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Skip the Salon // Tips for a Professional Blowout at Home

June 11, 2019


Hannah Campbell

Ever walk out of the salon with a good blowout and feel the most confident version of yourself because your hair looks SO dang good?! Nothing beats a salon visit but going every day to get that perfect salon look isn’t always ideal. And when you try to recreate that perfect blowout at home it never looks the same… Until now! I [Hi, this is Hannah] have been blowing out my hair for years and I’m bringing you all of my tips and tricks on how to achieve the Salon Quality Blowout at HOME! This does take time and practice and may not be perfect the first or second time but I can promise you will love the texture, feel and look of your hair after you follow these steps and practice!

Step 1: Apply Product
I use Kristen Ess Leave in Conditioner [6-8 sprays throughout hair], Kristen Ess Shine Serum [1 pump work from ends to middle] and Kristen Ess Blow Dry Mist [2 sprays; 1 underneath and 1 on top this helps with dry time].

Step 2: Brush Through
Brush product [using flat brush] through hair and create desired part.

Step 3: Base Dry
With a flat brush and/or your hand dry your hair about 70% of the way! This will allow for a faster blowout and more control with the round brush for volume!

Tip: use the flat attachment on hairdryer for more control and smoothing hair out.

Step 4: Section Hair Off
Depending on length of hair, section each area of hair [left side, right side, back] into three sub sections using clips.

Step 5: Blow Out
Starting on the bottom layer, with the hair around round brush, closest to the root, lift hair up for volume and down for smoothing ends. Once you are finished with that section move onto the middle section and then the top!

Tip 1: When round brushing your hair make sure the attachment is right up against the round brush to smooth and straighten hair.

Tip 2: For added volume, start with the brush at the root, lift the hair up, then bring hair to opposite side of head. Once you have blown out that section, place hair back to the side you would like it to lay on.

Tip 3: Use the round brush to sweep hair away from your face [not towards], similar to when you curl your hair.

Step 6: Repeat
Continue round brushing hair with the same process in each section

Step 7: Move Sections
Section off opposite side and repeat the same process as above

Step 8: Cool Down
Turn on cool setting to lock in style.

Step 9: Finishing touches
Using the same serum as earlier, work a pea size amount from the middle to the ends of your hair.

Step 10: Set the Look
Set your look with a touch of hairspray and you are set!

And there you have it friends!! This style can last up to three days for me personally!! I always try not to straighten my hair after blowing it out but occasionally need to tame some areas! If you don’t wash your hair everyday, another tip is to round brush it [even though it is already dry] on day two and three of not washing your hair, instead of straightening it for extra volume and smoothness [following Steps 4-8 from above]! I hope this helped and can’t wait to see your new dos!!

Olivia Garden Brushes I used sizes 1 1/4″ & 1 3/4″ for chin length hair



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