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Found: The Best No-Show Socks

May 7, 2020


Erin Schrader

shoes [true to size]

The Best No Show Socks [For Every Size]

While we have experienced a plethora of no shoes days over the past couple of months, it’s starting to look like we may be slipping into shoes more and more as life gets [a little bit] back to normal. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself turning to either slip-ons [these get my vote!] or sneakers [hi, obsessed] to get the job done. As you know though, with slip-ons and sneaks, we all have a need for no-show socks. And not those annoying no-show socks that can’t seem to stay on your foot, we’re talking about good ones. And here comes the age old question”well, how do we know which ones are good?!” Insert LIY. We took it upon ourselves to go on a journey to find the best no-show socks we could get our feet into. To take it even further, we had 3 different testers of different foot sizes [ranging from size 5, to size 8, to size 11!] to find the best no-show sock for every size! Curious which socks had our feet doing happy dances? Keep reading to find out!

The Pairs We Tested:

The Process:

All three foot models [suddenly this post feels like we’re opening the door for those with feet fetishes to go crazy] wore each pair of no-show socks from the above list for a day in both sneakers/slip-on tennis shoes and also tried with flats. As we wore them throughout the day, we asked ourselves the same four questions:

  1. Does the sock show in your shoes?
  2. Does the sock slip during the day?
  3. Is the sock comfortable?
  4. Would You Buy?

We then compiled all of our answers and additional notes to determine the best of the best for each of our respective foot sizes. We were curious to see if petite feet needed different no-show socks than those with larger feet or if the greatness of the sock would defy all sizes. As a note – we did notice that certain brands offered different sizes of the socks while other brands had a one size fits all. When possible we would order the size specific to each tester!

The Results:

Erin’s Favorites

*Erin is typically a size 8 in shoes.

  • Erin’s Pick for Athletic Shoes: Stance Sensible No Show Socks
    “I couldn’t get over how much I loved these socks. They are incredibly comfortable and they stayed on SO well during the day. While you do have to be careful on which shoes you can wear with them, they are an awesome sock I’d highly recommend! “
  • Erin’s Pick for All Other Shoes [flats, slip-ons]: Peds Ultra Low Sport Line
    “I can see why Peds have such a great reputation! These checked all of the boxes! They didn’t slip, didn’t show in my flats and were comfortable for all day wear! I would highly recommend these for when you’re wearing flats or slip-ons!”

Becca’s Favorites:

*Becca is typically a size 5 in shoes.

  • Becca’s Pick for Athletic Shoes: Stance Sensible No Show Socks
    “I really love these for tennis shoes, but they even show with my slip on sneakers. If you want some for tennis shoes, I would go for Stance! They are a definite favorite despite showing in other shoes.”
  • Becca’s Pick for Slip on Sneaker: Smartwool Secret Sleuth
    “This sock is cut really low so it should work well with lots of shoes. The grip in the back is large and works really well. These are definitely one of my favorites!”
  • Becca’s Pick for Flats: Peds Ultra Low Sport Line
    “I think these are great and could work well regardless of what shoe you want to put them in!”

Nicki’s Favorites:

*Nicki is typically a size 11 or 12 in shoes.

  • Nicki’s Pick Overall: Steve Madden S-Micro
    “These would work well for workwear [flats, closed toe heel, etc] and are my favorites overall! They’re comfortable and didn’t slip. I didn’t feel like I even had any on!  They’d be great to wear for work with flats!”
  • Nicki’s Pick for Flats: Peds Ultra Low Sport Line
    “A close second to the Steve Madden’s, these are a good second option for for work flats!”
  • Nicki’s Pick for Slip On Sneakers: Bombas No-Show Socks
    “These are a great pair for for a slip on sneaker, but wouldn’t work for pairing with flats.”

The Pairs That Didn’t Make The Cut

Unfortunately, none of these made any of our top picks! Here’s why we didn’t love them:

Eedor Thin No Show Socks Non Slip Flat Boat Line

  • Erin: “These were just okay to me. Nothing bad, nothing great. They wouldn’t be at the top of my list but they wouldn’t be at the bottom, just overall very average!”
  • Becca: “Not the best quality.”
  • Nicki: “Wasn’t impressed. Quality felt somewhat poor compared to other brands tested.”

Nike Performance No-Show Liner Socks

  • Erin: “These were my go-to no show socks prior to this test! I find them to be quite comfortable and typically don’t have problems with them slipping, although I do feel like now in comparison to some of the others, they are more likely to slip off than some.”
  • Becca: “Too big for small feet! I also wonder about the quality as they arrived with a hole along the top.”
  • Nicki: “Too fitted around the top, cuts off circulation around top of foot! Nike brand might run smaller, felt too small.”

Old Navy No-Show Liner-Socks

  • Erin: “Not great, not bad, just average!”
  • Becca: “Good liner for flats or booties if you have small feet!”
  • Nicki: “Too fitted around the top, cuts off circulation! Least favorite of the bunch.”

And there you have it! The best no show socks for each and every foot out there.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for finding no show socks that fit size 11+ I have tried several brands (none that you tested) and they didn’t fit. Thank you again!!

  2. Gina says:

    Great post! So sick of trying no show socks that end up sliding off your foot into your shoe!

  3. Leslie Smiley says:

    Loft no-show socks are my favorite!

  4. chris says:

    you should have tried the smartwool hide and seek sock: they offer more coverage than the super sleuth style and less coverage than the bombas. Hide and seek by smartwook are my faves followed by the bombas non-cushioned no show. I also recently found a dupe for the bombas noshows on Amazon that are actually really, really good.

  5. Tracy says:

    Thanks you for recommendation for socks To fit small feet (size 5.5 here).

  6. Debbie says:

    Thanks for this info. I have a small foot and it is hard to find a true no show that stays on. I currently have a blister on my heel from a weekend walk, so excited to find something that might actually stay put.

  7. Stacy says:

    Can you guys confirm that the stance socks work with the shoreline converse or just the keds? Let me know so we can add to cart.

  8. Julie E says:

    I have big feet, size 10 1/2, and have found the best ones for me are Vans in the men’s size. They don’t slip down and they don’t show when I wear sneakers. I’ve tried the Nike ones and they were horrible with slippage. I don’t understand why more sock companies don’t accommodate bigger and smaller feet. Most of the time I end up wearing men’s socks.

  9. Amy says:

    I love Vans no shows for my small feet (size 6) because I can order them in my size!

  10. Marla says:

    Try Zella! Work with every shoe, comfy, and best of all, STAY PUT!!

  11. Nicole Lazzerini says:

    You forgot the only two I wear: Me Undies no show socks (I love the fun designs and they are great with sneakers) and Hidey Socks for when I’m looking for a little extra!

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