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Welcome to Jonesboro, Arkansas!

March 26, 2020


Katy DuBois

Welcome to my (Katy) hometown! Let’s take a tour of all my favorite spots! Now, I did actually grow up in two different places (also see Mountain Home, AR) and both have very different terrain in the same state.

Jonesboro is in the Northeast corner of Arkansas in the Arkansas Delta and is home to Arkansas State University! With the farmlands, it may not be the most “outdoorsy” part of the state, but there are so many things about Jonesboro that make it a special place to me! Pictured above, I am hanging out in front of my Elementary school.

Most of my favorite places have to do with food, but I do recommend visiting the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center! Be sure to catch the interactive, educational movie while you’re there. The chairs rock when it talks about the fault link and a mist comes over the audience during the dramatic rain scene – it’s a whole thing. You can also take a stroll at Craighead Forest Park. Many Katy Birthday parties and sessions of crying over boys in high school took place here.

The Forum Theater is where I got my start dancing and doing musical theater! It holds a very special place in my heart! If they have a show happening when you’re in the area – definitely check it out.

Now on to the good stuff…food haha!

My FAVORITE Italian restaurant is Lazzai. I can almost smell the bread as I’m typing this. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, just get some Italian chicken and dumpling soup for me….or a pizza…or a pasta dish. Plus, you can color on the table and if they love you art they will hang it up!
*I should note that my art was never hung up for a showing.

Shadrachs has theeee best coffee! Drive through coffee stands must be an Arkansas thing, because I haven’t seen any here in Indiana. There’s a bunch of these bad boys located around town, so you can grab a yummy latte anywhere you are.

Andy’s Frozen Custard is my all time favorite ice cream. I know that these have become a lot more popular and have expanded, but there’s something about eating ice cream in your hometown that makes it taste better. Get the James Brownie (if you’re a coffee fan add espresso), you’re welcome 🙂 (please report back. I need to know your thoughts.)

If you want an AMAZING steak go to Skinny J’s. They work some magic! Trust me. It’s located in historic downtown Jonesboro, which I personally think they have done a great job renovating and bringing the community back into the past few years.

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