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Our Latest Amazon Haul // December 2021

December 1, 2021


Erin Schrader

Deck the halls with boxes from Amazon, fa la la la la la la la la. At least my halls are getting decked because the packages are starting to stack up with gifts for friends and family this season! Which speaking of, If you’re in need of gift ideas, we have 45 Amazon exclusive gift guides put together for you right here!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others, keep on scrollin’ and take a look at our latest finds from Amazon this month!

Erin’s Amazon Finds

Yonanas Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

Yonanas Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

My best friend has had this machine for a couple of years, and everytime she makes us a sweet frozen treat with it, I am amazed at just how delicious frozen fruit can taste as “ice cream”! There are so many recipes that you can create with this [a recipe book is included] but it’s a great way to get a delicious healthy treat! From peanut butter banana ice cream to strawberry coconut, the possibilities are endless! All you have to have is frozen fruit and you’re ready to roll! Easy to use and I promise, crowd pleasing results! My mouth is drooling already thinking about what I’m making..


Plaid Flannel Shacket [true to size, wearing in small in khaki] // Leggings [true to size, wearing in small] // Sorel Waterproof Boots [true to size]

It took me a long while to get on the shacket train but now that I’m here, I’m ridin’ shotgun going full steam ahead [choo choo 🚞] My cousin wore this to our Thanksgiving and the minute she walked in the door I asked here where she got, had her send me a link and within minutes had one on the way to my house. It’s warm, it’s easy to throw on and go, and it’s under $35! 

Teddy Coat

Daily Ritual Teddy Bear Fleece Coat [true to size, wearing in small in Green] 

How this coat is under $60 is beyond me, but I’m not one to second guess a good deal but rather tell everybody and their mom that they should buy it. Several of us on the LIY team have this baby and love it! She’s warm, she’s cute, she can be dressed up, and have I mentioned yet she’s only $60?! An Amazon must-have!

Steph’s Amazon Finds

Pick a Pine Tree

Each year as we decorate for Christmas, we set out a basket of all of the holiday/Winter themed books. I started keeping them downstairs in the off season because something about reading The Nutcracker repeatedly in June was taking away the holiday magic. My kids (and I!) love this tradition of holiday books sitting by the tree and I try to add a few new titles each year to keep them fresh. When Becca brought this book to a recent Facebook Live, I knew we needed to add it to our collection. I love the fun cadence of the text and the beautiful illustrations. 

Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Our family recently battled a round of colds. I was pretty certain they were just colds – but given our current climate I wanted to keep a close look at our temperatures just to make sure we were staying within a normal range and not dealing with any fever. I realized our previous (forehead) thermometer was giving a wide difference in readings and I wanted something a little more consistent. I really like this model because it had the option of a forehead reading for a general idea, as well as an accurate ear reading when removing the cap. At first I did struggle to get an accurate reading in the ear because it has to be pointed fairly straight, but with a little practice I figured it out and I’ve been really pleased with the consistency in reporting.

Lauren’s Amazon Finds

Daily Ritual Cardigan

Cardigan [tts, wearing medium] // Jeans [tts] // Booties [size up .5]

If you know Daily Ritual, you know it is s-o-f-t SOFT! This cardigan is just that – easy to throw on for a day of work and errands [like yesterday] or perfect for lounging all day long! True to size, and available in plenty of color options! xo Lauren 

Olio E Osso Lip + Cheek Balm

Olio E Osso Lip + Cheek Balm

A girlfriend of mine told me about this Olio E Osso lip + cheek balm and absolutely swears by it! She’s been using it for 5 years, and uses it on her lips and cheeks to add just a bit of color as needed throughout the day! It’s all natural and available in tons of colors! She swears by No 4 and No 5, and I ordered No 10! The perfect stocking stuffer! 

Blender Bombs Smoothie Booster

Blender Bombs Smoothie Booster

Did I just find my new favorite smoothie addition? YUP! I’d been wanting to try these Blender Bombs for awhile now and finally realized they were available on Amazon so I couldn’t check out fast enough! This specific Blender Bomb is made of ​​Almonds, Organic Date Paste, Pecans, Flaxseed, Hemp, Seed, Walnuts, Chia Seed, Goji Berries, Organic Honey, Coconut, Acai, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Organic Vanilla, but there are also a few other bombs to choose from!  I added one to my smoothie of frozen fruit, PB2, a banana, spinach, and water and it was SO good! 

Cosori Electric Kettle

Cosori Electric Kettle

Nothing beats a cup of tea before bed to calm down, and I’d been wanting to get an electric kettle! This one has the look and features of some of the more expensive ones, without the big price tag! With different temperature settings for each type of tea [green, black, herbal, etc] you’ll have the right temp with a simple press of a button, and be sippin in no time!

Gua Shua Tool

Gua Shua Tool

For months [probably longer] I’ve been wanting to start trying Gua Shua and see if it makes a difference on my face, so I finally snagged a tool for it! I follow Wildling_Beauty on Instagram, and use their simple techniques to hopefully help some of the muscles on my face! I’m a jaw clencher and brow furrower, and primarily using it to help relax those muscles for now, but looking forward to trying more with it! 

Heavy Weight Puffer Jacket 

Heavy Weight Puffer Jacket

I have so many longer jackets for winter, but grabbed this one for a short option! It is CRAZY warm being a heavy weight thickness, water resistant, and available in several colors! This color is called Tan, so I was kind of hoping it would show up looking a little more tan and a little less orange, but it’s definitely a burnt orange! However, I’m going to hold onto it even though it strays from my usual tan and black wardrobe 😉

Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja Air Fryer

Alright all you air fryer fans, spam me with your favorite recipes! I finally bought one and now am looking for allllll the ideas! I did an absurd amount of research to find the best air fryer on the market, and this one continued to be at the top of the lists! So far so good!

Hannah’s Amazon Finds

Dog Hair Remover

Chom Chom Dog Hair Remover

Since getting our dog over a year ago, I think I’ve vacuumed our couch more times in a week than our floors, okay that may not be entirely true but they’re vacuumed A LOT! I saw this trending Dog Hair Remover and I’m obsessed! Quickly removes dog hair, a lot easier than pulling the vacuum out and works so well!! Perfect for if you’re having company over and need a quick clean on your couches! My kids even fight over who gets to use it and they thoroughly enjoy cleaning it out when done lol 

Christmas Oils Set

Christmas Oils Set

I don’t know about you but once this time of year hits and the trees are bare and the outside is grey, I tend to be in a funk at home lol SO, making our house smell good and changing up the scents helps a ton with my mood and how I feel! This set of 6 Christmas oils has been so fun to use and mix! I’ve used the Wreath and Cranberry together in my diffuser and it’s heavenly!! I even add a couple drops to the inside of the paper towel and toilet paper rolls so we have the smell all over the house lol 

Spatty Peanut Butter Gadget

The Spatty & Spatty Daddy 

There is nothing worse than getting Peanut Butter alllllllll over the handle of the knife when you’re at the very end of the jar…. I didn’t know this little gadget existed but I’ve never been happier about a purchase! I was shocked at how well it cleaned out the jar without all of the mess!! It’s even great for cosmetic containers, hair products, everyday products and more! AND it’s reusable!! 

AromaTech New York Oil

AromaTech New York Oil

Ohhhh man AromaTech’s diffusing oils get me every.time. If you’ve been following you know the entire LIY Team swears by the Santal and The Hotel oils, if you haven’t tried them they smell absolutely amazing! I’m a big fan of all things New York so when I saw this oil I wanted to give it a try! While this one didn’t smell the best right out of the package I had high hopes for diffusing! It’s definitely a heavier/richer smell, so be aware, but it smelled so good!

Katy’s Amazon Finds

PJ’s [true to size] // Slippers [size up if in between]

The PJ’s you will be telling all of your girlfriends they need. Seriously, you need to know about these!! They are SOOOO soft and cozy – perfect for a cold, cozy night! Wearing here in the light blue ❄😍

Makeup Case

Welllll maybe I should’ve taken it as a sign I have too much makeup but it was literally falling out of all sides of my old makeup bag! A few of the other LIY girls have this case and I thought it was time for me to step it up and grab one too. It has great storage and is so easy to take on the go! You can also take out or change the dividers to fit exactly what you need.

Round Mirror

We have a small half bath in our new (well, old 1929 built) home and this mirror was the perfect fit!! I tried this one first and loved it, but measuring is important 🤣 I think the 18×18 would’ve worked but I went with this 16″ just in case 🥰 If you’re in the market for a round mirror I definitely recommend both of these and they come in multiple colors!

Basting Brush

Seems simple, but recently we hosted a dinner party and were looking for a basting brush and realized we didn’t have one…Amazon to the rescue! This set comes in a 2 pack with a small and large brush, is under $9, and are dishwasher safe. WIN WIN WIN!

Macy’s Amazon Finds

Milk Frother

As the colder months roll in I’ve been really trying to up my at home coffee game. After purchasing this frother I’m wondering HOW I’ve gone this long without one! It’s so much fun and easy to use. I love the clean look of the white and it comes with a cute little stand to display on your countertop. Now brb while I google all the at home frother recipes!

Bulletproof Original Creamer

A healthier option to add to your morning coffee, this coffee creamer! It’s deliciously creamy and pairs perfectly with the frother. The creamer is made with a fat-burning MCT oil and grass-fed butter, which work with coffee’s natural caffeine to give you sustained energy. No sugars, sweeteners or artificial fillers. Win win!

Eparé Coffee Mugs

A double walled coffee mug that helps maintain the temperature of your beverage. As a stay at home mom I find myself constantly going back to the microwave to warm up my coffee throughout the day (I usually lose count at how often it happens) So these mugs have been a perfect addition to my mornings. Because of the insulation effect my coffee stays hot without burning my hands when I pick it up. PLUS I just think they look so pretty 😍

Becca’s Amazon Finds

Pajama Set

Pajama Set [TTS, wearing in XS] // Slippers [Size Up if In Between, wearing in Small for Size 5]

When I made the switch from some ratty old t-shirt to actual grown up pajamas, I feel like it was a life changing decision! These pajamas are super soft and stretchy, which makes for a comfortable night’s sleep! I love the pretty beige color and the piped detailing. Sweet Dreams!

Sweater Set

Sweater Set [TTS, wearing in XS] // Jeans [Size Down if In Between, Wearing in 0] // Sneakers [TTS] // Heels [SImilar] // Earrings

Two for the price of one! I love this sweater set which includes the mockneck sweater and a coordinating ribbed sweater skirt! Wear them separately or together! Super comfortable, and versatile!

Puff Shoulder Top

Puff Shoulder Top [TTS, wearing in XS] //  Jeans [Size Down if In Between, Wearing in 0] // Booties [TTS]

This stretchy tee top has a fun puff shoulder and a smocked cuff detail to add a little flair to your everyday look! Can easily be dressed up or down, and a longer length which I know so many ladies are looking for in a top [shown tucked above].

Claire’s Amazon Finds

Boots and Shacket

Pull-On Chelsea Boot [TTS, size down .5 if in between!] // Similar Shacket

If you’ve been following along with my Amazon fashion purchases for any length of time, you probably know I’m all about snagging “trendy” items for great prices! Shackets [that’s shirt-jackets, for all you newbies!] and chelsea boots are all the rage right now and I had zero problem hopping on that bandwagon! These boots from The Drop have been getting a TON of wears already this season – and even more compliments. I love this brand’s quality and their prices! I’m linking a very similar shacket so you can get the whole look – Erin is wearing the exact style above for reference! 

Side Vent Tunic and Vest

Side-Vent Tunic [TTS, wearing medium Light Brown] // Vest [size up if in between] // Belt Bag 

Tunics are my jam this time of year! This one is super soft & cozy and so easy to throw on with leggings for a comfy day! It comes in several colors and for reference, I’m 5’5 and it covers everything in the front and back! Another Amazon win! 

PJ Set

Pajama Set [TTS, wearing medium] 

Snuggle up, Buttercups! These pajamas were an unexpected Amazon WIN! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality which is totally comparable [maybe even better!] to some of my favorites from Target. The set is only $25 and SO soft & cozy. They would make a great gift this time of year, but I’d suggest grabbing a pair for yourself too while you’re at it! 

LIY Ambassador Amazon Finds

Aundrea‘s Amazon Finds

Aundrea’s Shacket

Shacket [size up if in between] // Sweater Dress // Flats // Boots // Converse 

Aundrea here! Two snaps and a hair flip to celebrate another Amazon win! I have fallen in love with the new fall trend of “shackets”, yes a shirt jacket. This little neutral plaid number has added so much flexibility and versatility to fall fashion. This shacket can be worn as a dress (5’11 and it hits way below the knee), a cover up over a sweater dress, pair with a cute tank and jeans, or wear it as a dress!! It can be dressed up or down! I mean who doesn’t love multiple looks with one piece! I am wearing a XXL, size up one or two sizes for an oversized look. Also offers a multitude of plaid color combinations. Only downfall to this piece is that it took WEEKS to arrive!

Aundrea’s Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress [size up if in between] // Heels

Sweater Dress season is HERE!!! Listen, I LIVE for a good dress. To me it smooths all my blemishes and just makes me feel so classy!! This Amazon find definitely did not come to disappoint! I love that Amazon has offered a variety of colors and dress lengths for this wrap dress. I am wearing a XXL (fitted, for looser fit size up) XOXO 

Allison’s Amazon Finds

Allison’s Sweater

Sweater [true to size] // Similar Boots

I turned this sweater “dress” into a tunic! I paired it with leggings and my fave Sorel boots, and I decided I liked the look, so I kept the “dress”. Shorter dresses are so hard to find when you are 6 feet tall, and pair that with being 46, and it is even harder! This “tunic” is comfortable and cozy. Looking forward to wearing it by a bonfire!

Allison’s Wrapping Paper Cutter

Wrapping Paper Cutter

Wrapping season is right around the corner! I’m hoping that this wrapping paper cutter will make my present wrapping time more efficient. It was a little hard to get use to, but with some practice, it worked great! Happy wrapping! 🎁

Heather’s Amazon Find

Heather’s Jeans

Jeans [true to size] // Pullover [sized up one] // Sneakers [true to size, love these!]

Did you tall girls know Amazon Essentials carries long length jeans for $30?! Heather here and I’m so happy with these jeans. They’re very comfy, don’t stretch out and are a good length on my 6′ frame with sneakers! While I was at it I added this comfy sweatshirt to my cart and have been wearing it on repeat. I sized up 1 for a cozy fit.

Sthefany’s Amazon Finds

Sthefany’s Watch

Watch // Bracelet  

Let me tell you what time it is! It is time to add this to your Amazon shopping list. Please do not mind my green obsession this season, but I can’t get over how cute it looks. The elegant look and comfortable straps are definitely worth the money. This high-quality watch is great for gifting during the holidays.

Skye‘s Amazon Finds

Skye’s Dress

Dress [true to size] // Shapewear // Similar Heels

Masterpiece Gala ready! 💃 Our church has a big fundraiser gala every year and it is such a fun night out for me and Chris and, not to mention, a great reason to get dressed up! Since it is always a Christmas theme, this year I dove into something green and velvety to try out – and I’m loving it!I found this dress to be true to size, wearing it in a large! I also have on shapewear underneath it to smooth everything out – I swear by it!

Skye’s Purse Organizer

Purse Organizer // Purse

I took the sage advice from many of you and grabbed a purse organizer for my new purse and could not be happier with it. It has been a game changer – I can reach in and find whatever I’m looking for with my eyes shut and that makes my type A self incredibly happy! I have the Large purse and ordered the Large organizer and it fits perfectly!

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