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Quieting The Noise

April 2, 2014


Erin Schrader

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Every once in awhile I will start to feel a little too inundated with blogs. Like all of a sudden I feel like they are EVERYWHERE. And that’s awesome, it is. But sometimes it all just feels a little noisy to me. Not to be mistaken with nosy [really that too], but as in loud. It’s like we are a million little minions running around constantly trying to shove our voices, opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc down everybody else’s bloglovin feed, twitter feed, instagram feed, etc every second of every day. It can be this constant feeling of trying to keep up, hear what everybody else has to say that day, make sure we know what the coolest thing to buy is that hour, look at this, and then look at that, and repeat repeat repeat.

I obviously enjoy this whole blogging thing, but every so often I feel like I want to escape for awhile. I reach these points where it all just seems like a little too much to inhale. Realistically speaking I think these thoughts typically come at times when I am feeling overwhelmed, but when I’m not really sure what I am overwhelmed with. My content starts to slide, my motivation dwindles, my inspiration can’t seem to be found anywhere, and generally my overall attitude feels “over it”. I know that these feelings soon pass, but in the moment the thing that I desire the most is quiet. The feeling of becoming connected to something again that you have been losing out on whether that be listening to your own thoughts, getting lost in a good book, taking a pen to paper, or even enjoying an awesome meal in front of you without feeling like you need to take a single picture of it [perhaps that’s a struggle only I deal with].

All of that to say that today I am choosing to be quiet. Turning off the music, stepping away from the computer, and simply enjoying the noise in front of me that I can hear rather than feel.
Happy day loves. 

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