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What’s in My Makeup Bag? // Team LIY Beauty Favorites

July 20, 2020


Erin Schrader

“What are your favorite makeup products?” It’s a question we receive a lot here at LIY. And if you’re anything like me [Claire here, hi!], you’re constantly wondering what everyone else is using, in search of the latest and greatest beauty products. Sure, we all have a few tried and true favorites, but when I notice my gal pals lashes looking extra long and luscious, I must know which mascara she has on. Then proceed to immediately purchase said magical mascara. Anyone else? Makeup products are a hot topic around the office here at the LIY Headquarters, so we thought it would be fun to take a peek into each other’s makeup bags. Like everything else, we each have different preferences– and skin types– when it comes to our taste in makeup. Today we’re breaking it down by team member [you can meet the ladies behind LIY here] and sharing each of our go-to products and little bit about why we love ’em.


If I have it in my makeup bag, it most likely means it’s a product I’ve used for years and years. It’s very rare that I switch up my makeup routine but it also means I’ve found products I truly believe in that I feel no desire to move away from, starting with my foundation [I truly believe that Mary Kay products are the best] that I’ve been using for 15+ years to my beloved eye color palette I’ve been using for the better half of the past five years. A few recent-ish finds that I’ve been using and loving are this concealer to hide all of the dark spots and lighten up my eyes and this bronzer that tastes even better than it looks. My favorite makeup item to apply [and one that I barely ever go without?!] Mascara. I switch up my mascara of choice but I do find myself going back to this one most often!


I am usually one who likes to mix it up and try new things when it comes to my makeup, but the past couple of years I have been keeping it super simple for my sanity as I have stepped into motherhood and honestly don’t have the time to give it any thought! I have very dry skin, so it’s super important to start by keeping my face hydrated, and my go to primer is Too Faced Hangover Primer. It is nice and moisturizing and helps my makeup to actually soak in rather than flaking off throughout the day. I also have suuuuper watery eyes [hello, allergies!] so I always opt for waterproof mascara — Monsieur Big by Lancome is my favorite! For keeping things quick in the mornings, I swipe on some benefit Gimme Brow rather than actually taking the time to fill them in [which right now is only reserved for extra super special occasions]. If I want to take my look up a notch, I will add a quick little cat eye with eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner pen. It makes applying liquid liner a snap! And my process ends with a spritz of elf Mist and Set which works well on keeping makeup in place on my dry skin and bonus points, it is super affordable!


I keep it REAL simple in my makeup bag [lol]! I stick to my favorites and hardly ever change it up, and if I do it’s probably my mascara because I have yet to find one I love!! My skin is mostly oily but falls more under combination so I stick to light face makeup and tend to use a little more on my eyes [eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara and eyebrows]!! I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my bronzer [I wear this in Medium] and blush [in Orgasm]!! I have used this combo for years and it’s SO gentle on my skin and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something new! Also, the bronzer smells amazing!! And that’s about it friends! I keep my favorite face lotion and other personal favorites in there as well but like I said REAL simple ; ) p.s. If you find an eyeliner you love, buy it in bulk!!! I had a favorite that was discontinued so I stocked up on my new [in clubbing stilettos] favorite!


I am big into traveling so I need a makeup bag that can be on the go with me! I loved this Holographic Makeup Bag because 1. It gives me all the unicorn vibes and 2. It’s semi-clear so I can see what I’m reaching for! It seems like my skin changes all the time, but for the most part it’s combination! I used to have a lot of acne issues and more oily skin, but have been trying to work on it the past few years! This Olay cleansing device has been a big help for my pores.  For foundation I like something that gives me coverage, but still looks natural. I’ve been using this one [in Natural Beige] for the past month, but Wet n Wild foundation is also one of my favorites! My Butter Bronzer [in Sunkissed] takes me on a tropical vacation every time I put it on. Plus, the color isn’t muddy! To make my dark circles disappear I’ve been using Revlon Cadid [in Banana]. I love the shade and it blends easily! If I had to choose ONE makeup item only it would be mascara. I have lighter eyelashes so just throwing some Lash Blast can make me feel ready to roll! I love the brush on this mascara because it applies the product evenly and helps my lashes not clump together! Okay, okay the last thing I feel like you NEED to know about is the L.A. Girl Lip Plumper. If you don’t like the plumping tingle this isn’t for you, but if you’ve been on the hunt for a lip plumping gloss that didn’t break the bank (under $5, yes please) here’s your new best friend!


I really dislike taking a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready each morning and have flaky dry skin, so the simpler makeup routine, the better for me! Shortly before quarantine I picked up this facial oil and have been able to get into a routine of applying it after washing my face in the evening. That, combined with essentially giving up full-face makeup has helped tremendously with my dry skin! I’m even more thankful that I’ve given up foundation since my makeup looks the same after I take off my mask from shopping as it did when I started! When I do wear facial makeup, I like to use this CC Cream [in Fair Light]. My favorite item in my makeup bag is definitely this Plumping Lip Cream. I currently have it in Dolly, but am excited to order some new colors because WOW is it amazing!


Within the last few years, I’ve unintentionally been deemed the “beauty girl” on the LIY Team. I’m far from a professional, but I do love trying new products and spending hours playing at Ulta.  I rarely buy the same thing twice, but I do have several all-time favorites to share! I tend to have fairly oily skin, so for a base coat, I can’t live without the POREfessional primer. If you prefer a full-coverage foundation without looking too cakey, I would highly recommend Lancome [currently mixing with a darker shade of Covergirl because hi, summer!]– slightly on the “spend” side, but a little goes a long way and it’ll last you quite awhile. Tarte Shape Tape is a team fav when it comes to under-eye concealer, because these bags can’t lie. And when it comes to brows, I turn to the Brow Wiz and clear gel for a natural look. Finish it off with setting spray [De-Slick for extra oil control] and badda-bing, badda-boom, you’re all set!

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