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19 Items the Team is Loving on Amazon // October Edition

October 1, 2019


Erin Schrader

Shirt // Booties // Hat // Jeans [TTS]

The first day of October seemed fitting to drop a team Amazon haul containing a TON of Fall goodness. Yea, it might be 80+ degrees outside today, but rumor has it that by the end of the week we’ll be lucky to hit 60! I’m sure us buying all this Fall gear has something to do with the weather following suit 😉 If you like clothes, accessories, home decor, or snacks, you’re going to want to keep reading! And if you have missed any of the previous team Amazon posts, see them all here! 

Erin’s Reusable Storage Bags

I stumbled across these when browsing the many internet aisles of Amazon and was instantly intrigued [mostly because they have to do with snacks and man, do I love my snacks] but also because I love the idea of eliminating some waste from my daily routine. I got them in and was instantly obsessed. I love that I can throw them in the dishwasher after using, can use for travel to house my toiletries and that they are leakproof and seem like great quality. I highly recommend giving these reusable bags a try — I’m off to order more styles from this brand!

Becca’s Pullover

Sweatshirt [TTS, wearing small]  // Jeans // Sneakers

This cozy pullover has chilly fall Saturday written all over it! Throw this on for a fall road trip, running errands, or lounging around the house. It has a unique zipper collar which is fun, and it is honestly as soft as puppies!

Steph’s Bath Towels

We get so many requests for towels from Amazon and I’m here to say I’ve got two options for you! I cannot say enough good things about these towels (pictured in front)!  I ordered them several years ago when I redid our guest bathroom, then proceeded to steal the bath towels from that bathroom for our master because I loved them so much! If you’re looking for a really thick set of towels – these babies just may be for you! First, let’s talk about the bath towels – they’re oversized, and oh so comfy! Next up, the hand towels. I don’t know about you, but finding a soaking wet hand towel in the bathroom makes me gag a little! The hand towels in this set have been so great for when we host our small group every other week, the towel is SO MUCH more absorbent than other towels I have. We’re talking 20+ people using the bathroom over the course of 2-3 hours, and the towel not feeling drenched! Let’s not forget to mention that the 6-piece set is just over $20!

Unfortunately, the set above was out of stock when I went to order towels a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to give these towels (pictured in the back) a try. Out of the package I gave them a 3 out of 5 stars, but once washed they fluffed up and were nice and soft and absorbent for my kiddos baths this morning! The first towels mentioned are still my favorite, but these are still a worthy purchase if you’re looking for a good set with standard size bath towels! If you’re looking for a medium weight towel set at a great price I’d suggest giving these a try!

Hannah’s Teddy Quarter Zip

Quarter Zip // Similar Jeans [TTS] // Booties [TTS]

OH my I love this pullover!!! If you are familiar with the Abercrombie pullover we rave about, this one far exceeds that one! This pullover is the coziest AND has pockets!! Perfect for everyday, lounging, kids sporting events or running errands! This is an absolute must!

Claire’s Jewelry Case

Vacay is on the horizon and I needed a little something to help transport my bling from point A to point B without becoming a tangled mess. Insert [foldable] travel jewelry organizer. I went with the large size, but if you pack light, the small size would get the job done too!

Cassidy’s Utility Tote

Currently, I am loving this utility tote from Amazon! From groceries to overnight trips, this tote has me covered! My favorite thing about it? It actually clicks and secures into place so it keeps it’s structure, BUT when you are ready to put it away you can fold it down for easy storage!

Lauren’s Faux Fur Blanket

This blanket is sooooo crazy soft. I’ve used this every single night since it arrived! I’m slowly replacing my old blankets that are falling apart with bigger, better, softer blankets, and this one is a newbie to my blanket collection! I was a little skeptical of what it would actually look like once it showed up [because, Amazon], but I love it and have been using it non-stop! It even came in an extra-cute box!

Erin’s Utility Shirt

Shirt [size down if in between, wearing small] // Jeans [true to size] // Booties [size up .5]

Oh Daily Ritual, how I love thee. This utility shirt does not disappoint, especially when it comes to just how great the fabric feels! I love that this utility top is more relaxed and not stiff in the slightest! It does run a little on the longer side so if you’re taller, it’s a great option [or if you’re shorter, congrats – you can rock it with leggings]!

Becca’s Gallery Wall

Frames // Pumpkins

Ever since the invention of Pinterest, I have been wanting a black and white gallery wall! Finally Amazon made those dreams come true! It was super easy to just add to cart and have them arrive at my doorstep, rather than running to a store and trying to find 9 identical frames — which I am SURE they would not have and therefore it would likely result in multiple other visits to said store just to check to see if they got any more inventory in. Thanks Amazon for saving me 7 trips to the store and a whole lot of time!

Steph’s Fleece V-Neck

V-Neck // Jeans [TTS, wearing in 10] // Shoes [TTS]

Ever love the feeling of the inside of your sweatshirt so much you insist on everyone feeling it? I cannot get over how SOFT and cozy this sweatshirt is, and a great weight for layering or wearing alone. Excuse me while I order every color…TTS, wearing medium!

Steph’s No-Show Socks

FOUND – NO SHOW SOCKS THAT DON’T SLIP AND ARE LOW ENOUGH TO TRULY BE NO SHOW! I wore these all day with my camo slip ons [TTS] and never had to take off my shoe to put my sock back up on my ankle where it belonged. Calling these a win!

Hannah’s Portable Charger

This little guy packs a punch! My husband and I traveled to NYC over the weekend and I knew we would be taking pictures, using map and staying in touch with our kids so to avoid going to the hotel to charge our phones or our phones dying I ordered this portable charger and it was perfect! It’s TSA approved [keep it in your carry on], the perfect size for my crossbody bag and charged our phones in a decent amount of time while we were walking around! It was a huge timesaver when we were walking around and kept us from running back and forth to the hotel to charge!

Claire’s Skinny Jeans & Hat

Hat // Jeans [TTS] // Similar Jacket // Similar Tee // Waterproof Booties [TTS]

Two items I didn’t expect to love this season? Olive denim and a felt hat. But here I am, wearing them on REPEAT and styling them both a million and one different ways. TTS and perfect for fall! See more styling ideas here.

Lauren’s Tea Bag Organizer

If I told you how many of these boxes I opened up to find 0, 1, 2, or the wrong tea bags inside, you’d shake your head at me. I kept buying multiples of things I already had, or was running out without knowing it because I couldn’t physically see what tea I had. I bought this organizer to keep my eyes on tea stock, and love that it has 8 defined areas. While I do have some teas that still couldn’t fit [because, hi, multiple boxes], but at least now I’ll see how many I have moving forward! PS these are a few of my favorite teas:

Erin’s Brightening Balm

I have been hearing about this product for months from other bloggers and finally decided to give it a try! Anything that claims to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, cool in the process and leave you with bright under eyes, is a product I’m willing to try. I love that you can carry this in your purse [it’s about the size of a lipstick] and apply throughout the day whenever you need a pick me up — yes, you can apply over makeup! We passed this around at the office and the consensus was the same — at first, we didn’t notice much, however, around 10 minutes in we all felt a wonderful cooling sensation that did seem to freshen the eye area! I’m chalking this up to a cooler $28 that I’ve spent.

Hannah’s Makeup Bag

My husband and I traveled to NYC for a quick little trip and I desperately needed a smaller bag for my makeup necessities! I have a larger bag I keep everything in but that was going to take up more space in my carry on that another top or pair of jeans could have been [lol]! This bag was the perfect size for the few items I needed and took up just the right amount of space in my carry on!

Lauren’s Poncho and Tunic

Poncho // Tunic [TTS, wearing medium] // Faux Leather Leggings [TTS, wearing medium] // Boots

Ponchos and wraps are my love language all fall and winter, so I had to try this one! I loved that it had a closure built into it, and that it’s significantly longer in the back. I’m 5’6” and it’s long on me, so it would definitely be long on anyone shorter! But for me, it works great with leggings and boots! It’s also great with jeans and booties! I layered it with a tunic underneath that I’d be a bit hesitant to wear alone with leggings due to length, but it works when layered with the wrap! Wearing the tunic in medium!

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