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2015: The Year Of The Booty

December 31, 2014


Erin Schrader

Well, we have exactly one day to figure out how we are going to get in the best shape of our lives in 2015. I don’t know about you but I have done anything but good for my body recently. You see, I bought this automatic candy dispenser for Shawn for Christmas that was supposed to reside on his desk. I also bought a giant bag of Wildberry Skittles to start the candy dispenser out on a strong foot. Long story short, he thought it looked cool in our kitchen so the kitchen is where it sits. Because of this, I now eat a handful of skittles every time I am in the kitchen which is always. So there we have it. I am always eating skittles. I keep telling my brain that as soon as 2015 is here I won’t be tempted to eat them because that seems logical and all. I guess I also decided I should start working out or something. Fortunately, my Instagram feed told me who to turn to.

That would be Jess, from Glisten Fit. The brunette bombshell with a rockin’ bod that is always jumping all over the place. I promise I like men but I also promise I love her butt.

You see, mine looks nothing like that….and don’t get me started on her abs, arms, or anything for that matter. When I asked about her blog / new business here is what she said:

And that’s exactly what she does — between her instagram workout challenge videos [seriously, check these out], free workouts every Friday on her blog, the e-book she is releasing soon that includes both a 7 day meal plan and 30 day workout plan [stay tuned], and her brand new business, HIIT Fusion Online Gym, she has you covered. So what’s an online gym all about you ask? First, watch this.

For $13 a month you are able to workout every day with Jess in the comfort of your own home. You receive a weekly workout schedule along with one new video per week. The added bonus? Your man can do it with you — it was created for husbands/wives and guys/girls to be able to workout together but both be challenged. She has a male with her in the videos that show the guys how to do their part! Interested? Sign up here

Jess is the real deal and I am so glad she has taken her personal training expertise to the internet. Today she is giving away one month of free HIIT membership to a lucky reader. Make sure to enter below. 

Lets kick our butts into gear into 2015 — peace out Skittles, it’s been real. 

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