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Our Health & Fitness Goals for 2023 [+ Cute Workout Gear]

January 31, 2023


Team LIY

New year, new me! Or at least that’s how the saying goes, right? With the start of a new year, the LIY Team is prioritizing our health and fitness goals, and giving it the attention that it needs to get it done! In today’s post we’re sharing our individual goals for this year, as well as what we’re wearing to knock ’em out [cute workout clothes mean a better workout, right? *wink*].

Erin’s Look

Lulu-Look-Alike Amazon Sweatshirt [true to size, I sized up to a medium but could do a small] // Amazon Shorts [Sized up to medium for a little more relaxed fit] // Sneakers [true to size]

My 2023 Goal: Protein, Walk, Protein, Walk. Repeat.

Before this year, I never focused on protein. Ever. But here’s what I’ve found in the few weeks I’ve been making it a point to consume it [I’m shooting for 100 grams/day]: a) I am consuming mostly non-processed foods that are actually nutritious and good for me and b) I am regularly full and don’t have the desire to be constantly snacking like I normally do. On top of that, I have the energy to keep me going all day [no mid-day crashes] and I feel way less bloated. Here are a few ways I’ve been able to reach my goal: Breakfast consists of black coffee with one scoop of Collagen powder [which packs 9g of protein per scoop!], 3/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt, blueberries, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, and 1 Tbsp chia seeds! Lunch is grilled chicken with a salad topped with chickpeas [and cheese and croutons and Olive Garden dressing — I have to like it or I won’t eat it]. Snacks are protein bars, sliced cheese and crackers, and beef jerky. Dinner is typically something from HomeChef that consists of meat, potatoes, and veggies! ps. In addition to protein, my main focus for movement: walking. Whenever I have a spare 15+ minutes, I walk. And it’s glorious. Try it.


Jen’s Look

Tank [size down if in-between, wearing S] // Shorts [size down, wearing in S] // Hat // Birdie – safety first! // Belt Bag // Sneakers [size down .5] // iwatch

My 2023 Goal: Show Up!

Oh January, you always show up and while I’m not always ready for you – I am ready for a new year with new goals, so away we go! For the last few years, I’ve welcomed the New Year with a whole30. Whole30 is a great way to reset your gut[in short] by eliminating things from your diet such as sugars, dairy, and alcohol to name a few. It helps start turning my wheels as I find that when I’m eating well, I move my body… as well  😉 For me these two always go hand in hand. You can usually find me in a barre, yoga class or on a trail with my dogs! My 2023 goal is to just simply “Show up” Show up for yourself by putting your health first. If that’s making that dreaded yearly physical appt. or simply taking a 5-minute daily breather… do it. Show up. Wishing you all a great 2023, let’s go crush those goals!

Hannah’s Look

Sports Bra Tank + Leggings Set [True to size, wearing in Small] // Pullover [TTS, wearing in Small Petite] // Sneakers [Size down 1.5 sizes for Youth Size!]

2023 Fitness Goal: Love my Body

For me personally, it’s really easy to pick at all of the things I find “wrong” with my body in the midst of its transitions and transformation. It’s no secret I love cookies and I went a little overboard over the Holidays. However, I want to remind myself that my body is perfect in every stage of its transformation and it’s strong, made two awesome kids and its healthy. I’m working on not falling into the comparison stage and just being the best version of myself and what my body needs!

Claire’s Look

Top [TTS, wearing large] // Shorts [TTS, wearing large] // Similar Sneakers [size up .5 if in between]

My 2023 Goal: Stick with it!

I have a bad habit of over-committing myself to weekly workouts, and when I feel close to burnout, I give up altogether. This year, I’m working on consistently moving my body in some way, and showing myself grace when I skip a workout! Don’t give up, you can do it!

Lauren’s Look

Amazon Leggings [true to size, wearing size medium] // Lululemon Sculpt TankTop [true to size, wearing size 10] // Lululemon Hat // On Cloud Running Shoe

My 2023 Goal: Better choices.

Set down a plate of pizza next to a plate of veggies, I want to pick the pizza. Give me the choice to watch a show on Netflix or get in a 30-minute workout, I want to pick Netflix. At least that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years. So my goal for this year is better choices all around. I’m not making any drastic changes [100% cutting out this or that or adding in all the things, because for me, that’s not sustainable long-term], but rather choosing to make better choices for my body, more often! More whole foods, less processed. More water, less caffeine + alcohol. More movement, less sitting. Note: I’ll still 100% be enjoying that pizza, a glass of wine, and a good Netflix binge, but making sure we’re keeping things in balance moreso than I’ve been doing the past few years!


Cassidy’s Look

Stripe Yosemite Bra in size small // Stripe Daily Leggings in size small

My 2023 Goal: Track Less, Do More

This year my goal is to focus on intuition and actually listening to my body. I mention in this blog post how I used to think that a workout only “counted” if I was burning 600+ calories. That mentally was exhausting me and ultimately leading to burn out. So far this year, I have instead just focused on doing more and tracking less. I ditched my fitness watch, my heart rate monitor and any other sort of “tracker.” For me, it brings the joy back into moving my body and exercising my heart and my mind. So, I created a wheelhouse of movements that have all different levels of intensity, some are in group setting, some are at home, and some are even outside or on a court! In my wheelhouse of exercises I have: Orangetheory Fitness [I have opted out of running at Orangetheory and instead do power-walking!], reformer pilates, long walks with my dogs and hubby, at home at exercises, at home stretching and yoga, summertime sand volleyball, indoor pickleball, and also, rest. Having this wide range of workouts allows me to not get burnt out, get bored, or get off track. I listen to my body intuitively and try to what I feel is best that day or week!

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