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15+ Items We’re Loving on Amazon // April Edition

April 17, 2019


Erin Schrader

A new month, a new credit card bill that lists Amazon over and over. What’s new. While we love shopping in store and online at a number of different retailers, the one we continue to be intrigued by is Amazon. Whether it’s trying out some affordable fashion and accessories, ordering our household necessities, or testing out things like a “nut blender,” we continue to shop via Prime.

We tend to have quite a few hits and misses with Amazon, so we definitely like to try things out before bringing them to you! With that said, here are the latest items that the LIY Team has bought and is loving this month! What are you finding and loving on Amazon?

Erin’s New Laundry Detergent

Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent, Diva

I’ve been hearing about this incredible smelling laundry detergent for years from other bloggers and always filed it under “one of those things I want to try sometime” but never remembered to order. Finally, I spotted it as I was browsing Amazon recently and I took the plunge just to see if it was actually worth the hype. Whoa baby, I get it now. This is hands down the most incredible smelling laundry detergent that transfers to your clothing [in the best way possible] I’ve ever experienced. It is expensive, however, I quickly learned that you don’t have to use the 1/3 cup per wash that it calls for. To make it last longer I am going to continue to use my regular Tide Pods but add a couple of tablespoons of this to get the same amazing scent on my clothing and bedding. I can truly understand how others have said they have people stop them to ask what scent they are wearing after washing their clothes in this. Get ready to fall in love with laundry.

Steph’s Lemonade Bar

Summer is just around the corner and that means one thing – The hot chocolate bar in my kitchen NEEDED to become a lemonade bar! We’ve all loved experimenting with the flavors and making our lemony creations for a taste of Summer! My current favorite? 12 oz water + 4 pumps Lemon + 2 pumps Lavender.

Lauren’s Flowy Crochet Tank & Straw Hat

Crochet Tank Top // Straw Beach Hat 

Tank top season is quickly approaching, and on those hot summer days I reach for my tank tops. For tanks that I don’t see myself layering with a jacket or blazer [like this one] I don’t like to spend a ton of money, because I know I’ll only be wearing it for a few months each year. This top has plenty of flowiness to it, has a fun crochet cutout in the front, and comes in so many colors.  [SIZE DOWN! I’m usually a medium- sometimes Large in Amazon items, and I am wearing this tank top in a Small!] // I also fell in love with this straw beach hat as soon as it hit my head. It actually has an adjustable inner lining, so if you want it to sit at a different spot on your head, you can just re-tie it to make it fit differently!

Becca’s Wine Wand

After 9 months of pregnancy-induced sobriety, this mama is READY for her wine! Whether you are a fan of dry reds [like me!], sweet whites, or sparkling rosés, these wine filters have got your back! They remove histamines and sulphates which can cause headaches, flushed face, congestion, and upset stomach. Just swirl one of these babies around in your glass for 3 minutes before you sip and you will say goodbye to all the negative effects! And I love that it comes in a purse friendly packet! Pour me another glass please!

Hannah’s Current Skin Care Routine

Toner // Serum // Retinol Moisturizer

The NEW daytime/nighttime skincare routine I am swearing by!! I was a little skeptical of this trio at first mostly because of the price [and it’s from Amazon] BUT the reviews sold me and now I won’t use anything else!! This Vitamin C trio has made my skin brighter, faded dark spots and circles, diminished acne scars and my fine lines are fading which is key with two very busy kiddos and one very tired mom! My skin has never felt so smooth and my combination [mostly oily] skin has reacted SO well to these products!! I have been using the toner and Vitamin C serum two times a day [adding my daytime moisturizer into the mix] and the retinol moisturizer at night!! If you have been looking for a budget friendly skincare routine this is it!!
-Nighttime routine; First toner, then Vitamin C Serum, then Retinol Moisturizer
-Daytime routine; First toner, then Vitamin C Serum, then moisturizer [non Retinol- just your normal moisturizer!]

Once you have tried this combo for a couple of days, add this serum into your routine [after Vitamin C Serum] and your skin may never have looked better. P.S. not every skin type is the same so what works well for one person may not work for another!!

Claire’s Activewear

Leggings // Jacket

CALLING ALL LULU LOVERS! I’ve been drooling over the Define Jacket since the minute I laid eyes on it. I haven’t been able to justify the price tag and pull the trigger, so when I saw this budget friendly lookalike, I knew it was worth a shot. LOVE it! The stitching is extremely similar to the “spend” version and I was so impressed with the quality of this jacket. The biggest difference being that the Amazon version is not nearly as soft as the Lulu version, but the quality feels great considering the price. I will absolutely be ordering in more colors! TTS, wearing in my regular size medium.

I paired the jacket with the 90 Degree Leggings which are most comparable to our Tribe Favorite Zellas I was hoping for something more similar to my all-time favs, the Lululemon Aligns. These were a much thicker material and not as soft, so I was a little disappointed on that end. However, they’re still a high quality legging that will be great for squat days! If you love the Zellas, you’ll love these! TTS, wearing in my normal size medium.

Cassidy’s Skirt

Skirt [True To Size, wearing small]

I am loving this lightweight, pleated maxi skirt for all the seasons! I ordered in a size small and find it true to size! It isn’t necessarily a silky material but for $18 it is perfect! I have been pairing it with so many outfits, boots, sandals, tees, and sweaters! Maxi skirts are trending right now and I am not complaining! Stay tuned to see how I style this maxi three different ways!

Erin’s Hair Care Routine

Olaplex Shampoo // Conditioner //  Hair Perfector

My hair stylist recommended this hair care system to me after I was experiencing hair breakage and damage. I immediately bought it [6 months ago or so] and haven’t looked back. This shampoo and conditioner strengthens your bonds which means less breakage and a lot better hair days. I know that it works as I’ve often had people ask me if I had my hair extensions put back in because my hair looks so full [the answer is no, it’s all in the hair care]! Not only does it work, it lasts forever as you only need to use a dime size of the shampoo]! The hair perfector is a repairing treatment you can do 1-2x a week. I swear by this hair system [I think my before / after picture is pretty great proof ;)] and highly recommend if you’re looking to strengthen your strands and have a healthier head of hair!

Lauren’s Apple Watch Bands

Gold Chain Band [Gold-01] // Tortoise Shell // Black Leather Studded

I’ve recently joined the Apple Watch club, and the first thing I did [if I’m being honest, maybe even before I bought the watch], was start looking at bands. I definitely use the sport band that it comes with for workouts, but for every day wear, I wanted a few other options. The bands switch out SO fast, and they’re all priced right [$9, $14, and $22], so to me, having several more fashionable bands to choose from was a no brainer. [PS the 38mm and 40mm watches can use the same bands, and the 42mm and 44mm watches can use the same bands!]

Claire’s Straw Bags

Crossbody //  Bamboo Clutch // Woven Tote

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends without spending an arm and a leg. I’m LOVING all the straw handbags this season, but A.) who knows if they’ll still be “in” next year and B.) how many uses will I really get out of these beauties? This is where Amazon comes in. I rounded up a few “save” versions and was pleasantly surprised with my results! All three of the bags were decent quality, especially when taking the price into consideration. I will be using the crossbody all summer long since I prefer to be hands-free. The bamboo clutch will be perfect for events and vacay! I would be most cautious with the woven tote if you’re rough on handbags since it felt like the most delicate one of the bunch. However, it does have an optional drawstring closure which I LOVED. These were all a hit in my book!

Cassidy’s Green Stick

OKAY LADIES! I have dealt with acne and overall redness my entire life, but this little green stick is my new best friend! This green stick is designed to counteract redness in any form! It is a spot treatment, so apply a small amount on a red spot you may have! I apply this before my primer and foundation—it helps me achieve an even skin tone before applying any makeup. After rubbing it in, it may look a little too grey/green and in that case, I will just mix it with my foundation. Add this $6 green stick to your next Amazon order! Also note: I have fair to light skin and this product worked for me, they have other colors based on other skin tones / uses, so just be sure to get the right one for you!

Erin’s Sweatshirt Dress

Daily Ritual Supersoft Terry Long-Sleeve Raglan Sweatshirt Dress [wearing in XS, size down]

Whoa baby, the name speaks for itself. I am a lover of sweatshirts so any time I can get a sweatshirt in a different form, I am down. This $30 sweatshirt dress will absolutely be worn on many occasions – spring, summer or fall! It’s a great length [no worries about bending over and exposing all] and is truly so comfortable for days on the go! You will not be disappointed in the quality of this!

There you have it! The Team’s latest loves from Amazon! In case you missed last month’s, check it out here!

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