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The Best White Jeans [10 Pairs Put To The Test]

March 6, 2018


Erin Schrader

With spring on our mind, we’re about to have one thing on our legs – white jeans. For many people, white jeans are the most dreaded bottoms to put on. Will they show everything?! How do I hide cellulite? Undies – do you wear em’ or go commando [my vote – commando but I also like to live on the wild side], what’s a good wash, do I want a denim fabric or twill and the list goes ON. Because they can be such a trouble spot for a lot of women, we thought it would be fun to do a similar post to our white tee comparison post we did a while back. I am a HUGE fan of white jeans as I think they freshen up any look and love to rock them all spring + summer + heck, even all fall long #YOLO.

We purchased ten different brands and styles of white jeans across many price points, set up our panel of expert judges [made up by three of the toughest critics in this department – the LIY team ;)] and rated each pair of white jeans in the below categories from 1-5 [5 being the best, 1 being the worst]:

  • Sheerness 
  • Stretchiness
  • Overall Fit 
  • Quality 
  • Total of all categories = Overall Score

We take this stuff very seriously. Because I’m sure you are most curious about what the results were, we should just dive right in. To keep the anticipation alive we are going to start with our least favorite and work our way from there. Spoiler alert: The end of this blog post is the most exciting 😉 Oh wait – one more thing, in case you’re curious I did wear these nude undies in the making of this post. You’re welcome.

First up, with the lowest score of all ten pairs were…..these NYDJ Ami Stretch Ankle Skinny Jeans that come in right over $100. Yikes. Now, while I love a good high waist to keep everything in, I am not loving what the backside of that high waist is doing here. They were quite sheer and the look of how the pockets laid underneath wasn’t flattering at all. We also had difficulty getting the jeans to look straight from the backside [without asking you to look at the crack seam, look at the crack seam and you’ll see what I mean]. Here’s how it rated in the categories:

  • Sheerness: 2.00 – the worst score on sheerness we had! 
  • Stretchiness: 5.00 [this was a selling point] 
  • Overall Fit: 2.00 – Ordered true to size 
  • Quality: 3.00 
  • Overall Score: 3.00

Next up, we have the Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Ankle Skimmer Jeans in Optic White. Now, while I am typically a HUGE fan of Wit & Wisdom [I wear their other jeans regularly] these just didn’t do it for us. I will say, just comparing this pair to the top – way better on the booty. Phew. However, what we didn’t love was the twill material vs wearing a white denim pant. These did have a lot of loose threads on them which was a surprise. I do love that they have a front pocket, I just don’t love that you can see them through the pants. Here’s how they rated!

  • Sheerness: 3.00
  • Stretchiness: 5.00 [because of this, I always size down in Wit & Wisdom] 
  • Overall Fit: 2.50
  • Quality: 3.00 
  • Overall Score: 3.38

Onward, we now tested the Kut from the Kloth Mia Skinny Jeans and they came in at number 7 on our list of 10. If you need a longer inseam, these are a 31-inch inseam which is great! My biggest issue with these was that the jeans didn’t seem to lay nicely, especially in the knee area. This could have been because they were too long but again – if you look at the booty [you will never have looked at my butt so much then you are right now in this post] you will notice the seam doesn’t line up straight. No Bueno. 

  • Sheerness: 4.00
  • Stretchiness: 4.00
  • Overall Fit: 2.00 – Ordered true to size 
  • Quality: 4.00
  • Overall Score: 3.50

Alright, number 6 on our list of 10 [if you’re still reading, I would absolutely just scroll to the bottom but if you haven’t, you deserve a brownie AND a margarita] were the Old Navy Mid-Rise Built-In-Sculpt Rockstar Jeans. These are great because they do come in petite, regular and tall! We also tested the regular Old Navy Rockstar Jeans which you will see later below..oooh, the anticipation! The biggest thing with these was that while they have a built-in-sculpt, I felt like it doesn’t do a good job of hiding the lumps and bumps on the backside. They also had some bunching in the knee area which wasn’t my favorite. If choosing between this style and the regular Rockstars, I vote regular Rockstars. 

  • Sheerness: 4.50 [this is a great rating! not very sheer at all]
  • Stretchiness: 4.00
  • Overall Fit: 3.00 – Ordered true to size 
  • Quality: 3.0
  • Overall Score: 3.63

Okay, now to number out 5 of 10 [we are half way there!] Here we have the Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans. These definitely win the most awkward smile award. Some fun facts to know about – there are no actual front pockets on these and they are more a shiny material than a regular flat white denim. I have noticed in other times of wearing Articles of Society that they do start to lose their shape and stretch out in the knee and booty area. Here’s how we rated them! 

  • Sheerness: 5.00 [best rated in this category!]
  • Stretchiness: 4.00
  • Overall Fit: 3.00 – Size down in these as they do stretch with wear! 
  • Quality: 3.00
  • Overall Score: 3.75

We’ve made it to number 4! Coming in hot are these Jen7 Release Hem Stretch Skinny Ankle Jeans. These were one of the pricier pairs right at the $150 mark. I absolutely love the release hem look on these! The only reason these didn’t score higher on the list is that they did have quite a bit of sheerness to them we thought. Otherwise, I did love mostly everything about them!

  • Sheerness: 3.00 
  • Stretchiness: 4.00
  • Overall Fit: 5.00 – Ordered true to size 
  • Quality: 4.00
  • Overall Score: 4.00

We are inching so much closer to our winner(s)! Coming in at number 5 are the Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans. For $30 or less, these are a great option for white jeans! I know a lot of people love these and I can see why! First, the price. Second, they aren’t sheer at all! They do have a real front pocket which I like. They do have some bunching at the knees, but overall I would recommend! 

  • Sheerness: 5.00 [not sheer at all!] 
  • Stretchiness: 4.00
  • Overall Fit: 4.00 – Ordered true to size 
  • Quality: 3.50
  • Overall Score: 4.13

We’re getting close! Close to the top are these American Eagle NE(X)T Level High Waisted Jegging.My love for American Eagle jeans runs deep. I do love that these are skinny all the way to the ankle [many of the pairs above are a little looser]. These were a slightly thinner material which may not hide cellulite very well which is the biggest downfall. They are very stretchy but shouldn’t stretch out. 

  • Sheerness: 4.00  
  • Stretchiness: 5.00
  • Overall Fit: 4.50 – Ordered true to size 
  • Quality: 4.5
  • Overall Score: 4.50

Now my PERSONAL FAVORITE! Who knew that Abercrombie would be gracing me with their presence in my 30’s?! These are the High Rise Ankle Jeans in Simone White WashAs mentioned before in this post, I have a thing right now for the release hem detail! I think it’s such a fun added element for white jeans and think this style of hem looks so cute with flats, booties, Converse and more! Additionally, these jeans laid so well and had minimal bunching.

  • Sheerness: 4.50  
  • Stretchiness: 5.00
  • Overall Fit: 5.00 – Ordered true to size / if in between, go up!
  • Quality: 4.00
  • Overall Score: 4.53

Winner winner chicken dinner — the verdict is in and it was these Liverpool Penny Ankle Skinny Jeans that took home the grand prize for the highest score of a 5.0!  Here’s why we loved them so much – they weren’t sheer at all, they laid SO flat [no weird bunching happening anywhere], the material was thicker which means that cellulite won’t show it’s self as much in these babies and the cropped length makes them super easy to wear with heeled sandals and booties!

  • Sheerness: 5.00  
  • Stretchiness: 5.00
  • Overall Fit: 5.00 – Ordered true to size / petite sizes found here!
  • Quality: 5.00
  • Overall Score: 5.00

And that’s a wrap on white jeans my friends! Which pair(s) are YOUR tried and true favorites? Do tell!

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