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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

December 4, 2019


Erin Schrader


It’s no secret the holidays can be a stressful time. We get it- there are halls to be decked, stockings to be hung, and chestnuts to be roasted. The list [that you’re probably checking twice] goes on and on. With all the cheer to be spread, it’s easy to get caught up in the never ending to-dos and miss out on all the magic the season has to offer. The LIY team thought it would be helpful to share a few holiday tips for battling the stress of the season. Sit back, relax [grab a cup of hot cocoa] and let’s unwind!

Erin’s Relaxation Routine:

I’ve been on a huge bedtime ritual kick recently. It’s amazing what a great night of sleep can do to help us get through the busyness of the holiday season. Every night I crawl into bed with a bedtime tea [this Stress Less formula made with lavender essential oils brings me all of the calm sleepy vibes], spray my pillow with a few spritzes of a nighttime sheet spray [here is one to try!], pop two of my favorite melatonin gummies, and slowly drift off to sleep, sometimes with the help of the Calm meditation app for truly the best night of sleep ever. Who knew what a mug full of warm tea and a side of melatonin could do for a girl and her beauty rest. Sweet dreams 😉

Becca’s Grocery Store Hack:

The grocery store can be a complete zoo this time of year! I try to avoid it as much as possible by ordering my groceries online. Most stores these days offer this service for cheap or free — and honestly it saves me so much time [and sanity] I don’t even mind paying a little bit extra!

Hannah’s Tip to Unwind:

Wine + Chocolate pretty much take all my stress away… well at least they help! So if you are anything like me, during the holidays, keep a bottle of wine and chocolate on hand at all times! So when you notice that stress creepin’ in, take a moment to yourself and enjoy that glass of vino and chocolate in peace! Cheers to a stress free holiday season friends!

Lauren’s Time-Saving Tip:

Get as MUCH done in one chunk of time as possible. If your to-do list seems never ending, set aside a 4-5 hours [get a sitter or call in your husband for uninterrupted reinforcements] and tackle that list one checkbox at a time. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish by giving it some dedicated time! Order all your gifts online, plan your hosting menus, get the house in tip top shape, wrap to your heart’s content, and maybe even plan a few holiday outfits! If you’re able to do this once or twice during the season, it’ll save you from feeling like you have something stressing you out every day.

Steph’s Tip to Refocus:

When I find myself overwhelmed by the many things on my to-do list, the most beneficial thing I can do is set aside some time to focus on something other than my to-do list!  Doing this goes against every natural urge I have, but I have found that stepping aside and focusing on what really matters – my faith, family and personal well-being – are how I reset and walk away ready to get things done! An afternoon spent decorating cookies and graham cracker [easier than gingerbread for little hands!] houses with my family, grabbing coffee with a friend or taking the time to do a face mask and listen to a podcast can be an amazing cure for feeling the weight of a long list of things to get done. After some time refocusing on what matters, watch out to-do list, you’re about to be destroyed! 

Cassidy’s Helpful Hint:  

The holiday season is a busy time of the year, from gifting to cooking to hosting, the party never stops! Don’t be afraid to lend a hand to those preparing for the holiday and more importantly don’t be afraid to accept help during this time of the year! Personally, I know that it is so hard to let go and let others help out [I’m a bit of a perfectionist] but those around you want to help, even turn it into an event and invite others over to decorate cookies or do some gift shopping together! Be kind to yourself and recognize that you may not be able to conquer it all! Go ahead and phone a friend for some back up!

Claire’s Tip to Treat Yo-Self:

With the season of giving in full swing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle. Often times, we’re so focused on giving to others around the holidays, we forget to take time to care for ourselves. Whether it’s a trip to the nail salon, a 15-minute face mask, or reading a chapter of a good book– it’s important to stop and catch your breath. If you’re anything like me, it helps to write things down. I own several journals from this collection and just added this one to my holiday wishlist! Step away, recollect, and crush whatever the season throws your way. [ps. Wine helps too, cheers!]

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any holiday hacks to share? Feel free to leave a comment below, we would love to hear YOUR stress-free tips for the season!

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