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Brighten Up The Boardroom [Colorful Work Wear]

June 11, 2019


Erin Schrader

While I may not have a strong need for work wear these days, I can still appreciate a flattering pencil skirt or a bold colored dress from time to time. It’s funny how we always want what we don’t have. When you are forced to get fancied up every day you dream about days at home in sweatpants and slippers and then when you find yourself sitting in sweatpants and sweaters you remember the good ole days of dress pants and button ups. Call me crazy, but it’s a mental battle I face more than one would think.

Here’s the thing with work wear — I think it sometimes gets a bad rep. It’s labeled as “boring” “stiff” or “uncreative”. We think that if it’s worn to work it needs to be basic, kept within a color scheme [insert all things black and white] and shouldn’t flatter the figure too much. I beg to differ. I am a BIG believer that your work wardrobe should reflect your personality just as much as your personal style outside of your 8-5 does. Why should our weekends have all of the fun when it comes to what we wear? Exactly, they shouldn’t and today I’m here to show you how to infuse bright and bold personality into the boardroom [or cubicle, whatever].

I turned to Boden [my favorite] and Express to create three very different yet equally colorful work wear looks for summer. Let’s get this office party started..

First up, this bright and oh so comfortable Bronte Ottoman Dress. All of the bold colors that it is offered in are spot on. Naturally, I had to go with yellow because…well, enough said.

Bronte Ottoman Dress [size up one] // Fergie Ankle Suede Heels [true to size]

Next up, a little more of a daring piece for the office [the only reason I’m deeming it daring is because of an emergency pee break] but super tasteful and classic piece- this Clarissa Jumpsuit in bright pink. Are you going to turn heads your direction when wearing this? Yes. Will it make you feel like you know who’s boss while wearing this? Double yes. Whether you rock it alone or with a blazer, it’s a statement you shouldn’t mind making…

Clarissa Jumpsuit [size up one] // Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer [true to size] // Fergie Ankle Suede Heels [true to size]

Last but not least, this Modern Pencil Skirt with my office go-to top, the Original Fit Portofino Shirts. I think pencil skirts are so flattering and thankfully for us, they are available in every color and print available under the sun. I love the eye catching colors and print of this one as you could wear it with white, red, navy and a handful of your other favorite colors! Just tuck a little top in and you’re ready to roll….

Original Fit Portofino Shirt [true to size] // Modern Pencil Skirt [size up one] // Fergie Ankle Suede Heels [true to size]

In need of some more work wear? I’ve got you girl.

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  1. Gentry Adams says:

    I’m totally a fan of color at the office- love these fun tips!

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