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Kitchen Organization 101

June 26, 2019


Erin Schrader

You never realize just how out of control something is until you attempt to organize it. You know that moment when you pull everything [and we’re talking everything] out of whatever it is you are about to organize and then you second guess every decision you’ve ever made as an adult and especially the one right you made right in that second and you’re ready to throw in the towel and say “screw it, it was easier left a mess”? Hi, that was me last week when I started on a quest to conquer kitchen organization to the 100th degree.  It turns out, my kitchen’s insides were a disaster.

Who knew that a few [okay a lot, I ordered a lot] of kitchen organization tools can make a world of a difference. I ordered everything from The Container Store [no, this isn’t sponsored but I use their shoe containers in my closets so I knew it was a good place to turn] and I stand before you today, still alive [a miracle] with a kitchen that has been flipped upside down and right side up with pictures here to prove it to you. We all like a good before and after don’t we? Eat your heart out suckers, I’ve got several for you today…

ps. Curious to see what this kitchen looked like when we bought the house? Your curiosity can be tended to here!

Let’s start with everybody’s biggest headache, the beloved junk drawer. On the left you’ll see the before [complete with beaten up old checkbook boxes disguised as fancy dividers] and the right, the after complete with legit drawer organizers that won’t rip and tear when you go to pull them out. So extra.

Drawer Organizers

Next up, the utensil drawer. While I forgot to snap a photo of the before [buzz kill, I know] here is the after. I never knew just how wonderful it is to reach into your utensil drawer and not get stabbed by a corn on the cob holder, but secret’s out now – it’s wonderful. With this starter kit, you have everything you need, minus the bleeding fingers.

InterDesign Linus Large Drawer Organizer Starter Kit

Next up, welcome to my crib, fridge edition. On the left, you’ll notice our fridge in a similar state of my mind as me at all times. On the right, you’ll see our fridge after it took a few anxiety pills and calmed itself down. I want to be the fridge on the right. All I did was purchase the InterDesign Linus Fridge Starter Kit and dreams immediately came true. We’re talking wine organizers, cute little bins to store my Sargento snack pack obsession and so much more. I can’t get over just how fresh and clean it looks.

InterDesign Linus Fridge Bins Soda Can Organizer

Moving on to the freezer, these bins became a miracle meat organizer. I love that I can easily separate beef, chicken, pork, etc and know what is where. I like my meat right where I can see it 😉

Smoke Multi-Purpose Bins

Now that we’ve worked through the fridge, let’s move under the sink [I KNOW, it just keeps getting more and more exciting]. You should have seen this area prior to getting down and dirty with it. Being able to find a roll of paper towels and actually be able to reach in and grab it is a new feeling I’m getting accustomed to. By using one of these cupboard shelves, I doubled my usable space in a second and if there’s anything I know on ROI, I think that’s pretty good.

Chrome Cupboard Shelf YouCopia White StoreMore Adjustable Foil & Wrap Organizer

Thirsty yet? Awesome, me too. Let’s move to the coffee, tea and whatever other random things I can throw in there drawer. Did you know that a tea organizer exists? Well, it does and it may just be my favorite adult purchase I’ve made in long time. Yes, tea time complete with crumpets will be taking place every day at 3 pm in my home now, come one, come all.

YouCopia TeaStand

There’s no better place to end, but than with the pantry. I bit the bullet and bought the whole Pantry Starter Kit [kits = less to figure out] and it had everything I needed to make everything easy to see, easy to organize and the most important part of any pantry organization, easy to eat. These clear canisters allow me to keep a close eye on inventory levels [we’re talking about Frito’s Scoops and puffy buttery popcorn circa 1999, we must know inventory levels on these items at all times]. They also keep things fresh, although let’s be real, will they really be in these containers long enough to get stale? Exactly.

Omaha Steel Mesh Stackable Bins OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Canister Set  // OXO Good Grips 3.4 qt. POP Cereal Dispenser

And there we have it friends and foe, a very organized kitchen that has been putting a smile on my face, tea in my belly and scissors in a spot that I can find them. If you’re looking to organize your kitchen this summer, I highly recommend starting with some of these starter kits. They may just change your life like they’ve changed mine…..

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  1. Kira Testin says:

    New follower

  2. Lisa says:

    How is it possible that even your fridge is inspirational!!
    Great job

    • Erin Schrader says:

      Ha! This made me laugh! It was a long time coming [and a group effort], but SO worth it! Thanks for checking out the post Lisa! xoxo

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