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All Time Favorite Random Purchases from Amazon

June 15, 2021


Erin Schrader

Two years ago we were just dabbling in the world of Amazon – do people actually buy clothes here? Holy cow there is a lot of stuff! Wait, I can buy THAT on Amazon? And now here we are, basically using Amazon as our Google for any and all shopping that needs to happen. These days, it’s not uncommon for an Amazon package [or three] to arrive on our doorsteps a little too regularly. To our delivery drivers- we thank you!!

While we’ve most definitely had some major fails [um, please look at this sweater post], and we’re definitely learning how to find the good stuff along the away, we like to think that we’ve had some major Amazon wins. So this week, we’re sharing our all-time favorite Amazon purchases from over the years, from fashion and beauty to the most randomly successful finds. Today we’re rounding up those random miscellaneous items that we didn’t know we needed in our lives. You know, the things like anti-chafing balm and dog DNA tests. And if you haven’t had a chance to check out our monthly Amazon roundups including allllll the things, you can find them right this way!

PS we asked our LIY Amazon Finds and Fails Facebook Group what their all-time favorite Amazon purchases are, and they’re sharing them here!


Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

My favorite morning treat, these apple cider vinegar vitamins! Not only do they taste absolutely delicious [for real, you must try them] they are packed with some great benefits. I take two a day and as for me personally, here is what I’ve noticed after doing so for several months: increased energy, decrease in appetite, and better gut health [yes, I’m more regular if you must know ;)] I don’t know why apple cider vinegar packs such a punch but I’m so glad it does. Highly recommend!

Aluminum Desktop Phone Stand

Who knew $10 could bring so much joy into your life? This little phone stand was yet another product recommended to me by a friend of mine [I owe all good things to my friends these days] and said that she loved using it for FaceTime calls at her desk. I bought one thinking “eh, I’m sure I won’t use it” and still, over a year later, every time I sit down at my computer I prop my phone up next to me on this stand and love having it there! I love it so much I actually gifted this last Christmas to my girlfriends as my favorite thing. It’s so easy to read incoming texts or like I said, awesome for phone calls while working. Some readers suggested using it for airplane travel [great for sitting on the tray and watching movies], using it while cooking in the kitchen for recipes, etc. You can charge it while it’s on the stand as well which is awesome! 

Calming Dog Donut Bed

I asked Max and Ollie what their favorite Amazon purchase has been and they both 100% agreed that it’s this bed. They have been taking the best naps of their lives in this thing now for over a year and say it’s the snuggliest, most cozy bed they’ve ever owned. They hope all of their other doggie friends get one and can snuggle up as much as they do in theirs. Ps. They are in the large size!

Mike’s Hot Honey

Whoa boy. If you thought your go-to pizza was good before, wait until you drizzle some of this on top. After eating a year or so ago in New York where a restaurant served a chicken parmesan dish with a hot honey drizzled on top, I became fascinated by this concept. A year later, I’m scrolling Amazon and voila, this appears. Apparently it’s the hottest food condiment on the market as it receives rave reviews and can be used on [and in] so many foods and drinks! A must-have pantry staple.

Ice Roller for Face & Headaches

Who knew rolling something ice cold on your face could feel so good? Everytime a headache strikes these days I reach for this instantly [store it in the freezer!] and it works to provide relief instantly! It’s also awesome for de-puffing after a night of too much wine or snacks!


 Collapsible Tote Bag [Heather Grey]

This collapsible tote bag has only been in my possession for a little over a month, but I have used it countless times already! It is sturdy and stands on its own, but also collapses completely flat and secures with an elastic strap to keep it stowed away in a closet, under the bed, or in the trunk of your car without taking up space. Perfect for shopping, toting all your holiday gifts to the in-laws, and makes a perfect gift for anyone, especially that super practical person on your list!


O Key Ring

Being a working mama to a toddler and infant, my hands are usually full of some sort of combination of laptop bag, sippy cup, tiny human, snacks, purse and car keys when I head out the door each day.  That’s a lot of things and not a lot of hands. I’ve been noticing these O key rings more and more, and figured I’d give it a try to free up one of my hands! Plus, snakeskin is so trendy this fall, I couldn’t resist throwing a bit into my everyday [don’t worry, if snakeskin isn’t your jam, they are available in plenty of other colors!]. These rings are big enough to fit over your wrist so you can wear it like a bracelet when you need a free hand [think running into the grocery store and not wanting to take your whole purse in!]. They also are large enough that you’ll have NO problem finding your keys in your purse anymore!


Add this massager to everyone’s list that you’re buying for this Christmas! One of my friends has one of these that I may or may not have borrowed for a solid month [hi, sorry again for keeping it so long], but we [me, my husband, AND my dog – yes, my goldendoodle] all loved it. With several heat, speed, and rotational settings, you can work out those kinks at home rather than scheduling bi-weekly massages! I know I sure can’t afford that! [this exact one pictured is no longer available, so I’ve linked a similar one.]

Thermacell Mosquito Repelling Lanterns

Last year, Cassidy on the LIY Team introduced us to the Thermacell Mosquito Repellers, and let me tell ya – those things work! We keep ours in our RV for camping! This year, I saw that they have these cute ones that look like lanterns, and I thought they’d be perfect to keep on our front and back porches for evenings out there! I love that they blend in with the decor while still doing the job at keeping the pesky mosquitos away!  

Water Bottle Organizer

This water bottle organizer has to be one of my all-time favorites. It’s a game changer for our cabinet organization game, and no more searching and searching for the water bottle I’m looking for!

Body Glide Anti-Chafing Balm

Ladies, meet your inner thighs’ new BFF After using this anti-chafing balm, I’m sold! Lauren here, and I’ll be applying this under $10 product on the regular all summer long! Here’s to no more chafing!

Water Bottle [shown in 40oz and 32oz] // Silicone Boot

Bottle so nice I bought it twice [but bigger!]. I’m trying to drink more water, so I figured let’s go big! These’ll keep your ice frozen all day, and I love adding on a simple silicone boot on the bottoms! The white is 40 oz and the pink is 32oz! Note: These will spill a little if you tip them over, so I wouldn’t recommend putting them in a bag or anything!

Portable Battery Charger

I’ve had several portable battery chargers over the years, but am always frustrated that the charging cord is different than the cord that connects to my phone, and if I lose that cord, I’m out of luck [which clearly I know from experience]! When I saw this portable charger that plugs right into the wall I was sold. No more misplacing cords, and I love the simple sleek design!

Pillow Spray / Sleep Lotion

Things I’ll pay good money for? A good night’s sleep. With two young ones at home, anything I can do to ensure that during the time I am sleeping I’m sleeping good is worth it in my opinion. Enter this pillow spray. I’d started using their lotion a few weeks back and swear by it, so figured why not douse my whole bed in this magical scent that has me counting sheep in mere minutes. Simply spritz a little [or a lot- your choice] on your pillow and bedding, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Massage Gun

I’ve wanted a massage gun for a long time, and made it happen this year! While there are a ton of options out there, the reviews and accessories of this one sold me, and I don’t regret it for a second. My two favorite places to use it so far? Upper back and bottom of my feet! 

Spin Bike  // Leggings [true to size, wear medium]

Going on three years of having this spin bike for my at-home workouts using the Peloton Digital App, and three years later I still love it! 

Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Did you know text neck is a thing? Well, it is! Apparently we’re spending a liiiiitle too much time looking down at our phones, that it’s causing serious problems with our necks! I don’t know if this little pillow will completely reverse any permanent damage that’s been done, but I truly feel like using it for 5-10 minutes has made such a difference for me!


Workout Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have intensified my workouts significantly but the elastic ones always make my hands smell bad and ALWAYS curl in the middle of my workouts! The quality of these bands is so nice! They don’t curl, stay put, and don’t make my hands smell bad!

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy this just because of the name [hahaha]! BUT whoa are my screens and blue light glasses d-i-r-t-y!! You never realize how bad they are until the light hits it in just the right spot! Since this spray arrived, we’ve been using it on everything!! All of our computer screens, phone screens, blue light glasses, kindles, iPads, basically anything with a screen is getting sparkly clean!! No smell or residue and it works so well!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I don’t know what I did before these blue light glasses but I will never not wear them while using my computer again! My headaches are mostly gone, no more eye strain and working on the computer has become that much easier!


Embark Dog DNA Test

When we adopted our sweet pup Zoey, we were told she was an Australian Shepherd/Rat Terrier Mix. I could never see the Rat Terrier part of that and spent an embarrassing amount of my 2020 stay-at-home time taking “what type of dog do I have” quizzes online. Not shockingly, depending on the website they came up with radically different results. Thanks to Embark Vet I now have the answers to my most burning question!


Purse Organizer

I recently purchased my first designer handbag [eek YAY!] and wanted something to keep it organized as well as protected. I ordered this purse organizer insert available in five sizes with THIRTEEN pockets. Game changer, life saver. For reference, I have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and the Xtra Large size insert fits perfectly. It easily fits a 13-in laptop, planner, chargers and everything in between!

Apple Watch Band

My Apple watch is by far my most worn accessory. As a strictly gold jewelry wearer, I was on the hunt for a band to match the rest of my bling. Insert Amazon. ✨ Under $20, the size is completely customizable, and the links are extremely easy to remove– no tool needed! Also available in black, rose gold, and silver! 

Handheld Steamer 

Things are getting steamy up in here. If you’re in the market for a handheld steamer, this one heats up in 30 seconds and gets the job done freaky fast! Irons are a thing of the past. Sayonara wrinkles, see ya never!


Inverted Umbrella

When you close your umbrella does the water usually go everywhere? Enter an inverted umbrella. It closes the opposite way of the traditional umbrella, making the top the inside, and keeping you & your favorite jeans/car/everything DRY.

PB2 Powder

I am a HUGE Peanut Butter fan! I make a smoothie almost every morning and want it to have that peanut butter flavor. This powder is perfect for smoothies because it doesn’t cling to the bottom or sides of the blender and isn’t as filling as regular peanut butter (plus, a fraction of the calories!)

No Show Socks

Can’t. Stop. Wearing. These. Socks. I’m a big fan of no show socks with boots, sneakers, basically any shoe. These are by far my favorite I’ve ever tried! They don’t slip or dig into my heels – I highly recommend trying these out!


Lisa’s Nectar Essential Daily Hydration

I love these hydration packets! They have 0 cal and zero sugar! Our lives are more dehydrating than ever and Nectar provides the perfect balance of electrolytes to boost the absorption of water.  You get 18 sticks per pack and the flavors are delicious!

Lisa’s Travel Jewelry Case

This is the best jewelry case for traveling! Nothing gets tangled up! There is a place for everything and everything stays in its place.

Lisa’s Vital Proteins Collagen

My coffee never misses a scoop of this amazing collagen every morning! I have been using this regularly for over a year and see such a great difference in my joints when exercising as well as the elasticity in my skin. It’s a super great deal when Amazon throws it on Prime special as well!

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