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What We’re Loving From Amazon // January 2021

January 6, 2021


Erin Schrader

New year, new me, same ol’ stores we’re shopping. What can we say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We’re kicking off 2021 with you guessed it, another round of what we the LIY Team is loving on Amazon! A little bit fashion, a little bit of organization, and a whole lot of random. That’s what Amazon is best for, right?


Erin’s Phone Case

Phone Case with Built-In Wallet

One of my favorite Christmas gifts I received this year! Shawn got me this phone case with a built-in wallet and I couldn’t love it more! It is a hard-shell protective case but has this handy sliding pocket that holds up to 3 cards which is perfect for my ID and credit cards while on the go! I love that I can run errands with just my phone and know that I have everything I need! In case you have a different phone type or prefer a different color,  so many different styles can be found here from this same brand here!

Erin’s Water Bottle

Skinny Tumblers with Straw

Another Christmas gift that I’m using every single day. I’m the queen of having a drink with me at all times, but unfortunately, I’ve also been the queen of having a drink with me at all times with no lid which has led to a lot of spills at inopportune times 😉 My husband put an end to that with these handy [and oh so cute] skinny tumblers with a straw [also a necessary in my book]. I love that these fit into my car cup holders, my Echelon bike drink holder, and anywhere else I want to have my water! Stay hydrated all year long with these babies!

Erin’s Sweater

Goodthreads Sweater in Caramel Heather [true to size, wearing in small] // Jeans [true to size] // Booties [on sale! Size up .5]

You can’t beat a good ole fashioned caramel sweater when it comes to stocking your closet with timeless pieces and this sweater is no exception. I love a good mock neck turtleneck and I also like the lightweight fabric which makes this a great option to carry into spring or fall! Nice and soft, it’s one of those sweaters you’ll keep reaching for over and over again.

Erin’s Lip Plumping Gloss

Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss in Sugar

Dead lips no more. If you know me, you know that I s-u-c-k at putting anything on my lips during the day which results in well, lips that blend into my face. I’m putting an end to that with this Buxom lip gloss [obsessed with this color sugar]! I was gifted this at a Favorite Things Party and now I absolutely understand why it was her favorite thing. The slight tingle you feel when applying that adds just a little bit of volume to your lips feels so good and I love how moisturizing this gloss is. You can’t go wrong with this gloss!


Steph’s Cabinet


With one kiddo headed off to college and our basement project finally (mostly) complete after 5 years at our house, it was time to shift bedrooms around! The only issue is that the basement bathroom, while a full bath, was lacking in counter space. In fact, there is literally none. I don’t know how many 18 year old girls you’ve seen get ready for the day, but it’s a bit of an explosion of stuff. Enter this cabinet! It’s our new counter/linen closet/hold all the scrunchies spot. It was really easy to put together, with just a screw driver (provide your own Phillips head) and light weight enough to easily carry into the basement but sturdy and I have no concerns of the quality not lasting. Great job Amazon!


Hannah’s Insulated Shopping Bags

Insulated Shopping Bags [shown in XL]

Meet your new best friend for groceries, traveling, beach days, weekend trips and anything you may want to keep cold, aka these bags I’ve been looking for bags like this to keep things cold from the grocery store, quick trips, Park outings and all those times you need to pack snags and drinks for kids and these are it friends!! While the insulation isn’t insane, it was good enough to keep drinks, fruit and cheese sticks cold for several hours in the hot sun! These would also be great for food drop off for new moms! They fold up nicely [don’t take up a ton of space] and the perfect size!


Claire’s Sweatshirt

Fleece Pullover [TTS, size down if in between wearing medium]

I’m a firm believer that wearing something bright on the outside will make you feel all sorts of happy on the inside. This pullover is bringing me so much joy these days [it’s the little things, folks] and getting me through the grey Indiana winters. Soft, snuggly, AND zipper pockets!! TTS, size down if in between wearing medium.

Claire’s Joggers

Studio Joggers [size up if in between, wearing medium Dark Chrome] //    Drawstring Joggers [TTS, wearing medium Mountain Green] // Seamless Workout Tank with Built-In Bra [TTS, wearing medium Dark Grey] 

Meet my new favorite joggers! If you’re a fan of the Athleta Trekkie or Lululemon Dance Studio joggers, these will be right up your alley– without the hefty price tag. Am I actually jogging in them? Nope. But that’s neither here nor there. TTS, size up if in between!


Cassidy’s Joggers  

 Faux Leather Pull On Jogger 

Give me cuteness but give me comfort! I am allllllll about the stretchy pants these days, so I had to snag these faux leather joggers! Love how these pants can be dressed up or dressed down. I am 5’4 and they were a touch too long on me, but with a cute cuff, they fit perfectly!

Cassidy’s Lint Brush

Fabric Shaver Lint Brush 

Because we are spending more and more time at home, I noticed that our furniture was starting to pill. I searched all over the internet and found this lint brush/fabric shaver that had so many reviews–over 6,000–so I had to try it! Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed and it gave my couch cushions a nice little makeover!

Cassidy’s Organizers

Plastic Drawer Organizers 

Being neat and tidy does not come natural to me, so I have to literally force myself to be organized! Say hello to the MVPs of my household… These plastic drawer organizers are everywhere in my house because without them, I would just throw everything in and call it good! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these organizers and the variety of sizes!


Lauren’s Puzzles

Gray Malin Hawaii Beach 2-Sided 500 Piece Puzzle // Galison Celebrate Everything Puzzle

Last March you couldn’t find a puzzle anywhere on the internet, which quickly made me realize how few games and activities I had at home! I found these two puzzles and quickly fell in love with them [I love anything Gray Malin!]. Add in a glass of wine [or two] and my evening plans are set!

Lauren’s Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears

With a toddler and a baby at home, we’re using our kitchen shears every.single.day. Meaning they’re constantly dirty. I don’t know why I didn’t think about getting a second pair until now, but this pair had great reviews, and has now joined the rotation of cutting fruits, veggies, pizza, and everything in between!

Lauren’s Foot Peel

Baby Foot Exfoliant Peel

“Summer bodies are made in the winter.” Well, apparently summer feet are also made in the winter if you’re using one of these foot peels! These have been CRAZY popular over the past few years, so I’m finally testing them out! And if you haven’t heard about them, be prepared for your feet to P-E-E-L [aka don’t let anyone see your feet for two weeks!]. Here’s the approach I’m taking after researching what people say works best:

  1.  Soak feet for 10 minutes. Dry them thoroughly.
  2. Put on Baby Food plastic booties.
  3. Put a pair of socks over them.
  4. Leave on for 2 – 3 hours [make yourself comfy on the couch, girlfriend!].
  5. Rinse and wait 5-7 days!

Lauren’s Car Center Console Organizers

Center Console Divider // Center Console Tray 

My husband likes to joke that I could live out of my car with everything I keep in my center console, and well, he’s probably right. I like to be prepared for anything! The issue is, my car doesn’t have any sort of organization in there, so it has just become a bottomless pit for all the things! I added in a divider for the bottom section as well as a top tray, and I’m loving how I can quickly find what I need now, and know what I already have one [or three] of! The items fit perfectly for my car, but you can find the perfect size for yours as well! More organizers here by adding in your vehicle make and model in the search!


Katy’s Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat [true to size, wearing XS] // Sweater [size down if in between, wearing XS] //  Jeans [true to size, wearing 2] // Booties [true to size, wearing 8]

From the moment I slipped on this mock neck puffer coat I fell in love. It will keep you warm and toasty this winter,  and personally I think it’s a super cute addition to any outfit!

Katy’s Sweets


If you have a sweet tooth like me, kicking sugar can be tough (especially after the Holidays). These SmartSweets Watermelon Bites have 3g of sugar and 100 calories for the bag. They are plant based with 13g or prebiotic fiber! So far, I’ve really been enjoying these and it helps to have on hand when I’m craving a late night sugary snack.

Katy’s Collapsible Cooler

Collapsible Cooler

This is a nice medium sized cooler to take on the go! It’s collapsible so when you’ve finished all your snacks and beverages you can fold it up to save space when you pack it back up! Here’s to hoping we can take this cooler to more places in 2021.

Katy’s Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock

I’m not sure about y’all, but anytime I hear someone’s phone ring with my alarm clock tone it instantly sends me stress signals haha. I thought waking up gradually to some nice sounds of birds chirping and an (artificial) sunrise would be a much more relaxing way to say good morning. This alarm clock also has an option for white noise and alexa voice control!

Katy’s Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

This wireless charger makes getting your phone to 100% super simple. Plug it in, place your phone down on the wireless charger & walk away. The green light will come on to show it’s charging, but will turn off after about 30 seconds so you don’t have to worry about it disturbing you if you have it on your nightstand! You can also charge your wireless headphones on this as well! With the price tag under $13 I definitely recommend this if you’re on the hunt for a wireless charger.


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