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My Road To Long and Healthy Hair

July 27, 2022


Cassidy Miller

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Hey, hi, hello [Cassidy here!] and welcome to my long and healthy hair journey! Over the past two years I have focused on bringing life back to my hair and now I am here to give you all of my secrets! As we all know, 2020 was a year spent at home and during that time I was able to give my hair a much needed rest. I had been dying my hair since I was about 15 years old [long story short, my mom and I had a at-home disaster with a box dye and had to head to the salon!] Since then, it had just become routine to go to the salon every 8 weeks, and at the time I truly loved it. I have always had the best stylists who would let me live out all of my hair color dreams! Naturally, I have light brown/sandy blonde hair, but I have had every color under the sun – blonde hair, black hair, pink hair, brunette, and red hair. Trust me when I say it has been through A LOT! So like I said, being quarantined at home, gave my hair the rest it needed and kind of gave me that excuse to grow my hair out and see my natural color come through. As you read this post, please keep in mind that this is my own personal experience and not all hair is the same. I am not an expert or a hairstylist. I encourage you to do your own research and talk to your stylist as you begin to look into new hair regimens! So now that we have a little background, let’s get into it!


In 2019, I had recently chopped my hair and went for a natural and bright blonde [sorry hairstylists, I don’t know all of the right words!] for my upcoming wedding. I loved and adored this look, and rocked it for many years prior. The maintenance level was so low, and styling it was truly a breeze. For this cut, I asked for a blunt cut bob and I always preferred it when my stylist used a razor to texturize my ends! To keep up with this look [keeping the cut short and blending my highlights as my roots grew in], I was going to the salon every 8 to 10 weeks.


In 2020, I started to let it grow out and as it did, I let my natural hair appear little by little! When heading to the salon I started to move away from a full head of baby lights, and asked for a balayage that melted into my natural hair color. This is an important step when growing your hair out so that it looks more seamless and you can avoid harsh lines. I also asked for heavy and bright blonde on my face framing pieces or “money pieces” because I wasn’t quite ready to break up with my blonde! To keep this look fresh I would go to the salon about every 10-ish weeks for trims [another important step!] and to freshen up my chunky blonde pieces. [Talk to your stylist about balayage if you are interested in growing out your hair to your natural color]!


By 2021, you can really start to see my grow out and natural hair color come through. I was visiting the hair salon less and less, but I was extremely happy with how my balayage and blonde face framing pieces were growing out. It looked super natural and sun-kissed! During this time, I tried my best to continue to get trims, but at this point I wasn’t coloring it at all!


Finally, 2022! I continued to let my hair grow and went in for regular trims, anywhere from 3-6 months! I had finally trimmed away all unnatural/dyed blonde and any that you may see in these photos was from sun exposure/natural lightning. Although, my hair started to feel somewhat heavy and was getting difficult to style due to it all being the same length. So, I went to the salon and asked for the “90’s layers/Jennifer Anniston look” which is what created this bouncy, voluminous look in the photos above. At this point, I haven’t colored my hair for over a year and I was FINALLY able to see what my natural hair color looked like [it had been awhile] and I am happy to say that I love it! I of course loved my hair all of the other fun colors that I have dyed it in the past, but this was such a good change of pace!

Overall, to get my hair to this place it took a lot of patience and a lot of resistance to old habits [using high heat, constantly coloring, etc.] See all of my favorite products that helped keep my hair looking long and luscious as well as a few tips and tricks that helped my hair grow so fast over these short few years!

Products I Use and Love:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry Shampoo Set / Texture Spray / Wet Brush / Leave-In Therapy / Heat Protectant / Curl Definer / Blow Dryer

Tips + Tricks:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any ground breaking secrets or products that will act as a wonder drug but here is a few things I learned along my hair journey!

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