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Amazon Items We Subscribe & Save On

July 11, 2022


Erin Schrader

If you’re anything like us, you’re hitting checkout on Amazon about once [or twice] a day. Doing laundry and run out of detergent? Add to cart. See a cute dress while scrolling the ‘gram? Add to cart! Scrolling the LIY Finds & Fails Facebook group and see a random eye massager? Must have it. Add to cart. But after finding ourselves adding the same things to cart over and over each month or two, we started signing up for “Subscribe & Save“! By setting certain items to auto-deliver on a regular schedule [weekly, monthly, yearly, the world is your oyster], you not only are saving money [yes, you truly get a savings], but you’re also saving your sanity by scrambling to see how quickly you can get it in your hands! Today the LIY Team and Ambassadors are sharing a few of the items we Subscribe & Save to, to keep things moving smoothly around our homes! Ope – gotta go- Amazon is here!

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PSS We asked the YOU, the LIY Community, what items you subscribe and save on, and these are what you shared:

LIY Community Subscribe & Save Favs:


Children’s Xyzal [Steph]

Children’s Xyzal

My son needs to take Xyzal daily, but unfortunately it’s always a bit of a scavenger hunt to find it in stores. Subscribe & Save makes it so he’s never without, and I’m not stopping at every pharmacy I drive by to make sure that’s true!

Probiotic [Steph]


I use Subscribe & Save for anything I don’t want to run out of – but don’t tend to keep top of mind. These probiotics fall into that category and I’m always so thankful there’s another bottle waiting for me when I take the last 2 capsules!

Sugar Bear Hair [Steph]

Sugar Bear Hair

I’ll be honest – I heard about Sugar Bear Hair when they had paid collaborations with a bunch of people from the Bachelor world. But regardless of how I learned about them – they really have helped with my post Covid hair loss – and they’re DELICIOUS!

Vitamin K2 + D3 [Debbie] 

Vitamin K2 + D3

I take this year round!

Vital Proteins [Lisa]

Vital Proteins

I have this on AutoShip and I never miss a scoop! I have been using this product for almost 2 years and my hair and nails have never been so healthy & strong.

Elderberry Gummies [Lauren]

Elderberry Gummies

We have two containers of these Elderberry gummies shipped to our house monthly to keep us as healthy as can be. With a 2 year old and a 4 year old in the house, we have daycare germs coming home on the daily, and so we do whatever we can to keep our immunity up!

GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies [Erin] 

GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Shawn and I have been taking these for a couple of years now [we each take 2 daily] and swear by them! They have helped my digestive system tremendously – what used to be a twice a weeker, is now a daily routine and it’s glorious 😉 Bonus: they taste delicious!

RenewLife Probiotics [Katy]



Amazon Basics Trash Bags

Amazon Basics Trash Bags

It’s something we use regularly so why not subscribe & save on them? It’s always good to have them on hand when you know you’re going to use ‘em!


Body Wash [Steph]

Body Wash

Body wash is something I only remember I need when I squeeze the bottle and realize there’s nothing left. After borrowing my husndand’s one too many times,  I found one I liked, and hit Subscribe & Save, problem solved – I’m never out! 

L’oreal Magic Root Cover Up [Erin]

Loreal Magic Root Cover Up

If you have troubles with unwanted grays, you need this touch up spray! I use it in between hair appointments and it saves me every time! 

BURST Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads [Erin]

BURST Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads

I bought this BURST Electronic Toothbrush a couple of years ago and still love it just as much as when I received it! These replacement heads keep it feelin’ brand new all of the time!

Haus Laboratories Lip Gloss in Ethereal [Erin]

Haus Laboratories Lip Gloss in Ethereal

My go-to lip gloss, I use this every single day so I want to be sure to never run out of it! I use it in the color ethereal and it’s perfect! Moisturizing, thicker, but not sticky! 

Tinkle Facial Razors [Erin]

Tinkle Facial Razors

I love these face razors so much I gave them as my favorite thing to my girlfriends a year or so ago! I use these regularly to keep my face fuzz free! It’s the same feeling as getting a dermaplane facial, but for just a few dollars you can do it at home!

Chi Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner [Lauren]

Chi Tea Tree Shampoo / Chi Tea Tree Conditioner

I hate getting to the end of my shampoo or conditioner bottle only to realize I won’t be able to get to the store for a few days [or have more delivered in time either]. I just setup subscribe and save on my shampoo and conditioner so I’ll never be in a panic again!


Best Bully Sticks [Steph]

Best Bully Sticks

My sweet Aussie mix Zoey is a good girl – but she needs a lot of activity or she finds her own activities… usually in the form of taking the extra roll of toilet paper out of the bathroom and shredding it under our bed. These Bully Sticks are a life saver for her boredom and our sanity!

Pet Naturals Daily Vitamin [Katy] 

Pet Naturals Daily Vitamin

Dentastix [Katy] 


Dreambones [Erin]


Max and Ollie are BIG fans of these Dreambones [both morning and night they get one and believe me, they will tell you when it’s time]! 

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Training Treats [Erin]

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Training Treats

Just little guys – these natural dog treats are the perfect size for our two pups! 


Nectar Essential Hydration [Lisa]

Nectar Essential Hydration

I keep this product stocked in my pantry and it’s my go-to for a night after cocktails or sipping on while working out.

Celsius Essential Energy Drink [Lisa] 

Celsius Essential Energy Drink

This is my 2:30pm pick me up on those days I don’t leave my desk.

Larabar Variety Pack [Lisa] 

Larabar Variety Pack

I love grabbing these in the morning and taking with me on the go.  Love that all the bars only have 3-4 ingredients!

Matcha Green Tea Powder [Debbie] 

Matcha Green Tea Powder

I love to make matcha smoothies with this!

Frito Lay Variety Pack, 40 Count [Erin]

Frito Lay Variety Pack, 40 Count

We host regularly in the summer at the lake and I always love having a basket sitting out with individual bags of chips that our guests can grab! Stocking up on this variety pack has made hosting one step easier! 

Crazy Cups Flavored Decaf K-Cups, 40 Count [Erin]

Crazy Cups Flavored Decaf K-Cups, 40 Count

A year ago I cut out caffeine and immediately went on the hunt for the best tasting flavored decaf coffee I could find – thankfully, I found it with Crazy Cups! They come in so many great flavors – highly recommend!


Sinus Wash Packets

Sinus Wash Packets [Steph]

It’s not cute – but it’s reality! After several infections, my doctor recommended a daily nasal rinse. I wasn’t even sure what store to begin with, so I headed to Amazon and found this machine. I use it twice daily which means I go through these packets rather quickly, making them a perfect situation for Subscribe & Save.

Zero Water Filters [Lauren]

Zero Water Filters

We use a water pitcher in our fridge and there’s no more wondering if we have more filters in the pantry after subscribing [and saving] to these!

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