Allison would not purchase these because she was not a fan of the stiff feel or sizing!

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