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The LIY Team’s FAVORITE Purchases of 2020

January 4, 2021


Erin Schrader

2020 was a year full of unexpected twists and turns, but it was also a year full of unexpected new favorite items! From fashion, to beauty to home decor, and all the random things in between, the team is sharing our favorite purchases of 2020. We’ve got a few favorites that made our wallets a bit lighter, and we’ve got favorites as low as $5! Take a peek at what we’re deeming our absolute favorite purchases from 2020, and you might just be finding a few of your new favorites as well!

PS. We asked all of YOU what your favorite purchases of 2020 were! Here were your favorites:

Favorite Fashion Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: After one wear I knew I’d be rockin’ these almost every day. Four pairs later [those color combos though ????], I was right 😉
  • Becca: The absolute best jacket to wear with leggings [and really everything else!]
  • Steph: There’s a new girl (for my girls) in town.
  • Hannah: The only way studs will be comfortable, on these
  • Claire: The most flattering jeans I’ve ever put on my body. Worth every. single. Penny.
  • Cassidy: Wearing these all fall and winter long! [ps. They are waterproof!]
  • Lauren: Can’t. Stop. Wearing. These. [literally several times a week] – similar styles from this brand here 
  • Katy: I’m skipping the $168 jeans for this save version & don’t want to take them off. 

Favorite Home Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: My nighttime and morning routine is lightyears better thanks to this little guy.
  • Becca: It doesn’t get any better than a better night of rest!
  • Steph: The homiest and cutest editions to our living room.
  • Hannah: Cleaning doesn’t suck so much anymore with this BFF
  • Claire: Why did I wait so long to finally purchase one of these? Pairs well with this! 
  • Cassidy: The only thing that can truly keep my house clean!
  • Lauren: It’s amazing what a little organization will do 
  • Katy: This rug spruced up my space & the price is right! 

Best Big Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: It may have taken me a minute [or a year] to get on this, but now that I have I look forward to workin’ up a sweat on it daily.
  • Becca: Something I thought I would never buy, but now I love and use all the time!
  • Steph: All about dat base – 3 ways to use it, all of them dishwasher safe!
  • Hannah: I carry this EVERYDAY
  • Claire: The throw blanket of my dreams. Snuggle up, scotty!
  • Cassidy: The most peaceful way to wake up is with this!
  • Lauren: The best part of waking up ????
  • Katy: These boots haven’t steered me wrong & upgrade any outfit!

Best Purchase Under $25 of the Year

  • Erin: I truly feel like every girl should own this [and use it] daily.
  • Becca: Adding this to cart: $10. The joy of having all your items perfectly organized: priceless.
  • Steph: Headaches be gone!
  • Hannah: DIY manicures at home with this must have
  • Claire: What WFH dreams are made of! You know you’re officially old when you get this excited about socks.
  • Cassidy: This $8 kitchen gadget may be my favorite purchase of all. 
  • Lauren: Bringing the manicures back in house  – seriously, I’m OBSESSED! 
  • Katy: These no show socks are my go-to’s for sneakers and boots! 

Best Random Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: I didn’t understand the hype before I purchased this and now I do. Every single night we look forward to feeling the hurt [in the best way possible].
  • Becca: this goes just about everywhere with me
  • Steph: Providing the answers to my deepest questions.
  • Hannah: Let’s get mashin’ potatoes or meat that is
  • Claire: A must-have in the summer for days at the lake or pool! 
  • Cassidy: Pampas grass is all the rage, so I had to get my hands on it!
  • Lauren: See ya never masseuse [okay, fine, I’ll be back], but seriously, this thing is AMAZING! 
  • Katy: My office is light & bright with this under $60 lamp

Best Beauty Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: This skin care system is changing my face for the better — with better ingredients at that! The facial cleanser is my absolute favorite – just wait until you smell it [and feel it] on your face!
  • Becca: wave goodbye to dry flaky hands with this self care item
  • Steph: The ONLY reason I’ve stuck to washing my face every night!
  • Hannah: Sun kissed year round with this beauty fave
  • Claire: A scrub to keep your skin silky smooth. 
  • Cassidy: I use this everyday and it has completely changed my skin care routine!
  • Lauren: Giving life to my hair day after day [after day] 
  • Katy: The best unexpected $5 mascara


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