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Our Empties: Products We Use Again & Again

March 5, 2021


Erin Schrader

Got any empties? We do. You know the ones– those products [anything from your makeup bag to cleaning supplies] that eventually run dry. They say we’re creatures of habit, but I’d like to think the real reason I can’t stop, won’t stop adding these items to my cart is that they’re really just THAT good. Today we thought it would be fun to share a few of those said products that we simply can’t live without. The LIY ladies are sharing our empties: the consumables we use over and over again [from beauty products to cleaning supplies]. You name it, we’re probably stocking up on it.


  • Keeping my hair soft and strong. Say goodbye to breakage with this! -Steph
  • I try to use this body scrub about once a week. It leaves your skin silky smooth– summer is coming! -Claire
  • My absolute FAVORITE perfume! It’s a roll on, smells absolutely delicious and is made of natural ingredients! It’s on the expensive side, but SO worth it! -Cassidy
  • If you’re a bath lover like me you will love this product! I will never be without this bath soak – it’s hydrating and smells great! -Heather
  • I love this stuff! I use it to remove eye makeup, in my hair, as a moisturizer after I shave my legs in the Summer & cook with it [occasionally…a different jar, of course]. -Ashley
  • My dirty little secret is that my perfume [that I’ve been wearing for YEARS] is under $20. Someday when I grow up, I’ll graduate to the fancy stuff. But for now, I can’t find anything I love more than this. -Claire
  • After trying dry shampoo after dry shampoo [and trying to actually wash my hair as few times as possible each week], I’ve found that this is the only dry shampoo that does the trick! A little bit goes a long way! -Lauren 
  • This is my absolute FAVORITE serum to use in my skincare routine! It has helped keep my skin so hydrated in the dry winter months. I use it morning and night and swear by this brand – its fantastic and affordable! -Skye 
  • NOTHING removes my eye makeup like this! -Steph
  • I love this clay stick foundation, I buy it over and over again! It goes on sooo smoothly and I always keep it on hand! -Cassidy
  • This chapstick is so great for my dry lips. I will never be without it and have them scattered everywhere so one is in reach! -Heather
  • This line has transformed my skin. I have large pores and have always been prone to being super oily. Since I began using this, oil no more! I’ve tried thousands of products over the years and have never had results like this. -Ashley
  • I’ve tried a million different mascara brands and keep coming back to this one. I buy two at a time so I never run out! -Claire
  • Things I never thought I’d say – “I love press on nails!” I seriously buy these all.the.time, and this is all I wear now on my nails! No more trips to the nail salon, and for me these last about a week [just make sure to press them on really well, holding for 15-30 seconds each, and keep the extras JUST in case one pops off early!]. -Lauren
  • This bronzer is under $6 and is one of the best out there in my opinion! It goes on beautifully and smells like a tropical vacation. This will also last you a really long time! -Katy
  • This spot treatment is a life saver for pesky zits. I just dab it on wherever I feel a breakout coming on with a cotton swab and it usually clears the blemish up overnight! -Claire
  • I have incredibly dry skin, especially in the winter! This moisturizer is so rich and creamy and I love knowing that it doesn’t contain a bunch of chemical additives! -Becca
  • The name of this blush speaks for itself. Almost as good as the real thing. 😉 But really, I dropped mine on the floor a few weeks ago and cried. -Claire
  • My at-home manicure best friend. Dries SO fast and keeps my polish looking shiny until I remove it! -Steph
  • I just recently purchased this, but I will buy and buy again! It has helped me with clearing up acne scars and prevented unwanted acne flare ups! -Cassidy
  • Wow. That’s all I can say. Once again, with all the hair I have in my head, I have tried everything under the sun to retain moisture with my curls. I recently discovered this conditioner and my hair is stronger, shinier, and oh-so-hydrated. -Ashley
  • My eyebrows are microbladed, so they don’t require a ton of upkeep during my makeup routine. If you’re low maintenance when it comes to your brows, a clear brow gel [free shipping with code FREESHIP] is an easy way to give them a little shape and stay in place all day! -Claire

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  • DW Home is my favorite brand of candles because the scents they offer are absolutely amazing! My favorites are Warm Tobacco Pipe and Christmas Morning, but I haven’t met one I didn’t love! -Becca
  • Happy Blend Oil: something about this scent just brightens my day! Working from home and having 2 littles [aka no candles, they can’t be trusted!], I always have this in my diffuser! -Heather
  • Love Home & Planet Lavender Laundry Soap:Wow – the smell on this laundry soap is uh-mazing! It’s ultra-concentrated so a little bit is all you need for each load, and your clothes and home are going to be smelling like they were washed in a field of lavender! -Lauren
  • This multipurpose spray makes cleaning fun! Instead of that chemical smell most cleaning products have, it smells like burning a great candle while I get my countertops to shine! -Becca
  • It’s only natural to have a favorite item that has to do with food/drinks, right?! I’ve been making myself homemade lattes daily [thanks to my latte maker] and a yummy almond-milk creamer is a must! I go through these babies quick! -Katy
  • Hey, it’s 2021. I keep this hand sanitizer in my purse, work tote, desk, and car. It doesn’t smell like harsh chemicals [or tequila, has anyone else noticed that?!] and made with clean ingredients. -Claire

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