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That Time I Received An Award…

September 12, 2019


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and worn by yours truly!

Every once in awhile a moment happens where you find yourself stopping in your tracks and thinking “Wait, did that really just happen?!” This happened to me recently. I received a phone call from a local businessman informing me that I had been nominated and selected to receive an award and inducted into our local county’s Business Hall of Fame. The award I was being presented with – Young Entrepreneur of the Year. I most likely giggled when I was told this because a) I don’t feel that “young” anymore, you see those forehead wrinkles right? and b) entrepreneur? Don’t I just play on the internet all day? Does that qualify as an entrepreneur? The verdict is in and yes, it apparently does.

To celebrate the award, a fancy little gala was held was held a couple of weeks ago. If you follow me on Instagram you know I was on the verge of hyperventilating about having to go on stage to receive my award and give a short acceptance speech. Nothing makes my heart race faster than standing on stage in front of hundreds of people apparently, filed right after going to the doctor of course. Knowing that I was going to be on display, there was one thing that for sure had to be on point – my outfit 😉 Insert Nordstrom.

dress [true to size] // heels [true to size] // clutch, similar // earrings

If you have followed for any length of time, you know that Nordstrom is my go to for 99% of my closet needs so naturally it was the first place I checked for formal wear. They have curated style pages if you’re looking to shop for a night out, work outfits, a weekend trip, or as a wedding guest. If you have an upcoming event, make sure to check there first. The best part? Because they have free shipping and returns, you can buy a few gowns to try and return the ones that don’t work guilt-free. Another wonderful part? The wide variety of price points depending on your budget. From designer pieces to dresses under $100 [which is exactly what category mine fell under] they have you covered from head to toe. Be sure to check out my current favorite event wear options at the bottom of this post!

BaubleBar Granita Beaded Tassel Earrings clutch, similardress [true to size] Sam Edelman Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal [true to size]

Now, back to the evening and my thoughts around it. Here’s the thing friends, yes, it’s an award to recognize the hard work that’s been put in, but it’s so much more than that. That evening when I was standing on stage thanking those that make all of this possible, I was so humbled [and literally brought to tears] recognizing how much of this has nothing to do with me at all. From my incredible team who works like it’s their own business, to my husband who keeps it all organized and me sane to my parents who encouraged me to dream, my sister who believed in me from day one and most importantly — you. Without you, this space would be nothing but a rambling diary for nobody but myself to enjoy. It is because of you that Living in Yellow has become a business that employs women, it has become a community that engages with and supports one another, it is a platform for me to share what I’m loving, talk about what matters to me, be open, vulnerable, honest and at the end of the day, simply do a job that brings me so much joy. LIY has become one of my life’s greatest blessings and I am so fortunate to show up here every day.

As part of receiving the award, there was a short video made for every inductee that shared a snippet of their story. If you’d like to see mine, you can watch it here. And yes, it makes me cry while watching it.

Claire’s Dress [true to size] // My dress [true to size] // Cassidy’s Dress [true to size]

Grateful doesn’t even begin to explain. I’ll keep saying it until I’m done doing this job [aka, forever] – thank you. Award or not, I believe in what we’re doing here, it makes me excited to show up every day and sharing life with you. Cheers to what’s to come!

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