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How to Stay Motivated as Someone Who Doesn’t Like Working Out

January 25, 2023


Cassidy Miller

Disclosure: Thank you to Vuori and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly.

Hi there! If you don’t me yet, I’m Cassidy, the Director of Marketing here at LIY. Growing up I was always an athlete but once I got to college I realized that regular exercise wasn’t built into my schedule like it was once before. Fast forward to today, I feel like I am finally in a place where I feel motivated to workout in a healthy way, even though I don’t like it very much, ha! Before I dive in, I want to say that I am not a medical expert, or any type of trainer. Everything you will read, will be from my own personal experience and personal success!

1. Feel Good, Do Good

My go-to tank – The Elevation Pro Tank in size small // The coziest and cutest jacket – Cozy Sherpa Jacket in size small // The comfiest high waisted pants – Daily Wideleg Pant in size small

It may seem silly, but it is oh so true! Nothing keeps me motivated like a comfortable AND cute workout outfit. Insert Vuori. I fell in love with Vuori when Erin first introduced it to me and since then I have recommended it to so many of my girlfriends. The quality is amazing, the pieces are so fun while still being supportive, plus I often find myself wearing my Vuroi pieces for workouts AND athleisure wear! I own this top now in THREE colors. I wear it to my high intensity work outs and also under a cardigan! I absolutely love the built in bra and super soft material. Make it a set and snag the Clean Elevation Leggings, too! I was also pleasantly surprised when I slipped into these Daily Wideleg Pants, they are the perfect high waisted pant! Comfortable, soft, and form fitting without being too tight or too loose.

The cutest set – Stripe Yosemite Bra in size small // Stripe Daily Leggings in size small

One of Vuori’s newest sets is a new favorite of mine especially when working out from home! For whatever reason, I feel like I can conquer the world when I am wearing a cute matching set [just me? 🤣] and this set makes me feel no different! Wear it on it’s own or pair it with one of their Feather Tees!

2. Understand Your Why

Stripe Yosemite Bra in size small // Stripe Daily Leggings in size small

As I mentioned, once sports left my daily routine I had a hard time finding a healthy relationship with exercise. In college, I found myself using it as a way to punish myself or prove myself. I remember it being this inner turmoil that I always took to the extreme. I would set unrealistic expectations and then feel terrible when I didn’t meet them, or I would completely stop moving my body because “I just couldn’t do it.” It wasn’t until much later that I realized what I wanted from working out and how it could positively impact my life without controlling my life. I am now at a place where my why is one of the main reasons I stay motivated to move my body in a healthy way. Now, I focus less on calorie deficit and more on nourishment. I simply want to move my body for my overall health. I want to strengthen my muscles, practice my breath work, take care of my heart, etc.

True story: When I was at a recent group fitness class my instructor asked me what my goals were for continuing my workouts and I literally said, “I just want to know that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse that I would be able to survive.” 🤣

Stripe Yosemite Bra in size small // Stripe Daily Leggings in size small

3. Add Variety and Have Fun

The Elevation Pro Tank in size small // Cozy Sherpa Jacket in size small // Daily Wideleg Pant in size small

One of the best things I did for myself was add variety to my workouts and expand what “moving my body” actually meant. I used to think I had to be in a HIIT class or burning hundreds of calories for it to be considered a workout. But since then, I have shifted my mindset to simply focus on moving my body, period. So, I created a wheelhouse of movements that have all different levels of intensity, some are in group setting, some are at home, and some are even outside or on a court! In my wheelhouse of exercises I have: Orangetheory Fitness, reformer pilates, long walks with my dogs and hubby, at home at exercises, at home stretching and yoga, summertime sand volleyball, indoor pickleball, and also, rest. Having this wide range of workouts allows me to not get burnt out, get bored, or get off track. I listen to my body intuitively and try to what I feel is best that day or week!

I also take my mental state into account because sometimes after a stressful day, a long walk and some light stretching might feel best. Or, if I am full of energy I book an Orangetheory class! This systems works for me because I am person who appreciates/needs options. I’ll be honest though, sometimes [most times] when I am headed to a workout class, I am not jumping up and down with glee but because I have options, I know that tomorrow will hold something different. All I have to do is get through today, get through this workout, and remind myself of my why!

Stripe Yosemite Bra in size small // Stripe Daily Leggings in size small

4. Practice Gratitude and Grace

The Elevation Pro Tank in size small // Cozy Sherpa Jacket in size small // Daily Wideleg Pant in size small

Above all, be kind to yourself. Don’t punish yourself for missing a workout, and don’t miss out on dessert after dinner. I am so grateful for all that my body can do, and I give myself grace if I decide that cancelling a workout class is what feels best for me that day. I have also extended myself grace and stopped tracking and timing my workouts. So no heart monitors or fitness watches for me. Just listening to my body, my mind and my heart ❤️ I encourage you to do what feels and works best for you in your life! And take it from someone who doesn’t even working out that much, you can do it! Cheers to building better relationships with ourselves and our bodies!

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