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3 In-Between Spring Outfits

March 31, 2021


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and worn by yours truly.

Spring has almost sprung here in the Hoosier state! And if you know anything about “spring” weather in the Midwest [besides immediately breaking out your flops as soon as temps exceed 65], you probably have a pretty good idea of just how fickle it can be. We’re talking snow flurries on Monday to sunny and 75 by Tuesday. While Mother Nature’s mood swings can be exhausting this time of year, getting dressed doesn’t have to be– with a little help from Nordstrom, that is.

Nordstrom has everything you need to get dressed during a transitional season [and year-round!] from lightweight jackets all the way down to the sandals us Midwesterners may or may not be busting out prematurely. 😉 From free shipping and free returns to buy online pickup in-store, shopping online has never been such a breeze. It’s no secret that I’m a frequent Nordstrom shopper, so being a part of the Nordy Club gives me plenty of chances to earn Notes for future shopping trips, free alterations, early access to shopping events, and so much more! No matter what weather rolls in, wherever you are, Nordstrom is your one stop shop each and every season [and all these strange in-betweens]. If you’re wondering what in the world to wear right now, allow me to introduce a few outfits I’ve been sporting around this season…

Spring Staples

Up first? Classic white denim and a pair of fun wedges. Pairs well with day dates, casual Fridays, and slightly overdressed errands [anyone else taking any excuse to dress up these days?]. Wherever your wardrobe is taking you this season, don’t forget to layer. A lightweight cardi is perfect for frosty mornings and is a piece of cake to slip off around lunchtime before your pits start sweating profusely. It’s all about balance, friends! Bonus: no leg shaving required.

Open Front Cardigan [size down if in between] // Cotton Tank [true to size] // White Ankle Skinny Pull-On Pants [size down one] // Platform Wedge Sandal [true to size]

Dress Up, Buttercup

Okay okay, this isn’t necessarily a “dressed up” look, buttercup. All puns aside, you can find me living in casual sundresses the next few months. While I might need to knock the dust off my razor, I’ll gladly welcome any opportunity to not wear pants. I paired this one with my go-to sneakers [I’ve been wearing these for years!] for running around town, but you could dress it up with wedges for a date night! The world is your oyster, folks.

Denim Jacket [true to size] // Slub Knit Dress [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Shoreline Sneakers [true to size]

Wear Wherever

Last, but certainly not least is one of my most-worn-so-far ‘fits. I’m not sure why Gen Z declared skinny jeans “out”, but I’m not mad about it. If loving the girlfriend trend is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Here’s to wiggle room! ps. If you’re looking for sandals that match every. single. outfit. and feel like walking on clouds, these are it.

And there you have it! Three outfits perfect for dipping your toes into spring. Speaking of toes, I’m making a mental note to schedule a pedi. Cheers to sandal-ish weather! Wishful thinking for the win, right?

Boatneck Sweater [true to size] // High Waist Girlfriend Jeans [size down one] // Sandals [true to size]


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