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10 Ways I Get Ready With Google Home

January 24, 2019


Erin Schrader

If there is one thing our cabin is becoming, it’s smart. The people inside of it, well that’s still up for debate, but the items in it – g-e-n-i-u-s. My husband is absolutely leading this charge as he believes “the more smart pieces of technology in our home the better” where I’ve been sitting on the sideline thinking “unless it’s going to pass me a cookie, I’m good.” Until now. I’ve quickly learned the power of the smart home items, so much so that I get ready with one every single morning now.

When we recently renovated our master bathroom at the cabin, we were choosing final fixtures [you know, all of those fun things like toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and the best smelling air freshener we could find] and we spotted the Google Home Hub at Macy’s and thought to ourselves “well this could be fun…” It turns out that “fun” translates to “home changing” in our vocabulary. Ever since we have set it up in our bathroom, I can’t imagine it [or would never want it] not there. there. These exciting technology products are also available to add to any Macy’s Wedding Registry. Because it can be a little confusing on what all these little machines can do, I thought I’d offer a quick rundown of ten different ways I use it and why I love it living in our bathroom [a place you most likely wouldn’t expect to put it!]

Here is how we use the Google Home Hub every morning:

  1. Turn on lights, set our thermostats

This may just be my favorite part of all. With a simple “Hey Google, good morning” the lights that we want to come on in the house turn on [to do this, you simply use a smart plug to plug your lamps into or a smart bulb for affixed fixtures] and our Nest thermostat kicks the heat up to our desired temperature [note: we also use a Nest thermostat in our barn which explains the 50 degree temp you see above ;)] I love that I don’t have to run around the house flipping on all of the switches first thing and that this takes care of it all in one. On the reverse, you can program a good night setting that will turn off lights and turn down your thermostat for bed.

2. Listen to today’s news

This is one thing that I’ve never been good at – being socially aware of what is going on in the world. With one “Hey Google, today’s news” it will play a 5 minute video highlighting all of the biggest pieces of news for that particular day. It’s a quick and informative way of staying in the know, all while I’m simply brushing my teeth.

3. Find out today’s temperatures

I’m a weather fanatic [I get it honestly from my mother, the Weather Channel was her go-to channel all growing up] so I love being able to say “Hey Google, today’s weather” and it tell me what to expect for the day. This also helps me in figuring out quickly what my outfit should be for the day as I know what the temps are going to be and if I need snow boots or can turn to my beloved flip flops. Spoiler alert: In Indiana it seems to always be snow boots.

4. Be reminded of my daily appointments and tasks

Here’s another confession: Organization and remembering everything going on is NOT my friend. Thankfully, Google has my back. For any appointments that I have added to my Google calendar show up on my Google Home Hub. I can quickly ask “Hey Google, what’s on today’s agenda?” and it will give me a rundown of that day’s schedules, all while I’m hopping in the shower. Sorry appointments and reminders, you’re actually going to be remembered from here on out.

5. Listen to music 

Oh, do I love me some music first thing in the morning [or all.day.long]. The Google Home Hub connects to your Pandora or Spotify accounts so with one “Hey Google, play Hot Country” it will start blasting [at your desired volume] the playlist I can’t get enough of. From the shower I can turn it up or down, skip songs or go to a different playlist all together. I also love having it play quietly when we have guests for a little added atmosphere.

6. Learn how to do my makeup

We all know I could use some help in this department. With a quick “Hey Google, how to do a smokey eye” I have a YouTube video tutorial playing instantly walking me through the steps on how to achieve the look. This could be used for anything – hair curling, teeth brushing, etc. Whatever you want to learn while getting ready, the Google Home Hub is there for you.

7. Find out how long it will take me to drive from point A to point B. 

In the rare case that I am leaving the house that day [confessions of a blogger] I can simply ask my Google Home Hub “Hey Google, how long will it take to get to the airport today” and it reports back with a current driving route and time. This allows me to plan accordingly for where I need to go and how much time I have to get ready to get there in time.

8. Clean our house 

Okay, it may not bust on a dusting mitt and Windex, but it will start our iRobot Roomba with a quick request of telling it to start. Just say the magic words of “start the vacuum” and voila, the floors are clean. Now that I can get down with.

9. Smarten up [and have some fun] with trivia

This has been a new found fun habit Shawn and I have established while brushing our teeth. The Google Home Hub has a variety of games that you can play against people in your house so you better believe we battle it out in trivia when we get a chance. No comment is being made here on who typically wins… [there’s always next time, right?]

10. See who’s arriving and/or leaving 

Last but certainly not least, if you use either the Nest Hello doorbell or Nest Outdoor Security camera, you can tune in to your cameras to see who is either at your door or if people are coming or going [this is especially helpful for me as the team arrives in the morning so I can know who’s here and whether or not my robe is acceptable or if real clothes are necessary. Sorry team].

There is SO much more that you can do with this little guy [have the time displayed instead of using a clock, use it as a sound machine, view recipes as you make dinner, etc] and I love it. I especially love the Google Home Hub because while you can view other cameras, this device doesn’t have a built-in camera in it, meaning it can’t record YOU [some things are meant to remain private].

Be sure to check out Macy’s for all of your home technology needs and brides & grooms, don’t forget that you can add these technology brands to your Macy’s Wedding Registries so that you can be sure to get Google & Nest products for your home!

ps. If you have this product, I’d love to hear how you use it in your home! I’m constantly searching for new ways to use this little piece of power! 

Disclosure: Thank you to Macy’s and Shopstyle for sponsoring today’s post. 
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