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Fun & Creative Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

June 5, 2019


Erin Schrader

This past year has been one I will never forget. I was just scrolling through my personal Facebook feed last night and found my way back to July 2018 where post after post was centered around one thing and one thing only — my dad. As I read through each of the daily updates either my myself, mom or sister had published, a flood of raw emotions, exhausted memories and a heart of gratitude overwhelmed me. It was this past July that my dad found himself in a near life-threatening bicycle accident that left him with one of the worst broken necks doctors had ever seen. Fast forward to today, and I am overwhelmed in so many different ways [the grateful part still remains] that I can sit next to him on a couch, laughing, talking and being able to say “Happy Father’s Day” once again.

I can’t properly articulate all of the emotions and lessons I’ve either experienced or learned over the past year since his accident. It’s amazing how really hard and trying situations can bring so much good alongside them. This man has shown me what strength and determination looks like. I’ll never forget his first morning in ICU when the neurosurgeon came in with the results of his x-rays letting us know his neck break didn’t look promising and my dad’s response was “I’ll make it through this.” Within weeks he was setting records for number of steps taken while in ICU.

I’ll never forget just how many friendships he has developed during his life as people beyond people would stop by to visit, call, send cards and so on. Words will never describe his underlying joy that was shown through even on his hardest days. He always made it a point to bring a smile to his nurses or visitors face, all while he was suffering in intense pain. It hasn’t been an easy year for this guy, but it’s been an amazing year of triumphs during tribulations. And a daughter who has more respect and appreciation for her dad than she ever has before.

Gifts of Love

With Father’s Day approaching, I wanted to come up with a few different ways to shower him with some of the things that he loves. If there’s one thing the past year has taught us, it’s that much isn’t required but rather moments together enjoying some of life’s simplest pleasures. I turned to my favorite online store, Brandless, to see what creative products they had up their sleeve and ordered a few to package up to give him. Thankfully, Becca on the team is a gift giving guru and helped come up with fun and unique ways to wrap up these Father’s Day gift ideas and is sharing below how you can do it all yourself! ps. If you haven’t tried Brandless products yet, you must. I place an order monthly of all of my favorites [and believe me, there are many] and they never fail. Bonus: Right now you can use the code LIYDADS and receive a free Pizza Cutter for orders over $49 between now and 6/18/19!

Brandless makes Father’s Day gifting super easy with their themed gift ideas! With just enough browsing you can find a plethora of items that can easily be bundled together to create the perfect gift! They’ve got items for just about every dad — the coffee addict, the BBQ king, the foodie, the dad with a sweet tooth, and so on! To show you just how easy it is to turn these products into a great gift, we put together 4 unique gift bundles for Father’s Day. Take a look!


Nuts, nuts and more nuts! If your dad loves to snack, this is a great gift for him! This bundle includes almonds, trail mix, pistachios and cashews! We picked up some small canisters and poured each bag of nuts inside. These containers stacked easily and we secured the tower with some wide black ribbon and a bow on top. Super simple, but it has a fun visual effect!

Gift Basket Tip: Don’t forget the gift tag! Sometimes the littlest things make it all come together — it’s all in the details!


Coffee, coffee, coffee! This bundle is filled with coffee pods, coffee grounds, and all the fixings! We added a few extra cold brew bags because more cold brew is never a bad thing! To make this bundle into a gift basket of sorts, we grabbed a tray for an easy coffee-in-bed set up or to carry your coffee out to the patio, layered in a classic linen tea towel and then piled on the items from the coffee bundle!

Gift Basket Tip: When you have loose little items like the to go coffee collars, try tying them together with some ribbon or twine! It creates more of a finished look, and will hopefully keep things more secured.

BBQ PREP BUNDLE [see all condiments here and grilling tools here!]

It’s BBQ Time! This bundle includes plenty of grilling tools, marinades and sauces so that Dad is ready to light up the grill! We also added a spatula, basting brush, grill brush, carving fork and grill pan for a more abundant gift. To turn this bundle into a great gift for Father’s Day, we grouped all the items inside of a beverage tub for his next cookout!  

Gift Basket Tip: Start with your biggest items first! Add them to the back of the basket [or tub in this case] and work your way forward with smaller items. This will allow all of the items to be viewed at once and create a more visually appealing presentation.


The perfect gift for foodie fathers! This bundle includes the crust, sauce, and spices needed for a great pizza, as well as the tools to help it all come together! We also added a pizza grill pan from Brandless to take the fun outdoors! To create a gift basket out of this bundle, add the bundle items into the basket along with Dad’s favorite pizza ingredients — like a block of cheese and fresh herbs! 

Gift Basket Tip: An angled basket like this one [or the drink dispenser we used for the BBQ Prep Bundle] helps to show off your gift items. You can also put some kraft paper into basket and add items on top [the paper we used was reused from the packaging from the bundle]. This helps so that your smaller items don’t get lost at the bottom of the basket.

That’s a wrap friends! Don’t forget to use code LIYDADS to receive your free Pizza Cutter with your purchase!

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