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30+ Items To Add To Your Amazon Cart Right Now

May 4, 2021


Erin Schrader

Bring on summertime, sunshine, and all the Amazon deliveries. Anyone else feeling this way now that it’s all of a sudden May? Where did the first 4 months go? While we may not know where those months went, we do know the Amazon delivery driver visited our homes a few times, and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Take a look at what’s getting delivered recently, and maybe they’ll make a pitstop at your house next!

Erin’s Amazon Finds

Men’s Swim Trunks

Swim Trunks [true to size for a slimmer fit, size up for a looser fit]

The Amazon suit your guy will love [or at least Shawn loves ;)] He’s been buying this brand for a year or two now and they have a new and improved version out with even softer, stretchier material and “The first swimsuit liner soft enough I don’t cut it out” he says! Many patterns or solids, true to size for a slimmer fit or size up for a looser fit! 

Erin’s Swim Coverup

Swimsuit Coverup [wearing in 01 green]

I can already tell this under $20 swimsuit coverup is going to be worn on repeat this summer! The 12,000+ reviews had me convinced to try it, and now I’m sold! Bring on summertime and sunshine!

Steph’s Amazon Finds

Steph’s Countertop Makeover

Countertop Paint Kit [White Diamond] // Peel and Stick Backsplash [Railroad Calacatta] // Tissue Box Cover [Matte Black] // Faux Potted Plants // Mirror [40 X 26, Grey] // Sign – Joyfully Said [Use code LIY20 for 20% off!] //  Bar Drawer Pulls [3 inches, MAKE SURE TO MEASURE!] // Knobs // Toilet Paper Holder // Hand Towel Hook // Light Fixture

You know how sometimes when you start a project, you see alllllll the other things you want to do in that space while you’re at it? This little bathroom was supposed to be a spontaneous weekend project of painting the cabinet (we used Sherwin Williams, Riverway) and walls, swapping out the shower curtain and rug and calling it good. Little did we know that we would also replace the mirror, light fixture, add a backsplash and paint the countertop. That husband of mine deserves an award for his patience with all of this and giving me the space to just go with it when I feel inspired. 

As soon as I realized I wanted to change the color of the countertop, I ordered this White Diamond kit from Amazon. My brother had done a similar kit on their kitchen counter a few years ago and it turned out great, so I was hopeful I could make this work! After watching SO MANY videos and reading blog posts on other sites (this one was SO helpful in giving me confidence!), I finally felt ready to get to work. The kit started off with a black base layer and rollers. Also included were three colors to create a pattern, a topcoat and a sponge (one big ball that I ripped apart into the sizes I wanted to work with). Then it was just up to me to decide the pattern I was going for. In the photos above, you can see a timeline along the bottom of the layers I applied to the counter, allowing it to dry for approximately 4 hours between each application. I’ve been so pleased with how it turned out, and it’s made a huge impact on the brightness of the space! The room was finished about a month and a half ago and I’ve got nothing but great things to say about how it’s holding up with our 6 and 8 year olds using it as their primary bathroom.

Lauren’s Amazon Finds

Lauren’s Patio Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chair Set

I wanted to get some inexpensive rocking chairs for our patio where I could sit outside and do computer work, watch the kids play, or just have a glass of wine! This set fit the bill pricewise, and now that they’re here and put together, I know they’re comfortable too! I want to get a small pillow for each, which I think will make them look a little more high-end, and also keep the pillow back more upright! Overall, I’m calling these a win for the price! 

Lauren’s Leopard Dress

Dress [sized up one to a large] // Jacket [size down, wearing in small]  // Sandals [size up .5]

MEOW 🐆 This charcoal leopard tshirt dress was a HUGE unexpected win from Amazon’s newest brand! Under $20, and a great fit! I sized up one to a large and it’s the right fit I wanted! 

Lauren’s Pink Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt [true to size, wearing medium] //  Shorts [true to size] // Sandals [size up .5]

On Wednesdays [or Thursdays] we wear pink! 💕 I’m loving this lightweight sweatshirt for Spring! And I love the way the high side slit makes it fit! true to size, wearing medium!

Katy’s Amazon Finds

Katy’s PB2

PB2 Powder

I am a HUGE Peanut Butter fan! I make a smoothie almost every morning and want it to have that peanut butter flavor. This powder is perfect for smoothies because it doesn’t cling to the bottom or sides of the blender and isn’t as filling as regular peanut butter (plus, a fraction of the calories!). My go-to smoothie recipe is:

1/2 frozen banana
About ½ cup frozen blueberries
½ cup greens
2 scoops protein powder
A couple spoonfuls of PB2!

Katy’s Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket [beige] // Long Lumbar Pillow // Dot and Fringe Comforter // Pillow Covers [cream]

As seen in our Spring Home Decor blog post 🌼 I wanted to brighten up our guest room with a few simple changes! When I first thought of mixing white, cream, and beige it seemed strange, but a few pinterest inspos later and I was ready to commit. This throw blanket was just the weight and color I was looking for. It’s not going to keep you warm in super cold weather but I love it as an accent on the bed! I got this comforter in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I just popped that baby in this room instead! I’ve had these cream pillow covers for almost 4 years now and have used them in our room, couches, and now the guest room. Two pack for under $14? Yes please! Basically anything McGee and Co makes is going to catch my eye, but this pillow really ties the whole bedding look together in my opinion.

Katy’s Anti Fatigue Mat

Left Mat // Right Mat

I’m all about saving my feet and back while washing dishes or standing at the sink! I couldn’t decide between these two, so I asked y’all which mat you liked better and the one on the left won prettttyyyy big. Well, I may be a bad decision maker because I ended up keeping the right mat 😂 I loved both as far as comfort and quality! I honestly like the design of the left mat more, but felt like it was a bit busy for my small space (apartment life). Whichever you choose, I highly recommend an anti fatigue mat for your kitchen!

Katy’s Sandals

Sandals [size up .5 if in between]

SANDAL SEASON IS HERE 🌞 and this pair can do it all. I love that these have a slightly dressier feel and a little cushion for comfort 💙 I found them true to size but if you’re in between sizes I would go up to the half size! Fun fact: they look almost identical to these $850 Hermès sandals. I’ll stick to my under $30 sandals, please 😉

Cassidy’s Amazon Finds

Cassidy’s Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated Eyelash Curler

Okay, I had heard about heated eyelash curlers and just HAD to try it out. I have been using it for about a month and I am LOVING IT! It’s so easy to do, much more comfortable than your typical curler, and has even allowed me to wear less mascara!

Cassidy’s Bum Bum Cream


Say hello to the best moisturizer and my secret weapon! This stuff is on the spendy side but dang, it can’t be beat! It is known for moisturizing, tightening, firming and improves circulation! I love using this during the summertime when shorts and swimsuits are my go-to! Despite the price, this is something I buy again and again because I love it that much! I use it on my bum, thighs and even abdomen!

Cassidy’s Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rug 

We just recently purchased an outdoor sectional and I had to get a new rug to match! Also, yes, the couch is missing two cushions in the photo–they had forgotten them when they dropped it off originally! But either way, I love how this rug looks with our new furniture! I had such a hard time choosing one, but I feel like I made the right decision! So far, it has held up great to the weather and to two doggos!

Cassidy’s Makeup Case

Makeup Travel Case

I have #influenced by Erin when it comes to this travel makeup case! This recently came with me to a girls trip to Florida! It’s such a simple thing but honestly I was so happy with it the entire trip! It is small enough to pack in a carry on but it held everything I could need! I even bought more makeup while traveling and had the space to pack it! For under $20, this is one of my favorite purchases!

Cassidy’s Slim Can Cooler

Slim Can Koozie

Say hello to your summertime bestie! I have been using this insulated Koozie to keep my seltzers ice cold all day long! Loving the cute and minimal look of these Koozies–So great for a day at the pool, kayaking or gifting to your seltzer-loving friends!

Hannah’s Amazon Finds

Hannah’s Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock

Anyone else constantly misplacing their phone in the house but then need to know the time when they are getting ready?! HI, that’s me!! I ALWAYS misplace my phone and then when I’m trying to quickly get ready in the morning I’m wasting time looking for my phone, it’s a fun little game! Not anymore though, this alarm clock arrived and WHOA does it have a lot of functions! Night mode, Bright mode, alarm, mirror capabilities, clock, it has it all and it’s so lightweight and functional! If you’re anything like me, snag this one, it will be your new best friend!

Hannah’s Book

Focus Book 

I just started this book and absolutely love the simplicity and direction of this book!! I struggle with sticking with a word of the year because I forget, busy or just don’t want to do it, but this devotional book meets me in my place each week and it’s really easy to do!! I love that each week it’s teaching me something while also challenging me [in a very attainable way] and starts my week off on the right note!

Hannah’s Pajamas

Two Piece Pajama Set [Size up if in between] / Slippers [TTS] / Book

It was time to upgrade my athletic shorts and tees to some pajama sets and I’m so glad I did! This quality of this pajama set shocked me, not too heavy but not too thin and I love the contrasting trim detail on these! AND the slippers… OH my they are heavenly, like walking on clouds! They have a memory foam sole and my kids are constantly taking them! It also doesn’t hurt that they look cute!

Hannah’s Top & Shoes

Square Neck Top [Size up one, wearing in S] / Jeans [TTS] / Block Heel Sandals [Size up .5]

Adding a little color to my Spring wardrobe with this new top from Amazon!! The color and neckline details of this top are so flattering! It does run a little more fitted so I sized up to a small and so glad I did! Throw it on with these CUTE new block heel sandals [LOVE the quilting on these and they are surprisingly comfy] and you are Spring ready friends!

Hannah’s Screen Cleaner

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy this just because of the name [hahaha]! BUT whoa are my screens and blue light glasses d-i-r-t-y!! You never realize how bad they are until the light hits it in just the right spot! Since this spray arrived, we’ve been using it on everything!! All of our computer screens, phone screens, blue light glasses, kindles, iPads, basically anything with a screen is getting sparkly clean!! No smell or residue and it works so well!

Claire’s Amazon Finds

Claire’s Laundry Detergent

Capri Blue Laundry Detergent

I’m a Capri Blue junkie, so when I spotted a Volcano laundry detergent, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. After a couple washes; I’ve decided it’s not the exact same scent as the candles we all know and love. It’s highly concentrated, which makes it highly fragranced and slightly perfumey. I ended up using half the recommended amount [one capful] and half of my usual “clean” unscented detergent. It makes your space smell AMAZING while the laundry is running, but sadly, the smell didn’t last on my clothing much longer than a day. For the price, I was expecting a little better. I will note that by using only a single capful, it should last a longgg time. I also found a fabric softener, so I’m going to give that a whirl in hopes of a longer-lasting scent!

Claire’s Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag

I spend a lot of time at the lake in the summer, so I wanted a cute bag for said weekend trips. This one actually fits WAY more than I expected and can easily hold a weekend’s worth of lake “outfits” [ie. shorts and swimsuits] and my travel makeup case. If you’re traveling these days, it fits most carry-on size requirements and has a slot to slide over a suitcase handle. It does come with a removable yoga mat strap if you choose to use it at the gym, and has a padded interior pocket for a laptop.

Claire’s Tray and Trinket Dish

Gold Mirror Tray // Antique Trinket Dish

I cannot stand bathroom clutter and my day-to-day jewelry needed a place to live [besides being stashed in the corner of the counter]. I found this mirror tray [would also make a perfect perfume tray!] and added this tiny trinket dish as a catch-all for my jewelry. It’s the perfect size for a small counter space and adds a bit of organization to my chaos.

Becca’s Amazon Finds

Becca’s Light Up Mirror

LED Light Up Makeup Mirror

I’m saying goodbye to heavy handed makeup and stray eyebrow hairs with this light up makeup mirror! Our bathroom is not well lit and I often find myself out in public [or in the car mirror] realizing that I missed plucking a facial hair or that my blush was heavier than I thought it was. This touch screen LED mirror has multiple light settings, can adjust to whatever angle you need, and charges up with a provided cord. It even folds flat to slide easily into my drawer or to take along with me in my suitcase! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

LIY Ambassador Finds

Learn a bit more about the LIY Ambassador’s here!

Ashley’s Dress

Dress [size up if in between]  // Similar Wedges

How cute is this shirt dress? It’s lightweight, comes in 6 different color ways, and has pockets 🤗 I can see myself wearing it from day to night with a few easy accessory swaps! I’m wearing a small and it fits tts. I never know what to expect as I can wear small through large depending on brand and cut…to be honest, I may exchange this one for a medium for a little more length. From May to October is dress season in my book & I can’t wait to show you all my faves 🥰

Ashley’s Wedges

Wedges [true to size]

Taking photos of your shoes is rather difficult so bare with me 😂 Also, I’m no foot model!  That being said, these cute little espadrilles I found on Amazon are a keeper. The upper material is leather & the wedge is a comfortable height for all day wear. Even better? Under $40! I purchased these in the blush pink to try something different this season. They fit tts…a perfect fit 🤗

Sthefany’s Coverup Skirt

Ruffle Skirt Coverup // Wedges [tts] // Similar Swimsuit

This ruffle skirt coverup is a must-have on your next trip to the beach! The fabric is stretchy but not see-through, giving it the perfect coverage. To complete the look, I would recommend getting the most comfortable platform sandals to give it a more casual but effortless look.

Allison’s Ear Plugs

Sleep Ear Plugs

Allison here! I have always been a light sleeper, but now that I’m 45, I feel like I wake up to every little sound! My sister, Angi, was visiting for an extended visit, and is a very early riser. She would wake early, make coffee, turn on lights, etc. I would wake at the sound of her walking down the stairs, so I decided to buy some earplugs! These are specifically designed for women’s ears, are very comfortable to sleep in (I’m a side sleeper), drown out unwanted sounds, but not all sounds (I could still hear the dog bark, or my kids, if they were to need me). I highly recommend these earplugs! Sweet dreams!

Allison’s Shark Vacuum

Shark Vacuum

I love my yellow lab, but I don’t love his hair! Trying to keep up with picking up all the dog hair, seems like a never ending battle! This Shark, self cleaning vacuum has been a life saver! The hair picks up quickly, and the “sucking” power is amazing! It is worth every bit of the price!

Lisa’s Green Drink

Green Superfood // Shaker Bottle

Lisa here 💛 and feeling a little green; in a good way! Every morning I shake this up before my workout and I feel good knowing I’m putting something good in my body. Gluten Free – Sugar Free – Plant Based – Non GMO; one scoop in the shaker bottle with 2 ice cubes! The shaker cup makes all the difference in the world!

Heather’s Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

If you are a sparkling water fan then this is for you! This Drinkmate has changed my life – not kidding! Working from home I was constantly buying more Bubly and LaCroix which meant a whole lot of recycling! I was honestly tired of all the waste and restocking the fridge so I decided to give this guy a go and it’s been so great!

You control how carbonated your water is and can add flavors or freshly squeezed lemons/limes. You can bubble up your favorite wine in this too! You simply swap out the CO2 cartridge and you can recycle them for a credit via Amazon!

Rema’s Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit [tts, wearing medium] // Sneakers [tts, wearing 9]

Is it just me or is finding pockets on a new outfit one of the best feelings ever? I wasn’t sure about ordering this online but once I tried it on, I was in love. The material is so soft, I even fell asleep in it. You can dress it up with wedges or pull out classic tennis shoes like I’ve done here.

Rema’s Scalp Scrub

Scalp Scrub // Tangle Teaser Hair Brush

I am loving this new scalp scrub. It is made with natural ingredients like gray sea salt, bamboo charcoal, and tea tree oil. It helps with dandruff and product buildup. Also, if you’re a bottled blonde, you know how much bleach takes a toll on your hair. I don’t know where I would be without this brush, I promise it’s the product you never knew you needed. I also got one for my nieces, they love brushing their hair now! Good for thin and thick hair, bleached or natural, straight and curly!

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