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What We’re Loving from Amazon // April 2021

April 1, 2021


Erin Schrader

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the Amazon delivery driver is making a few more pit stops at our homes. Instead of dropping off sweaters and ice salt, they’re dropping off bikinis, sandals, and bird food! Spring is officially here, and you can definitely tell by looking at our Amazon purchase history 😉

You may notice a few new faces in today’s post! Read all about the LIY Ambassadors here! We’re so excited to have them as a part of our community!

And don’t forget, you can see the rest of our Amazon finds here and join our Amazon only Facebook group here!

Erin’s Finds

Erin’s Chair

Safavieh Light Oak & White Leather Weave Accent Chair // Throw // Erin Gates Rug // Coffee Table // Similar Basket

I’ve been looking for an accent chair for this living area for a while but couldn’t seem to find anything that caught my attention enough — until this cutie made its way across my Amazon screen. I am obsessed with the white leather weave with the light oak wood. While it does sit a little lower, it’s exactly what I was looking for as I didn’t want anything that blocked the window too much. It’s super comfortable and oh-so chic.

Erin’s Swimsuit Coverup

swimsuit coverup [wearing in White 8]

For starters, hi, take me back to the white sandy beach of Florida please [instead we’re getting white snow falling from the sky here in Indiana, woof] and second of all, put this swimsuit coverup on me for when I go. I bought this before our recent trip and it was my favorite coverup of the trip. I may have felt a little bit like a bachelorette at her bachelorette party, but we all deserve to feel a little “extra” from time to time. You can cinch the waist for as tight or loose as you need!

Erin’s Water Bottle

1 Gallon Water Bottle

Chug, chug, chug – you’ll never miss your water goals with this sucker. I never knew how intense a one-gallon water bottle would be, but wow, she’s a big one folks. Here’s the thing though – as obnoxious as it is, I love how motivated it keeps me to drink a plethora of water during the day. Yes, I may be peeing a little more frequently but computer breaks are good for everybody, yes? Also, I should note – the white tip thing goes on the inside of the water bottle over the straw so don’t repeat what I did here. Thank you Instagram friends for teaching me differently. Anyhow, it is nice that it has a lid that closes, a straw you can drink out of, and that it is dishwasher friendly! Here’s to being the most hydrated versions of ourselves!

Steph’s Finds

Steph’s Mirror

Bathroom Mirror [40 X 26, Grey] // Sign – Joyfully Said [Use code LIY20 for 20% off!] //  Bar Drawer Pulls [3 inches, MAKE SURE TO MEASURE!] // Knobs // Toilet Paper Holder // Hand Towel Hook // Light Fixture / Similar Fixture from Amazon 

A few weekends ago, my husband and I woke up on a Saturday morning and decided to redo our guest bathroom on a whim. We headed to Lowe’s for the wall and cabinet paint, but guess where we headed for nearly everything else? AMAZON! The last item to be chosen was our Bathroom Mirror. This one was so easy to hang and fits in perfectly with the vibe I was aiming for. It felt al little scary to me to order such a large and breakable item, but it arrived safe and sound and has been the perfect addition to this space!

Steph’s Monokini + Coverup

One Piece Monokini [Army Green in XL, see below for sizing] // Oversized Coverup Dress [Wearing in Black] // Similar Sandals

My hubby and I recently ventured on our first kids-free trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary! While I normally tend to lean more towards – the more fabric the better, caring for kids-safe suits [this one is my usual go-to, TTS!], I felt like this event called for something a little more “adult.” Enter this monokini. The details make this suit SO flattering and comfortable and I definitely felt more like the wife I am than the mom I am while at the beach this time! The tummy covering panel covered my self-conscious areas while also drawing attention towards my center to make me feel a little more curvy in the areas I wanted to accent. I threw on this Oversized Coverup Dress while walking around and loved the way it covered me, but also felt light and airy.

Let’s talk about sizing of the suit for a minute – I’m normally a size 10/12, but suits tend to be very difficult for me to fit in my usual size because of my larger chest. This one showed up in my search and even though it was listed as plus size, I decided to read through the reviews to see if I could make it work. There are LOTS of reviews, and many of them have photos and great measurement descriptions. Based on what I was reading about bra sizes,I felt like I could give the XL a try because I loved the way the suit looked so much. This size ended up working out great for me because my chest fit where it should and while the suite definitely wasn’t tight, it also wasn’t loose which made it a comfortable fit throughout the body. This is a perfect example of ignoring the size on the tag and paying attention to your comfort and what works for your body.

Steph’s Bikini + Coverup

High Waisted Ruched Bikini [Wearing in Black in size L] // Coverup Shirt [Wearing in Green in size M]

Speaking of suits for this adults only trip – this High Waisted Ruched Bikini was a great addition to my collection! Here’s what I loved about it: it’s extremely supportive! Seriously, we walked around a state park for several hours and the top of this one wasn’t that different than a bra! Also – the high waist comes up high enough, between that and the cute bow I tied around my waist between the pieces, it really felt like a one-piece without the inconvenience of needing to completely undress when using the restroom. This one will definitely be seeing more action this Summer! Two thumbs up also for this Coverup Shirt. I love the bright color and the way it fits!

Hannah’s Finds

Hannah’s Workout Tank

Workout Tank Top [TTS, wearing in XS] // Leggings [TTS, wearing in XS] // Sneakers [TTS]

Let’s pretend for a second that I just got done working out and I’m not wearing a regular bra with this tank [haha]!! But truly LOVE the color of this tank, the fit and the mesh back!! Perfect for working out or those days you just want to lounge!!

Hannah’s Black Shorts

Levi’s Shorts [Size up one, wearing in Lunar Black] // Tee [TTS, wearing in XS] // Similar Sandals

Summer I’m ready for you!! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect black shorts and I think I officially found them! Not too tight around the things, more of a distressed black color and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing these allllll Summer long!

Hannah’s Dry Brushing Items

Dry Brush / Exfoliating Brush / Pumi Bar

The trio that’s going to have my different areas of my body ready for Summer [haha]!! I’ve heard A LOT about dry brushing and I get the hype! It’s supposed to help with blood flow, lymphatic system and cellulite! While I haven’t seen a drastic difference in my skin, it feels amazing and wakes up my body!! Start at your ankles, working your way up and brush towards your heart! I was a little hesitant about the exfoliating brush working but WHOA no bumps after shaving!! I get bumps after I shave all the time but using this twice a day, brushing against the hair and no more bumps!! Perfect for underarms, bikini area and legs!! And last but not least, the Pumi Bar [haha]!! The name is so odd but it strangely works!! My feet feel baby soft!!

Hannah’s Dead Sea Oil

Dead Sea Magnesium Oil

My husband and I work out almost every day and after lifting weights, certain areas of our body are sore!! I read a little bit about this spray and read the reviews so I thought it was worth trying!! And I’m surprised to say it works!! We used this on several occasions on sore muscles, restless legs and after 5-10 sprays in the troubled spot we had relief in just a couple minutes!! Highly recommend trying if you workout, have pain in certain areas and or restless legs!

Hannah’s Books

The Light We Lost / It Ends With Us / Passion on Park Avenue

Apparently I read books [haha] If you would have asked me 6 months ago what my favorite books was, I wouldn’t have had an answer and realized the last time I read was in high school [whoops]…. BUT within the last couple of months I’ve been a reading feen! So many books and I just keep ordering more! Here have been some recent favorites, and if you haven’t read It Ends with Us highly recommend it!! It’s a little heavy so be aware! What are some of your favorite books?!

Claire’s Finds

Claire’s Swim Coverups

Tie-Waist [TTS, wearing medium] // Lace Detail [slightly sheer, may exchange for a darker color] // Tunic Style [TTS, wearing medium]

Three cover-ups that arrived just in time for vacay! If you’re headed somewhere tropical or just thinking ahead for summer, several of us girls on the LIY team have given these cute little numbers a thumbs up. My only complaint was the white being slightly sheer [I know, I know, I should’ve known!], so I may exchange for a darker color option!

Claire’s Sandals

The Drop Sandals [size up .5 if in between]

It’s currently sleeting here in Indiana, but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of warmer weather. These cute little flops just arrived from The Drop [anyone else love this Amazon brand?!] and I’m already trying to decide which color I “need” next! Sizing note: I think these would work best for narrow feet! They’re quite slim. Size up .5 if in between [for reference, I’m between 8.5-9 and may exchange my 8.5 for a size 9].

Lauren’s Finds

Lauren’s Chicago Cubs Hat

Cubs Hat // Amazon Fan Shop

Hey Chicago, what do you say, the Cubs are gonna win today! Baseball season is here, so obviously I needed a new hat to kick off the season! But in doing so, I discovered the Amazon Fan Shop! Simply add your favorite team[s] to your account, and you can easily filter tons of products for your teams!  Mine includes the Cubs, the Hoosiers, and the Fighting Irish!

Lauren’s Stone Diffuser

Stone Diffuser

I have needed to get a second diffuser for a long time, but haven’t found any that I love the look of at a price point I can get down with — until this one. I love the all-black look, the stone material, and that it’s not obnoxiously large. Add in my favorite scent to diffuse throughout the house, and I’m set!

Lauren’s Sunglasses

2-Pack Sunglasses

2 for the price of 1? That’s my kind of sunglasses purchase, because you better believe I’m going to lose or scratch one in no time! Several color combinations and a classic aviator style, you just can’t go wrong!

Lauren’s Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

There’s nothing that brings me more joy than birds chirping after a long, cold, Michigan winter. Am I right? I wanted to bring the birds a little closer to the house this year so my boys can [and me!] can watch them them! This bird feeder was a nice low price, and easy enough to put food in, so I was sold!

Katy’s Finds

Katy’s Dog Food Dispensing Toy

Bob A Lot Dog Food Dispensing Toy

Our pup, Frisco, has been a part of the family for almost 2 months now and we are having so much fun with him! Huskies require a lot of exercise physically but also mentally. We put a portion of his food in this dispensing toy morning and night so that he works to get it out! You just unscrew the top, put the food in, screw it back on and open the slot on the side! He seems to love it!

Katy’s Orthopedic Dog Bed

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed [Jumbo, Faux Fur & Velvet Deep Sapphire

Well, here’s more things for my dog haha! Frisco obviously needed a place to sleep and this bed caught my eye from the great reviews. It’s super soft, plush, and he sleeps through the night on it! I love that it’s also available in other shapes, sizes, and colors. The possibilities are endless – I think your furry friend would love this bed too!

Katy’s Purple Shampoo

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

I used to think my hair “faded” a month or so after highlights but through the years I’ve realized it just gets brassy pretty quickly! I’ve been loving this purple shampoo because it doesn’t give me that gray or silver look but tones the yellows out! I use it between my normal shampoo and conditioner and leave it on for 3-4 minutes! For under $10, I will take a case of this please.

Katy’s Leggings

Core 10 Leggings [true to size, wearing XS] // Tank [size down if in between, wearing XS, Blue Topaz Heather] // Sneakers [tts, wearing 8]

These leggings are so comfortable you’ll barely know they’re there. They keep everything in but aren’t so tight you feel like you’re going to pop out at any moment. They are also the perfect fabric – thick enough to smooth everything out but thin enough to feel lightweight. I obviously think very highly of them. From workout to sweaters and in between these will check all of the boxes!

Cassidy’s Finds

Cassidy’s Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover 

My husband and I recently adopted a second dog [I can’t believe it either!] and he is a Brittany Lab mix and is the absolute sweetest! Because of that, ALLLL of my purchases are somehow related to our dogs, ha! First, we had to change up our duvet cover… I loved our all white bedding but with two shedding dogs it was just no longer manageable [sigh]. BUT I have been super drawn to patterns lately so I was excited to incorporate it into our bedroom! I found this duvet cover that is super cute while also being super durable for our two pups! I am happy with how easily it incorporates with the rest of our decor!

Cassidy’s Dog Food Container

Dog Food Container 

Next up, I ordered this super cute dog food container! It is on the smaller size [I wouldn’t use it for large quantity storage] but I refill it at least once a week! I keep the bulk of their food in the basement and keep this upstairs in the kitchen for easy access–I leave it sitting out so I wanted something cute!

Cassidy’s Dog Treat Molds

Silicone Molds

I am super excited about these silicone dog treat molds! I started making homemade dog treats and my pups have been loving it! These silicone molds also come with a little recipe book if you are just starting out! You can bake or freeze these molds and I have had success with both!

Cassidy’s Doggie Seat Belts

Doggie Seat Belts 

And finally [say hello to my two pups!], I ordered these doggie seat belts to keep my dogs somewhat safe while traveling! They buckle right into your car seat belts and attach to your dogs harness! They are completely adjustable so you can cater to your dogs needs! My pups don’t really seem to mind them! Added plus, they have great reviews on Amazon!

LIY Ambassador Finds

Lisa’s Sunglasses + Earrings

Retro Oversized Sunglasses // Thick Hoop Earrings

What’s one accessory you can never have enough of? Sunglasses! Lisa here and I’m thrilled to be a LIY Ambassador.  I love rose gold and especially when it comes to looking through lenses! These great oversized sunnies are an Amazon steal.  They come in 7 other classic and trendy colors.  I also love these hoops and wear them often. I love a chunky hoop with minimal any other jewelry. These hoops are solid; but not heavy.  The back clasp helps them fit very comfortably even with my sensitive ears.

Allison’s Straw Hat

Brim Straw Floppy Hat

Spring is almost here, which means sunny, beautiful days are on their way! These sun hats are packable, comfortable and adjustable! I have a very small head, so when I saw these hats were adjustable, I HAD to try them out, and they fit like a glove! They come in multiple colors and fun sayings on the brim! I can’t wait to wear them poolside and beachside! Amazon did not disappoint with the price point as well! Hope you love them too! -Allison

Allison’s Satin Cocktail Dress

Satin Cocktail Dress [true to size, wearing medium]

My daughter and I were in Vegas for the Red Rocks National Qualifier for volleyball this past weekend. They were ranked 71st and finished in 1st, winning it all! We had an amazing time, and enjoyed a “dress up” night together. I wore this silk, cheetah print dress from Amazon. It was the perfect weight for cooler nights, and was very forgiving for indulging in fabulous food and desserts. It comes in a ton of prints, and is a great length for my 6 foot frame!

Aundrea’s Sunglasses + Earrings

Heart Shaped Sunglasses // Hoop Earrings

I really do love all things designer! These YSL “save version” Heart Sunnies have been a must have in my collection! I love the shape, color options, and the price makes them even better! YSL $420, Amazon $12.99

Aundrea’s Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress [size up] // Jean Jacket [tts] // Sneakers [tts] // Similar Earrings

Hey, Aundrea here! Listen, if you’re anything like me, you live for a good maxi dress to bring in the spring/summer weather. This Amazon find comes in so many different colors, its loose fitting, cute rounded splits on both size, and POCKETS!! Who doesn’t love a pocket dress! I am obsessed with the versatility this dress will be my go-to for spring and summer looks. Toss on a jean jacket and off you go! I can’t wait to pair this with my favorite sandal, wedge, or even a mule!

Rema’s WFH Look

Blue Light Glasses // Tie Dye Long Sleeve [true to size] // Joggers [true to size] // Mini Ugg [true to size]

This is the coziest outfit to work from home! Also loving these blue-light glasses that really reduce eyestrain.

Ashley’s Sweater

Sweater [size down one, wearing small]  // Jeans [size down in between // Similar Sandals

Heyyyy! Ashley, here. Thank you for bearing with me while I get the hang of this Ambassador thing 😊 When I came across this sweater while browsing Amazon earlier this month I knew it was a winner! I’m all about transitional items in my closet at the moment and trust me, the light weight knit and super cute Spring stripes work great as I wait for those warmer temps. Cooler days, pair it with ankle booties.  Suns out and you Want to go for wedges or sandals?  Go for it!  She’s versatile 🎉, I’ll be honest. I’m wearing a small here but I meant to order a large for that oversized look. That being said, the small is great and fits tts. As always, High waisted skinny jeans are my staple. Express size 4 is featured.

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    Love the “dog find” portion of this post. Please keep it coming. Thank you.

  2. Angela Torabi says:

    I really love the items you e picked out! Very versatile! My favorites are the bathing suit finds! Love the mono kink and the high waisted bikini.

  3. Tanya Burkhart says:

    White beach coverup please! I was trying to find a link, thanks for putting it here 🙂

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    I LOVE the chair ❤️

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    Would love the high waisted ruched bikini set and also the grey bathroom mirror!

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    Erin’s chair (and, really, all of her home decor) is everything!

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    Love the patio / deck ideas!

  8. mikala florence says:

    you ladies help feed my amazon addiction! i absolutely love the chair and the stone diffuser! 😍 keep em’ coming!

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