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15+ Items the Team is Loving from Amazon // January Edition

January 9, 2020


Erin Schrader

New year, new decade, still shopping Prime like it’s our job. Between the seven of us on the LIY Team, we seriously do an absurd amount of Priming [is that a word? I think it’s a word]. From a fresh supply of kitty litter to some of our favorite sweaters, we shop just about every category of the endless digital aisles. And let’s be real, we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. And PS if you can’t get enough of the Amazon life like us, join the close to 90K other members in our Amazon-only Facebook Group!

Erin’s Fabric Shaver/ Lint Remover

Pullover in photo [true to size]

Shawn had asked for a lint roller for Christmas so when I spotted this on Oprah’s favorite things list, I knew I had to give it a try. The words Shawn spoke to me yesterday after using this for the 10th time “I think I am obsessed with this thing.” We both can’t believe how it literally transforms your clothes from “worn a lot” to “brand new” in minutes! You just turn it on and let it do its thing by moving it around the article of clothing. It picks up lint and also shaves off the pilling fabric to leave your items looking like you just brought them home straight from the store. Keep your clothes a lot longer thanks to this little guy!


Steph’s Long Sleeve Top

Top  [TTS, wearing Medium in Green] //  Jeans [TTS] // Shoes [Size down if between sizes]

Love! So soft, perfect length for leggings or jeans and flowy in all the right spots! Calling this one a win for sure! It’s also light enough to layer and warm enough to wear alone. I was a little worried about the neckline being too wide, but I’ve had no issues with straps showing. It comes in 7 great colors, perfect for Fall through Spring!

Hannah’s Silk Pillowcase

I have been wanting to try a silk pillowcase but didn’t want to spend all that money on something I would drool on lol SO when I saw this silk pillowcase that was not only budget friendly but had over 6,000 near perfect reviews, I felt like I struck gold! I have been using this pillowcase for a little over a week and although I don’t have anything to compare it to, my hair has felt so much smoother, my ends haven’t been as bad and my skin looks and feels so much better! If you have been wanting to try a silk pillowcase, I would definitely try this first! My color is Navy Blue.

Cassidy’s Jeans

I am love love loving these flare jeans! Being a pear shape, typically flare jeans don’t suit me, but this pair complimented my body shape perfectly! They are super comfortable and almost have more of a straight leg with a fun flare at the bottom! I am 5’4 and these weren’t too long on me, I actually LOVE where the hit while wearing a heel. Definitely a win for me!

Claire’s Sugar Lip Scrub

Not a hit, not a miss. I first heard about this sugar lip scrub after reading an article raving about it on Today.com. Like anyone else in the midwest, I struggle with dry chapped lips during the cold winter months so I was desperate to try anything that *might* work. I wasn’t blown away with my results by any means, but it got the job done. If you need a basic, budget-friendly lip scrub, this one might be worth checking out- just don’t expect to be Angelina Jolie afterwards. As a bonus, it’s safe [and suggested] to lick off the excess after use. Bon appetit!

Lauren’s Large Basket

Anyone else have trouble getting the toddler toy situation under control? I know I sure do! He’s at an age where the toys are getting bigger, have more pieces, and seem to find their way to more places around the house! Thankfully he also likes to help clean them up! I ordered this BIG basket to keep all of the living room toys confined, and so far it’s been great! This would also make a great blanket basket!  [I ordered the XXXLarge]

Erin’s Oil Diffuser

This was a Christmas gift from Shawn to me – he knows I am oil obsessed and constantly have oils diffusing in our house [my personal favorite is Purification from Young Living]. Unfortunately due to my obsessive usage of my previous diffuser, the motor had burnt out. Shawn found this one on Amazon and for its under $30 price tag I am amazed. It diffuses for up to 8 hours and has a variety of different light colors you can have it on [7 to be exact]! If you’re looking for a great diffuser I highly recommend this one! Ps. You can find oils on Amazon here!

Steph’s Slideaway Toy Basket

White Tables  / I’ve had these tables for several months and can’t say enough good things! There are so many great features tucked away – two storage shelves, pull out coasters and it’s a charging station! No regrets investing in these!

HELLO CUTE TOY STORAGE! Am I the only one out there feeling like I’m drowning in an after holiday toy avalanche? Cute storage solutions that my kids will actually use feel so hard to find. When I stumbled upon these bins I could not wait to get my hands on them! Items can be tossed onto the fabric and easily lifted into the basket using the two handles, flip the lid back on and you’ve got yourself some quick cleanup and the ability to keep toys semi out in the open. Easy access but not easy to see. So many great uses – matchbox cars, legos, animals, the possibilities are endless!  

Hannah’s Winter Hair Treatment

Anyone else’s hair take a beating when the weather drastically changes?! Just me? With the strange weather we have been having in Indiana my hair is breaking, dry, damaged and desperately needed moisture and TLC.. This duo is seriously so good!! My hair hasn’t felt this smooth and healthy in a long time!! It smells good too which is an added bonus!

Cassidy’s Ring

I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, but I have been on the search for some cute statement rings without breaking the bank! I am loving this ring and the little extra it adds to an outfit! It has killer reviews on Amazon so I had to try it! It comes in Gold / Rose Gold / Silver! Definitely worth the try!

Claire’s Cardigan

Cardigan [TTS, wearing medium in Olive] // Similar Cami // Boots [TTS]

If you’re searching for a great basic cardigan, look no further. This one is under $30 and available in 9 colors. It is SO soft and I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality. True to size, wearing my regular size medium in Olive.

Lauren’s Cozy Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa Jacket [TTS, wearing medium in Khaki] // Booties [TTS]

I thought to myself “do I really need another something sherpa?” And then I put this on and the answer was quickly yes, yes I do. I LOVE how warm and soft this cozy sherpa is! It’s a great length, comes in so many color options, and is priced right! TTS, wearing medium in the color khaki!

Erin’s Straws

I have professed my love for these on Facebook for a year now, but after being gifted them at a favorite things party with girlfriends last year I have become hooked [and have since purchased them for many people in my life]. I love using these straws because a) it eliminates waste of plastic straws b) these silicone tips make it so you don’t have to have your teeth on metal! I put them in the dishwasher, however, they do come with a brush you can clean them out with as well. This 4-pack has to be one of the best $8 purchases one can make!

Steph’s Tunic

Top  [TTS, wearing Medium in D Red] //  Jeans: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcrfi TTS // Shoes: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcrdL Size down if between sizes

This one was a no for me! The flowiness of the body mixed with the band at the bottom just felt a little too balloony for me! Back to Amazon you go!

Hannah’s Sweater

LOVE this sweater!! The quality of this sweater surprised me! I thought for sure when it arrived it was going to be scratch or pull with the type of material but it’s quite the opposite!! It’s so soft on, I love the color blocking and it’s a great sweater for the price!! [TTS, wearing size small in black]

Lauren’s Portable Watch Charger

Charger  // Watch Band

If you’re an Apple Watch user, you know the addiction to closing those rings is real! And there’s nothing worse than being out and about [especially on a day where you’re moving a LOT] only to get that 10% warning. I saw these portable watch chargers and knew I had to get one to keep in my purse or work bag! Just give it a charge, and it’ll be ready to go when your watch needs a charge and you’re not near an outlet! The color of the one I got is gold!

Erin’s Sweater

Sweater [Size down if in between, wearing in small in LightRust] Jeans [size down if in between] // Booties [true to size]

And just like that, the entire LIY team has fallen in love with this sweater. I own it in 3 colors now [when something is good, you capitalize, amen?] I love the hemline and ribbed material. It’s not too heavy so you can transition between seasons with it which is nice. If you’re looking for an easy to wear sweater [that you could also pair with leggings] you may want to check this one out. See it on more of us here!

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