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What We’re Loving on Amazon // May Edition

May 7, 2019


Erin Schrader

Well would you look at that. We bought more things on Amazon ;). This is now our third edition of what the LIY Team is buying on Amazon, because you guys can’t get enough [if you missed out on March or April, check them out!]. While we love to get our toilet paper and carpet cleaner refills via Prime, they’re not nearly as exciting as the things we found this month! Take a look below to see what showed up on our doorsteps!

Erin’s Painless Facial Hair Remover

I never knew that $20 could change my life forever. Turns out, it happened when I dropped said $20 on this Facial Hair Remover. What looks like a lipstick is actually a magic razor that gets all of that peach fuzz / mustache / awkward chin hairs right off your face. I was hesitant that it was going to hurt, however, I immediately learned that you can’t feel a thing while using it. Gone are the days of being uncomfortable by all of my lovely facial hair [#thisis30] thanks to this tool. I’d keep going, but I believe this Facebook Live says [and shows] it all. Bonus: My makeup now goes on SO much smoother.

Becca’s Sandals

I have been on the hunt for a pair of these 2 strap sandals for a while! I have tried a couple other pairs, but they didn’t fit right! Many of them make the first strap so small that I wasn’t able to get my foot in all the way, even though I have fairly narrow feet! This pair however fits great! So far I have been happy with the quality [wore them all weekend] and the comfort as far as a flat sandal goes! They do have a just tiny bit of cushioning which seems to be better than than those hard bottomed flat sandals — and you can’t beat the price! True to size!

Lauren’s Detox Bath Salts

I love taking a bath at the end of the day to just relax or soothe my sore muscles. These days they don’t happen nearly as often without interruption [toddler mom life], so when I do get a chance, I load them up with all the goods- some salts or bath bombs, a book, and a glass of wine of course. I had been wanting to try a detox salt mix, rather than my usual lavender epsom salts. As they describe it, it “helps remove impurities, detoxify the skin and enhance your skin’s natural balance”, and after my first few soaks, I’m giving it a thumbs up! The review that sold me was the one that said it was like a full body massage after soaking for 20 minutes… sign me up! I don’t know that I’d go quite that far, but maybe I need to take another bath just to make sure 😉 And the smell is quite wonderful- it may or may not have been passed around the office table several times today! [PS I got this bath tray a few years back for Christmas and it was a bath game changer!].

Claire’s Makeup Eraser

To say I feel strongly about this product would be an understatement. I spend a LOT of money on disposable makeup wipes each month, so I was dying to test The Makeup Eraser out. Total game changer! Simply wet the cloth with warm water and it removes all makeup, including full-coverage foundations and waterproof eye makeup. It’s reusable, eliminating unnecessary waste [the site claims up to 1,000 uses!] and machine washable. BONUS: the reverse side of the cloth works for exfoliation!

Cassidy’s Watering Can

I had no idea that IKEA sells select items on Amazon, YAY! I was searching for a small watering can with a thin spout to water my indoor plants! Not only does it get the job done, it also is so cute that I use it as decor! Pair it with a snake plant for a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Hannah’s Earrings

When Erin raved about how lightweight these earrings were, I had to give them a try!! My ears are pretty sensitive to heavy earrings so I tend to stick with studs and simple, nothing dangling, however these are the most lightweight earrings I have ever worn!! They didn’t pull, irritate or feel like I was wearing a statement earring. They were the perfect statement without the pulling of the ear or redness that normally occurs! HIGHLY recommend these if you are a little more sensitive to statement earrings!

Erin’s Scoop Neck Swing Tees

Can you actually ever have too many basic tees? I didn’t think so. I have fallen in love with the Daily Ritual Brand for all things basics and these tees are no exception. I love that you can purchase different color combos in 2-packs for under $25 [I went with the oh so exotic black and white option ;)]. They are incredibly soft, I love the slight swing and the perfect scoop [not too low]. Fit tip: They do run true to size and I am wearing in size small!

Cassidy’s Duvet Cover

THE UNDER $30 DUVET COVER WITH OVER 5,000 REVIEWS! I had to try out this duvet cover because of all of the good reviews! I will say, I am not disappointed! To me, the duvet is soft and cooling, plus it comes in SO many colors!

Becca’s Lint Roller

Why is it that black clothes attract every species of dust bunny, loose hair and ball of lint? Trying to look classy in your LBD can be hard when you’ve got a coating of fuzz! I am PUMPED about this Flint lint roller — it gets the job done and takes care of the biggest lint roller problem — how in the heck are you supposed to store this sticky tape roller?! After the first use of a classic lint roller, there is no easy way to store it — it sticks to everything! The Flint roller comes in a case, so you can store in a drawer or your purse without sticking to the whole contents of the bag! Upfront it’s a tiny investment of $10 since you’re paying for the case [which comes in tons of fun colors and patterns], but refills average $3 a pop, which is no different than you pay for the disposable ones from the grocery store!

Claire’s Yeti Coffee Mug

If you’ve used Yeti products before, then I’m guessing you already know just how good this brand is. I’ve been a fan of their coolers, and drinkware tumblers for years and finally just upgraded to the ultimate coffee mug. I use it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s available in so many pretty colors and keeps your cup of joe hot for hours. For reference, I have about an hour commute to the office and my coffee is always still nice and warm upon arrival. Treat yo-self or give it as a gift for the coffee-lover in your life. Next on my wish-list? The insulated wine glasses.

Cassidy’s Snake Plant

Basket // Plant

If you don’t have a green thumb, this plant is for you! Snake plants are a great addition to any home! They are so easy to take care of and also add a fun splash of greenery! You can think of a snake plant like an oversized succulent, requiring water once a week and indirect lighting! It was super easy ordering this guy on Amazon and there were no issues with the packaging! I also ordered this cute woven basket that works perfectly with a plant holder or just in the home!


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