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Our Virtual Patio Makeovers

April 7, 2021


Erin Schrader

The second we see the first robin chirping and daffodil popping through the ground, we’re heading straight outside for cocktails on the back deck and books on the front porch swing. Don’t mind the fact that we might be wearing sweatshirts and Ugg boots because it’s actually still freezing. But man, that sun! It’ll do things to ya after a long cold Indiana winter! Including having us shopping for allllll the outdoor patio items we can find and dreaming up our perfect setup. With 8 ladies on the LIY Team, 8 unique styles, and well, 8 unique outdoor setups, we we thought it would be fun to share our virtual patio ideas with you all and maybe spur some creativity with your own outdoor setup! Pour yourself a nice cold glass of something tropical, and get comfy, because it’s time for a little outdoor makeover.

Erin’s Virtual Patio

Words can’t describe just how excited I am to have our first full summer at the lake house we purchased last year. From our time here last summer, we quickly learned that we spend 99.9% of our time out on the pier. There is nothing better than being so close to the water – feeling the breeze, hearing the waves crash, waving to boats as they pass by, it’s my type of Heaven. Because we now know that we absolutely love spending our time out on the pier [along with our guests – everybody always migrates out that way] we wanted to invest in pieces that would allow us to live out there all summer long. Insert this larger sectional [we purchased the smaller version of this last year and loved it so much, we are now using that closer to the house] and coordinating lounge chairs to lay out on. Being on the water, I love the traditional nautical vibes of navy, red, and stripes so you’ll see a lot of that here! Summer, your presence is officially welcome here..just pass a pina colada, please!

Becca’s Virtual Patio

Over the winter, we bought a home. As the weather warms, we are definitely looking forward to furnishing and enjoying our new patio! We love to host, so a long table like this one is a must! We’ll pack it full of chairs [once socially distancing is no longer required!] and I love that these ones can stack so that we can stow away whatever we don’t need depending on the party size! Looking forward to the sunshine and gathering friends around the table! Cheers!

Steph’s Virtual Patio

History seems to be repeating itself… during last year’s Virtual Patio Makeover I purchased several items and it looks like it’s happening again! Specifically, I’ve got all the heart eyes for this wood burning stone fire pit, planter and lights. Our patio furniture is only a year old so I won’t be replacing it at this time, but if I were going to this daybed looks cozy as can be! And ooooh the pages and pages I could turn while cozied up in this swing hammock. Bring on the warmer weather patio relaxation!

Hannah’s Virtual Patio

Secretly dreaming that our back patio looked like this and not in its current state [haha]!! Much like the rest of my home I tend to stick with the more simple, cut and dry blacks/tans/whites/creams and a little bit of color! Makes me less inclined to change it up! I love these modern planters and the comfy sectional!! Throw up some string lights and we may be spending a whole lot more time in our backyard this Summer!!   

Claire’s Virtual Patio

Living in an apartment, my patio options are somewhat limited. Regardless, I’m a firm believer that you can still make a small space both fun and functional. It was a blast putting together my “dream patio” virtually, and I’m even making my porch dreams a reality [kinda ;)] with a few of the smaller accessories to spice up my space. A brand spankin’ new rug and pillow covers [por tip: covers are SO much cheaper than buying new pillows every year!] go a longgg way. And while plants don’t typically last long on my watch, I can’t stop, won’t stop purchasing the prettiest planters. Here’s to porch-sitting season!

Cassidy’s Virtual Patio

I am sooo pumped because we recently purchased this sectional [a much needed investment!] and now we are on the hunt to decorate our outdoor space! I am the queen of color but I am trying to keep this space pretty neutral and timeless! I am so ready to have a super comfy but functional outdoor space [goodbye winter, I won’t miss ya!] so we are also incorporating some bar stools and creating granite bartop–great for working outside! I am also hoping to have an herb garden in our new space and love these adorable plant markers! #addtocart! I asked all of you what rug to purchase and I am actually stuck between this one and this one [your top two faves!] but I am hoping to finally settle on one soon!

Lauren’s Virtual Patio

Bring on porch season! From reading a book to entertaining guests to having a quick snack with our kids, we spend as much time as we can outdoors! In my mind, nothing beats rocking chairs and a porch swing on a big front porch, and I know the brands of these are made to last and withstand some weather! Add in the calming sounds of a windchime, planters for fresh flowers, and a big American Flag blowing in the wind, and you’ve got my dream front porch!

Katy’s Virtual Patio

I am still living the apartment life but LOVE being outside, so when the day comes that we do have a house you will find me sitting on the patio anytime there’s even a hint of sunshine. With this fire pit I could even enjoy it year around! Snow on the ground? No problem. Crank that fire up.  I love the oasis a pergola creates. Paired with some plants it’s like your own little resort! I am all about “vibes” and am still loving the “strung lights” aesthetic. It has a cozy and romantic feel! I love the inviting and modern feel of this patio set paired with black, white, and light blue throw pillows. I also thought this coordinate pillow added a fun, personal touch. I enjoy having people over, so we can’t forget a drink station and table for snacking on my favorite type of dinner…grilling out! 

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