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How I’m Moving My Body in 2021

January 8, 2021


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. I am so grateful to work with brands that I absolutely love and wear frequently!

New year, new opportunity to work on the things that maybe didn’t go as planned in 2020. For whatever reason, during quarantine, my body didn’t think it was necessary to take advantage of the extra time at home to do something good for it. Instead of working up a sweat, I was working up a chip dip in the kitchen. While that period of life was delicious and all, it left me feeling less than desirable. Low energy, pants that could no longer slip on no matter how many times I threw myself on the bed trying to wiggle them up my thighs [don’t act like you don’t know about that move I’m talking about] and a lot of time that was wasted on scrolling my phone rather than scrolling my feet on the treadmill belt. Come November I knew enough was enough and I needed to start doing something positive for my mind, body, and spirit. Insert exercise.

I can’t say enough about what moving my body does for all areas of my life. My energy, my pants and my time feels so much more productive and fulfilling. I fell in love with the act of moving my body so much that I thought it was time for another #LIY1800MinuteChallenge — a simple commitment to move your body 1800 minutes in the first quarter of the year. Well, we’re into the first week of the year and my legs haven’t stopped pedaling yet [small wins friends, small wins].

So what have I been doing [and wearing] for these workouts?! It should come as absolutely zero surprise that one of the first brands I shop for activewear is my tried and true go-to, Zella at Nordstrom. It’s no secret – I’ve been a longtime lover of Zella from Nordstrom for both working out and loungewear. From the stretchy high-waist leggings to the joggers and cozy tops that are perfect for that couch-time phone scrolling zone, Zella can do no wrong! And it’s a Nordstrom-made brand, which means you’re getting all the Nordstrom TLC you’ve come to know and love! The convenient shipping options, like buy online pick up in stores, free shipping and returns, and even curbside pickup make shopping a breeze. Plus, I’m always earning rewards as a member of the Nordy club! My favorite reward? Nordy Notes to use for future shopping trips!

Go with the Flow Tank Top • Zella [true to size, wearing in small] // Studio Lite Longline Sports Bra • Zella  [true to size] // High Waist Studio Lite Ankle Leggings • Zella  [true to size, wearing in small] // Cloudflow Running Shoe • On  [true to size] // Set of 2 Weighted Bangles • Bala

So now that we got the most important aspect of working out out of the way [the clothes, clearly] let’s talk about how I’m actually working out. My new-found [sweating, out of breath] hobby: biking. Who knew just twenty minutes of spinning your legs in circles could produce such a heart-pounding workout? I love tuning in to a class and letting my body do the rest. I never thought I would say I look forward to getting a sweat session in, but I find myself waking up and wondering first thing “when will I move my body today?” I’m already feeling so much stronger in my legs and my core and I have to do a few less wiggle on the bed sessions to get my pants on so that’s a benefit as well.

When doing high impact [which translates to high amounts of sweat] workouts, I want to be in the most breathable workout wear I can find. Insert these Zella leggings and tank. Any legging that is designed to prevent rubbing and irritation [while also looking oh so cute with a fun camo print] I’m all for. Thanks to the mesh detail on the tank, the air can flow through to keep me as cool as possible.

After a 20 or 30 minute ride, I love to set a timer for 10 minutes to a combination of weight lifting and stretching. I just bought these weighted bangles and I love the extra burn they add to simple movements. Whether you wear them while you’re walking outside or on the treadmill, want to elevate the results of your stretches, or put them on for an extra burn during your hike, it’s amazing what adding 1-lb of weight to each of your wrists can do.

Set of 2 Weighted Bangles • Bala // Cloudflow Running Shoe • On  [true to size]

After stretching out, I throw on a layer [this Peaceful Fleece Open Front Cardigan may be the softest thing I’ve ever bought for post-workout wear] and hydrate before washing the sweat away.

If you’re contemplating making the decision to start moving your body, I can’t encourage you more to act on those thoughts! Join us for the #LIY1800MinuteChallenge and let’s get to movin’ together!

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