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My Must-Have Kitchen Utensils

March 15, 2022


Erin Schrader

While I may forever be a “let’s go out to eat” type of gal, I still spend a fair share of time in the kitchen, typically cooking up our latest HomeChef meals [seriously, a lifesaver when it comes to dinner] with a glass of vino in hand. In my 15 years of marriage [side note: how in the world am I a woman who has been married 15 years already?!] I have added a few kitchen utensils into my drawers [my kitchen drawers that is – turns out a meat masher in the ole pants isn’t the most comfortable 🤣]. Here are several that I wouldn’t ever want to cook a meal without again.

1. Mix n Chop

I’m telling you if you don’t own this yet – do yourself a favor and buy it now. I love this tool so much I gifted it to all of my girlfriends one year for a favorite things party. Who knew the power a kitchen tool under $10 could have on my life? I use it every time I am cooking ground beef, turkey, sausage, etc. It does exactly what it says — it chops it all up and mixes it together. Nobody likes huge chunks of meat in their tacos or chili [or at least I don’t ;)] and this baby ensures the perfect size of meat every time. I also use this to mash up potatoes and it works like a champ for that!

2. Always Pan

I never knew I needed a fancy pan to cook all of my meals in, but now that I have it, I wouldn’t want it any other way. First things first, the aesthetic of this pan is in point. I never mind leaving it on my stove because she’s pretty to look at. But more importantly, let’s talk about functionality. I love that it is a non-toxic, non-stick material [super non-stick at that!] and it has several nice features from the built-in spoon rest, to the pour spouts on both sides, and more! She’s my one-and-done pan that I use for everything!

3. Frywall

While this may just look like a giant piece of silicone sitting in a pan, well, then it looks exactly like what it is 😉 I first spotted this on Shark Tank and immediately ordered one after I understood the concept. You stick this in your pan while you’re cooking and it catches all of the grease that is flying around everywhere. You may say “Erin, why wouldn’t you just use the pan’s lid to stop the grease from going here, there, and everywhere?” and to that, I would say “Are you able to stir, flip, or just stare in amazement at your masterpiece with a lid on?!” The best part? You stick your frywall in the dishwasher when you’re done and voila, ready for the next round of chicken on the stove!

4. Meat Thermomoter

I never felt more like an adult than when I bought my first meat thermomoter. I now can’t take meat off the stove, out of the oven, or off the grill until I’ve stuck this handy tool into it to see what its at to ensure it’s fully cooked. This thermomoter has a sleeve that has all of the meats and the different temperatures on it in the rare chance you don’t know what lambs internal temperature should be 😉 On a serious note, I love the peace of mind it gives me every time we go to eat AND I love that it prevents me from over cooking!

5. Silicone Baking Sheet

My beloved silicone baking sheets — another item I’ve given as a favorite thing at a favorite things party. I’ve owned mine for years now and still use them regularly. Here’s why they are great: For starters, you don’t have to use aluminim foil anymore saving both waste and the use of aluminum. Second, you also can cut way back on the amount of oil that you need to use which is saving calories which means YES, have that second spoonful of ice cream after dinner. Third, after using you just wash it right up and back in your drawer it goes!

6. Glass Food Storage Containers

Last but not least, but do you know what is the WORST? When you heat up last night’s leftovers and the only thing you taste is the plastic container it sat in overnight. Gone are the days of eating plastic for lunch thanks to these glass food storage containers. I love that they don’t give off any smell or taste, are microwave friendly, allow you to easily see what is in your refrigerator, and don’t use plastics. I only use glasss now and I’m hooked!

And that my friends, are 6 kitchen utensils that make me not giving into Chick-fil-a for dinner every night of the week just a little bit easier 😉 Hungry and need an idea of what to cook now?! I feel you. We’ve got lots of great recipes waiting for you here!

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