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4 Ways to Wear Green For Wear for St Patrick’s Day

February 25, 2019


Erin Schrader

St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to raid your closet and make sure you’ve got something green to rock on March 17th. And if your closet is lacking in the green department because none of it was “sparking joy,” I’m here with a few ideas. Peace out pinching, you aren’t welcome here.

For Work

If you’re going to be working this St. Patrick’s Day, you definitely want to make sure you’ve got your green on, because getting pinched by your coworkers is not a good idea, but I’m not going to go there today…

I paired this top with the perfect dress pants, and my favorite closed toe heels. Who knew they came in a fun green color?! You could easily swap out the pants for a pair of jeans for post-work drinks, or a night out with friends!

Top [wearing size small] // Pants // Green Heels

For Everything Else

Now if your plans involve drinking green beer, we’re going a bit more casual. While the “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts are fun, they’re probably only getting worn for one day! Wouldn’t it be nice if what we wore for St. Patrick’s Day could actually be worn on a regular basis? I thought so too, so that’s what we’re looking at today!

First up, we’ve got another outfit where the green comes in the form of the shoes! And these shoes are GOOD. They’re so comfortable, and every time I wear them people stop me to comment on them! Cute and comfy is a win win! If you’re heading to Chicago to see the green river, add these babies to your overnight bag!

V Neck Sweater [wearing size XS] // Jeans // Green Shoes

Next, we’re bringing the green up top [well, the jacket, technically]. I LOVE this green bomber jacket and it’s two-tone coloring! Bomber jackets are in, and I’m here for it. I threw it over a basic tee and paired it with jeans and my Converse that I wear ALL the time.

Bomber Jacket [wearing size small] // White Tee [small] // Jeans // Converse Shoes

Finally, I’m a sucker for a fun tie top. The stripes, the fit, the tie, I was sold as soon as I saw it. Plus the green is a perfect shade that will take me straight into spring and summer! Throw it on later with a pair of white jeans and wedges, and you’ve got a whole new look!

Striped Top [wearing size XS]  //  Jeans  // Converse Shoes

Now all that’s left to do is grab some green food coloring for your brews and hope that the luck of the Irish hits ya!

More green options below!

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  1. Marcie says:

    I love all of the options!! So cute! Question about the green new balance sneakers – do you think they’re true to size? Thanks!

  2. Vanessa Crane says:

    Hello! Where did you get the cute lite green hutch that is in all these pics (with your shoes stored in it?)

    I love it!

  3. TAMMY says:

    St Patrick’s day dressing is so easy and fun. As a fellow Irish girl I always wear my green jeans, green shirt and sneakers because I am running around all day from the parade route and then bar to bar. To me its a holiday and I never go to work. I like the green heels but pointy toes shoes don’t work well with my big feet. 1st celebration for St Patrick’s day in NY is this weekend in Rockaway Queens.

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