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Keeping Things Fresh After a Year of SAH Life

March 8, 2021


Erin Schrader

It’s been a YEAR since we have shifted into stay at home life, and in these pandemic times we have to get creative to keep things from getting stagnant. A few weeks? Yep, no problem! A year! Eek! Maybe not what we were prepared for, but here we are, making it work!

We asked all of you, the Living In Yellow community, to share what you’ve been doing to keep things exciting as we’re hitting the one year mark. Date nights at home, keeping the kids entertained, new ways to exercise, we wanted to know it all – and you delivered!  Hopefully you can look through these ideas and find some exciting new ideas to implement into your own lives!


  • I found an app called Obe fitness and it is so fun! My favorite part is the workout parties— they have a platform where you can see the class (live or on demand) AND your friends on video. It helps me stay accountable to meet with friends for a class. Brenna G. – Boston, MA
  • It’s amazing what getting a new piece of workout equipment has done for my sanity level at home! My husband and I started using the Echelon Bike and app for classes and nearly every day we look forward to spinning it out for 30 minutes to break up our day [or evening] routine! Not only are we feeling better about ourselves [those first several months of quarantine the pounds came FAST] but our days seem to be more productive and not feel like they are dragging on like they once did! Erin S. – Goshen, IN
  • Using my proform treadmill and rower with iFit has been awesome during the pandemic. Their workouts bring you all over the world, which is pretty neat since travel is pretty hard right now. My kids even do some of the workouts to learn more about different places. Brandy K. – Mayville, ND
  • Since I sit most of the time in front of the computer, I try to make sure that I’m taking breaks and walking around during the day. I also make sure that I’m getting my exercise in in most days. I walk 3-4 miles a day. This has actually been easier for me since working from home. I get off work and am ready to go instead of having to drive home and get ready for a workout. Also I have found I’m less tired so that helps as well. Agatha K. – Anderson, SC
  • I go for walks throughout the day and it really helps keep my mind fresh and gives me a change of scenery! Having a routine at home is really helpful. Katy D – Goshen, IN
  • Free workouts from Nourish Move Love! Seriously, so good and easy through YouTube! Jessica M. – Minneapolis, MN
  • Joining at at-home workout program has been SO fun for me! I recently subscribed to The Sculpt Society and I am loving it so far! Affordable, fun, upbeat, attainable, no equipment necessary workouts! Cassidy M. – South Bend, IN
  • Lots and lots and lots of walking outside. I’ve been stocking up on the cutest workout gear (thank you LIY!!) and getting out there. For the 1800 minute challenge… I must already be on 18,000 minutes. My pilates studio has been open and yesterday was my 100th class. Also Peloton. The instructors are so yummy. I never ever knew I loved being so active and fit. Thank you, COVID for reminding me that health, wellness, and happiness are the key to staving off illness… and living a long, long time. 🙂 Amber M. – League City, TX
  • I bought a spin bike and my friend/local studio instructor started zoom-based live classes! With cameras on, the chat feature, and song requests it has become the best alternative. She has turned it into an amazing business- check her out! Britt Deitz Fitness Courtney H. – Clifton Park, NY
  • Jazzercise on Demand!! It has kept me healthy and lowered my stress level. It has saved my sanity! Andrea C. – Petoskey, MI
  • Leaving the house to go to the gym used to be my sanity saver. I work full time and I have two young kids, so it was my escape. When Covid hit, that was not an option anymore, so I made fitness at home my escape, but in a much different way. I started workout out outside, and my kids did it with me. I purchased a Peloton bike in late May, and my kids watched me ride. And they wanted to ride. I now have the luxury of working out on my own time in my own house, and I save hours of my day because all I have to do is walk downstairs. And the best part is my children see me making fitness and also myself a priority. Jaime M. – Marion, MA


  • We bought a cabin in Wisconsin’s North woods. It just happened to time out perfectly, as a covid getaway destination. Early on during the pandemic, it was a much needed escape, and led to some really wonderful memories in such a terrible time in history ❤️ Jaime R. – Oshkosh, WI
  • There has never been a better time to organize and purge all.the.things. I’ve been going full-on cleanout mode room by room, closet by closet, and am getting rid of things that I have quickly realized I don’t “need” as well as organizing what’s left! Once it gets a bi warmer, we’ll be working on outdoor home projects that we’ve been putting off as well – curbside pickup makes it so easy to even get tools and supplies we need! – Lauren F. – Cassopolis, MI


  • Theme nights have been so fun for our family! One night we made fried rice, folded origami and watched Mulan. Another night we had a stay at home fiesta complete with dancing in the kitchen, colorful lights strung around the table and watching Ferdinand. – Steph D. – Goshen, Indiana
  • We try to organize outdoor masked activities with a small group of friends and their children. We did an outdoor movie and Just Dance party using a projector. We did a scavenger hunt using Easter eggs and another with candy canes. We are trying to let our kids be kids while staying safe. Erin M. – Andover, MA
  • When the weather allows, we’ve been doing lots and lots of scavenger hunts outside! Looking for everything from feathers and sticks to different colors! It’s been fun to do in all seasons! Lauren F. – Cassopolis, MI


  • I’ve been enjoying trying new recipes and baking more. I also got a library card and have been doing lots of reading. Tracy W. – Fenton, MO
  • We’ve enjoyed a lot of fun date nights ordering food from various local restaurants and dining in my husband’s Jeep. We’ve done everything from sushi to late night taco runs. Abby T. – Chicago, IL
  • We were locked down in mid-March and to help get through those dreary weeks of late winter/early spring, we started a weekly tradition of meals around the world. We would choose a country, research and plan the menu, shop for ingredients (often a challenge when store shelves were bare) and prepare the meal together as a family. So every Friday we would dress up for dinner (gave us a reason to get out of our jammies) and pretend we were on an international vacation. These dinners which were initially designed to provide a much needed distraction became the highlight of the week and the created memories we will always cherish! Marie B. – PA
  • Since we’ve been eating at home a lot more often lately, it’s been fun to shake things up at dinner time by trying new recipes. Sometimes they’re a huge fail, but either way, it’s fun to cook together! These two cookbooks have been delish: Cookbook 1 [Gluten free, but a lot of ingredients can be substituted if that’s not your jam!] // Cookbook 2   Claire C.- Rome City, IN
  • At home cheese & chocolate fondue party – Shayna A. – WA

Mental Health

  • Zoom Bible studies offered by my church have been SO good for my soul.  Steph D. – Goshen, IN
  • Read at least one chapter of a self help book each day. Emotional Intelligence is a great one. And if possible a 1/2 hour walk outside. WI weather doesn’t always cooperate! Margo B. – Appleton, WI
  • Wore jeans everyday ! That way I knew if they were getting right.  Annie K. – New Rochelle

Stay At Home Date Night

  • We LOVE themed dinners at home. Taco Tuesday is one of our faves– we go all-out with chips & queso and margaritas. Date Night at home is a good excuse to go a little over the top. 🙂 Claire C. – Rome City, IN
  • Subscription to shaker & spoon makes for a fun cocktail night at home! Kristina L. – Osceola, IN
  • My hubby and I have made a point to add more two player games to our collection. Game Night may no longer include a big group of friends, but we are still having fun! Our favorites are Azul, Monopoly Deal, The Game, Ticket to Ride and Wingspan.  Becca G. – South Bend, IN
  • Recently my husband and I each took some time to write SAH date ideas on small pieces of paper and dropped them into a mason jar. A few times a week we pull out a piece of paper and follow the date night directions. So far we’ve had game nights, watched nostalgic movies and tackled home projects we kept meaning to get to. Steph D. – Goshen, IN


Work From Home

  • I’ve been WFH for over a year and it took me a bit to find my groove. I found that working out in the am and getting ready for the day works best for me. Yes, that means hard pants (most days)! I find myself to feel more confident on video meetings and be more productive! Heather B. – Osceola, IN 
  • I learned that I had to set boundaries of work time and home time, otherwise it’s so easy to get caught up in work since you can work anytime! I’d find myself working evenings just for a few minutes here and there, and then really never fully having “home” time. Set your times: 7-4, 8-5, 9-6, whatever works, and stick to it as best you can! Lauren F. – Cassopolis, MI
  • If you are now working from home, my best advice is to invest in your at-home workspace! This has been huge for me! I realized I really needed a space that was beautiful to be in, but also created a boundary between “home” and “work.” I have also found that utilizing an “official” workspace makes me even more productive! WIN-WIN! Cassidy M. – South Bend, IN
  • This desk has been so wonderful in switching up my WFH life! Anywhere I feel comfortable, I work! Steph D. – Goshen, IN



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