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Keeping My Skin Young, No Doctor Required.

October 2, 2019


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to dr. brandt® skincare and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. 

If there is one thing I am learning with every year that passes, it is that my skin is not getting any younger. Wrinkles seem to be appearing in places that I swear no wrinkle resided before, my eyes have a way of showing their tiredness more than they did in my teens and oil seems to shine brighter than ever as my day goes from morning to night. Like most women, it’s something I think about often [maybe sometimes more often than I should] and am constantly searching for the next best product that will help.

I have found myself in a lot of conversations recently with friends that have centered around this whole topic of keeping our faces looking young and more times than not, the solution that gets brought up involves a specialist that will inject an unknown substance into me. While I have no judgements for those that go that route, I’m not ready for it yet. The other solution that has been brought up by friends and co-workers — dr. brandt® skincare. Whenever you can take the doctor home, avoid injections of unknown substances, and see maximum results in minimal time, I am here for it. 

I started using the dr. brandt Skincare – needles no more NO MORE BAGGAGE eye de-puffing gel a few months ago and was hooked from the first application. Within 5 minutes, it tightens and smooths the under-eye contour to visually reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles for an immediately brighter, well-rested look. Literally in just 5 minutes. Just squeeze a little bit of product on your fingers and then gently along your under eye area and watch for it to work its magic. I use this both morning and throughout the day and never leave home without it when I travel. In fact, several of us on the LIY team now swear by this product.

I was so excited when I noticed that Sephora is now offering the dr. brandt Skincare – Pore Refiner + No More Baggage Duo which combines my favorite eye product above with their dr. brandt Skincare – pores no more pore refiner primer for a powerful combo at an incredible price [$87 value for only $45!] What is this pores no more pore refiner primer you ask? Well friends, let me tell you.

As we age, our pores tend to get larger [all good things come with aging apparently ;)] With this dr. brandt Skincare – pores no more pore refiner primer it will shrink the look of pores and create velvety smooth “photoshopped” skin. It does so by blurring pores, expression lines, wrinkles and imperfections which evens out your skin tone, all things we like to hear. The reason I love this product the most though? For it’s oil absorbing benefits! I couldn’t believe how shine free I stayed ALL day on day one of using this product. It provides long-term oil absorption and keeps your makeup in place and last longer all day. Mid-day touchups seem like a thing of the past since I have started using this.

If you like the sound of both of these products, I can’t recommend the Dr. Brandt Skincare – Pore Refiner + No More Baggage Duo more. Keep eye baggage at bay and say peace out to your pores.

For more of my favorite dr. brandt® skincare products, check out these additional recommendations! All dermatologist tested and approved!

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