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What We Bought On Amazon This Month

February 27, 2022


Team LIY

Whoa baby! Spring, is that you?! Ready or not, March is right around the corner! I’m not sure where this year’s going, but I do know where the Amazon driver’s probably going – my house. Or should I say, our houses. Over, and over and over. We can’t quit Amazon, and the finds just keep getting better and better! Take a scroll on down to see what’s been hitting our doorsteps this month! And if you love Amazon as much as we do, you’ll want to join the 185,000+ other Amazon fanatics in our exclusive Facebook Group full of Amazon finds!

Erin’s Amazon Finds

Maxi Dress

Tie Strap Maxi Dress [true to size, wearing in small] // Target Heels [true to size]

This dress is giving me all of the spring vibes and I am here for it. I love the tie strap detail which allows you to adjust the length if you need, but the best part in my eyes is that I could wear it without a bra and you couldn’t notice [my favorite type of dress ;)] 

Workout Tank

Cropped Workout Tank [true to size, wearing in small] // Spanx Leggings [size up if in between, wearing in small] // Sorel Sneakers [40% off, true to size] 

I am not typically somebody who buys cropped items, but when I paired this tank with high waist leggings, I was sold. The fabric is super soft and comfortable and gets the job done for all of your workout needs!

Grande Lash Serum

Grande Lash Serum 

Do your lashes a favor and start using this serum if you want to experience some serious growth. I have been using this now for a month or two and have been thrilled with the results. Not only has it lengthened my lashes, but my mascara seems to go on so much easier as well. 

Pet Carrier

Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Max and Ollie are getting ready to take their first flight this year and while I have a lot of nerves about how it’s going to go, step one was getting them each a pet carrier that they can fly on the plane in. We bought a few to see which one we liked the best and this one was the winner! It has expandable sides that you can open to give your pet more room and lots of zippered pockets for treats, etc. 

3 Pack Belts

3-Pack Belts [if in between, go up – I have in small but could have done medium as well]  // Amazon Bodysuit [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Good American Jeans [true to size, wearing in 27] // Dolce Vita Sneakers [true to size]

It was in my 35th year of life that I finally started wearing belts [we all come around sometime or another ;)). When I spotted this 3-pack I quickly added them to cart and then even more quickly wore them as soon as they arrived. They give off a designer vibe at a very small fraction of the price!

Becca’s Amazon Finds

SneakPeek Gender Test

SneakPeek Early Gender At Home Test

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this at-home gender test! It can tell you the gender of your baby-to-be with 99.9% accuracy at as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy! It seems hard to believe, but this snap device collects your blood for the test with microneedles and is completely pain free – I couldn’t even feel it! It’s easy to use and you can potentially get your results within 72 hours of ordering since delivery and return labels are overnight and they fast track your results, which you will receive inside an email. I would highly recommend it to anyone! And if you’re curious……it’s a boy!

Light Therapy Lamp

Verilux Happylight LED Light Therapy Lamp

After a few people on the team recommended this light therapy lamp, saying that using it for even just one week seemed to improve their overall mood, I finally decided to pull the trigger! I deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I am so glad I finally am taking this step towards making the long winter months even a little bit easier! It just arrived, so I haven’t had much time to test it out myself, but I do know light therapy lamps are scientifically proven to improve mood, and this particular one has almost 2000 4 and a half star reviews!

Children’s Book

Life by Cynthia Rylant

Bringing yet another one of my favorite children’s picture books to you! This book has stunning illustrations of nature and animals, and a simple message of hope and gratitude that is applicable to anyone age 1-100! It makes a perfect gift for a baby or young child. Our daughter loves it and I can’t wait to read this one to our baby-boy-to-be!

Platform Sandals 

Quilted Platform Sandals [TTS]

How cute are these quilted platform sandals? I love the fun puffy strap and the sporty look they provide! They come in 3 different colors and are super comfortable!

Leopard Dress 

Leopard Dress [TTS for 2nd Trimester, wearing in XS]

Loving this cute little leopard dress! It’s bump friendly, but will work after baby comes too!

Stripe Dress

Stripe Dress [TTS for Second Trimester, wearing in XS] // All Time FAVORITE Sneakers [TTS, wearing in 5]

This jersey dress is all sorts of comfortable! I love how it highlights the baby bump! [But would totally work for you if you’re not presently carrying around baby the size of an artichoke in your tummy!] And I am surprised I can pull off a dress this long when I am only 5 feet tall!

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress [TTS for Second Trimester, wearing in XS] // Booties [TTS]

Spring is on the way, and a sweater dress is the perfect transitional piece for that! Love that this is bump friendly, comes in 3 beautiful neutrals and easy to throw on for a classic look!

Katy’s Amazon Finds

Office Chair

Office Chair [Ivory]

I have this at my LIY Headquarters office and this chair makes me smile every time I walk in. There are 16 colors that are all BEAUTIFUL, so you can imagine my struggle to decide on just one 😂 I also find it very comfortable!


Blazer [size down if in between] // Similar Jeans // Sneakers [size down .5] 

I love the sneaker/blazer look! I wanted to feel a little dressed up but still comfortable for a birthday dinner & this was my go-to look ❤️This blazer feels like it would cost double or triple what it actually does! I am in loveeeee. Available in sizes XXS-5X!


Dress [true to size, wearing small F-Orange] // Wedges [size down .5]

Welllllll I’m ready for some sunshine and somewhere tropical 🌴☀️ From the fun print, to the lightweight flow of this dress – I know I will be wearing this one a lot once the warm weather arrives!!

Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender with Smoothie Cups

I have had this blender for almost 5 years now and love it so much!! I am a big smoothie fan and use the single serve blender option almost daily to make my morning smoothie. The large blender is so helpful for shredding chicken, making margs, or my homemade “healhy(ish)” ice cream! It’s a great price for amazing quality. Get your hands on this baby!

Steph’s Amazon Finds

Lace Tank Top

Lace Tank [I sized up for more room in the chest. Wearing in XL, but could do L]

Wearing this tank all the time lately! I love the flirty femininess of it – while still remaining modest. For under $30, it’s a great addition to my closet!

MIHOLL Long Sleeve Top

MIHOLL Long Sleeve Top [TTS, wearing in L in Army Green and Rust]

As easy to throw on as a sweatshirt, but so much more put together – I’ve been wearing these shirts on repeat! It’s available in 37 colors – and tempting to keep adding more and more to my closet!

Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer

I’ve had this digital meat thermometer for almost 2 years and still am just as thrilled every time I use it. I’m honestly not sure how I ever trusted our old traditional thermometer and feel so much more confident in the readings we’re getting now!

Pantry Organizer

Pantry Organizer [pack of 2]

Our house does not have  the most functional pantry setup, so I’ve had to get creative with a closet that is near the kitchen and also conveniently by the door as we head into the garage. Having the easy to grab snacks there has been so beneficial as we head out the door quickly for practice/games, as well as being easily accessible when the kids are outside playing in the Summer and want a quick snack to grab and get back to playing. This pantry organizer has made keeping our snacks from taking over so much easier! I bought this 2 pack thinking we’d have to replace it quickly because there’s no way it could withstand my kids reaching on their tippy toes for the up high snack they want. Turns out this one has been hanging for 4 years and the other one has remained folded and waiting on the shelf for us to put it to use!

Hannah’s Amazon Finds

Microwave Popcorn Maker

Microwave Popcorn Maker

We’re big fans of popcorn in our family especially for our weekly Family Movie Night! I took this popcorn maker to a White Elephant Gift Exchange and loved it so much I ended up bringing it home with me! I love how easy it is to use, dishwasher safe, under $13 and the popcorn tastes so good!

Fitbit Sense Smart Watch

Fitbit Sense Smart Watch

I’ve never been a watch wearer or one to track my steps, fitness lol BUT after using this for several months I’m hooked! I love that it not only tracks my steps, offers workout tracking, water intake, alarms, weather, timer, notifications from your phone and so much more! If I’ve been sitting for a little too long, it will also notify me how many steps I need to take to reach my hour step goal!

Lauren’s Amazon Finds

Amazon Tshirt Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing medium] // Jacket [true to size, wearing medium] // Sandals [size up .5]

Introducing the under $20 Amazon tshirt dress I’ll be wearing on repeat this spring and summer!  It wasn’t nearly as oversized as it looked on the model [at least when I ordered my usual size medium], and has a great lightweight fit to it! Plus, it’s available in 17 colors! 

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner // Rug // Couch

YOU GUYS!I borrowed this carpet cleaner from my sister-in-law a few weekends ago and was amazed by the results on our carpet and rugs!  I didn’t use any solution, just water, and was blown away by the difference! So easy to use, no need to constantly hold down a button, and has a dry only function to get the floors nice and dry after! PS you definitely can use solution – there is a spot for it on the machine, I just chose not to!. 

Kids Nightlights and Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine // Dinosaur and Vehicle Projector Night Light

Getting toddlers to bed is….something.i saw a meme recently that said there’s no one with a longer to-do list than a toddler at bedtime. Ain’t that the truth! Anyways, two things that have helped over here are this Hatch Baby sound machine/ nightlight combo and this projector nightlight. The Hatch Baby is a popular baby registry list item for good reason. With programmable settings you can have the light color and sound change at certain times [aka you can’t get out of your bed until your light is green!]. And the projector nightlight was a gift from my brother for Christmas and it actually made my 4-year old excited to go lay in his bed and look at the walls and ceilings! Anything to get the little ones to go to bed [and stay in their beds!]. 

3-Pack Belts

3-Pack Belts

I ordered this 3-pack of belts on a whim, and have been wearing them non-stop since they arrived! With shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans – they’re getting a ton of wear already! I am typically a medium or large in bottoms and went with a large in these belts and they’re perfect [the mediums I tried I had to return!].

Oil Bottle

Oil Bottle

We are frequent Costco shoppers, and that includes buying the XXXXL bottle of Avocado Oil! Rather than keeping the giant container on our counter, we simply grabbed this $10 oil dispenser from Amazon, filled her up, and just refill her when she’s empty! 

Workout Tank

Mippo Workout Tank [size up, wearing in a large] // Amazon Leggings [tts wearing medium] // Lululemon Belt Bag

I’d been hearing rumors about this tank top being similar to Vuori but at a fraction of the price [under $20!] and I knew I had to try it! I loved the flowiness of it, the perfect cropped length for my pear shape, and the soft material! Not all of the girls loved the fit, but for my pear shape and preference for looser tops, it was a big win! Note: It is cropped, so you’ll probably want to wear some high waisted leggings with it!

LIY Ambassador’s Amazon Finds

Ashley’s Jeans

Jeans [true to size] // Boots [true to size] // Similar Top 

Hi, friends! Ashley, here 🤗 Jeans….they are a part of life. Am I right!? I’m part of that group that just can’t break up with skinny jeans. I have a specific brand that is my “go to” but when I saw the price on these Levi’s I thought why not give them a try. They’re now fully installed in my wardrobe rotation! The material is not full jegging as they are very structured and they have this great tummy control panel/wide waistband that accentuates my curves. The fit is TTS (I’m wearing a 6 with a 30” inseam. I’m 5’8” for reference.

Ashley’s Moisturizer


This has been my go to moisturizer for a couple years now. I love that it is light and non greasy on my combination skin. In the past, Sometimes I was super oily. Sometimes I had dry patches.  I have used several products from this company and been pleased with all of them. The Peach Sake collection has seriously helped my skin maintain more balance long term and I think I’m hooked for life! Or until my needs change. This weird over 30 under 45 time has me like 🤔

Sthefany’s Lounge Set

Set [true to size] // Jacket [oversized fit]

Comfy mode 🚨 This Amazon set is for the win! Sthefany here. The quality of this set did not disappoint, it’s not see-through and it’s warm enough for this winter/spring season. I paired it with a windbreaker jacket from Target and white sneakers for an afternoon walk or grocery shopping. Are there any other set recommendations?

Skye’s Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing L] // Tevas

Let me tell you just how versatile this dress is friends! Hey LIY Fam – Skye here! On the day I wore this dress, it started out in the 80s and ended up in the 40s. Nothing like “winter/spring” in Texas to make you second guess your outfit choice for the day! I started out with sandals to run Jett to school, switched to these Tevas for work at the flower shop, and ended the day in boots and a jacket and it worked for ALL of it, like a charm.

Skye’s Calm Drink

Calm Sleep Drink Mix

This is hands down, without a doubt, one of my favorite Amazon finds, ever.

We’ve been having some insomnia in our house over the last few weeks (stress is such a beast, I tell ya) and my friend recommended trying this. Even though I was a tiny bit skeptical when it fizzed up while I was mixing it… I swear by this stuff now. It makes me feel super calm and relaxed and actually SLEEPY – It is my nighttime drink of choice these days!

Have you ever tried it?

Skye’s Top

Top [size up one] // Jeans [true to size] // Similar Wedges

This top has me SO ready for spring!!

This top is going to be perfect for spring and I love that it comes in so many colors and different prints too! It will be cute under a cardigan or blazer, with skinny jeans and sandals, or with a skirt – so versatile!

I sized up so it would not be too tight and the XL fits me perfectly. (I’m normally a size L). So if you’re in between, I would recommend going up! Jeans are true to size, wearing in a 31 Short, I’m 5’4″ for reference. And finally, I’m linking similar sandals that I have ordered and are on the way – can’t wait to try them out!!

Skye’s Tee and Speaker

Tee [size up if in between] // Joggers [true to size] // Speaker

Where are my fellow baseball mamas at?

Hey LIY Fam- Skye here! We are in full on baseball mode in the McLain house! I love every baseball season, but this one is a little more special to me because I am actually the head coach of my son’s team this season! I’m lucky to have my husband and a friend of ours help with the actual baseball coaching (although I do know quite a bit myself) but I love being in the dugout with the boys, hearing them call me “Coach Skye”, and getting to know these sweet families. It is going to be a FUN season! ⚾️❤️

Anyways – back to the reason y’all are really here. These joggers are game changers y’all. I wear them ALL the time and they are so comfy! The quality is 💯 but they are perfect for running errands, a light walk, or just hanging around the house (and also, baseball!). I also took the plunge and finally ordered a nice speaker for us to use for our warm up music and walk up songs too! It is not cheap but we plan on having it for the long haul so it was worth it for us!
Joggers are true to size, I am wearing in a 12P and I’m 5’4″ for reference. Tee is an XL and is a little big, but they come in packs of two so I just got what the other coaches got!

Skye’s Top and Flats

Top [size down if in between] // Jeans [true to size] // Flats [true to size]

This is the perfect look for semi-dressy but casual & cute too! The top runs a little big, I would size down if you’re in between! Jeans are true to size, wearing in a 12P here (I’m 5’4″ for reference!)

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