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True Life: I Might Be A Hoarder, And No, I Don’t Need Help.

January 6, 2014


Erin Schrader

top // purse
If I could summarize the last 48 hours of my life into three words it would be this: purge city high. Somewhere between getting over a foot of snow and today’s high being negative ten, I was inspired to clean out every square inch of every closet in this house. If you recall, I currently use 4 of the 4 closets in this house right now. My husband finds it a bit absurd, and says “I have a problem”, but secretly I think he is just jealous. Jealous of what I don’t know because yesterday I was hating every minute of my life as I pulled yet another thing out of my closet and said “WHY DO I HAVE THIS STILL?!?” as I naturally put it back in my closet “just in case”. I swear I don’t need to go on an episode of Hoarders, it just appears and sounds that way. 
Regardless, as any human being knows–as you clear stuff out, you should bring new stuff in (wink). So somewhere also in the midst of the foot of snow and freezing my arse off temperatures, I hopped on the world wide web and found myself on Roe Boulevard, also commonly referred to as “oh my gosh I need that”. If I have learned anything in the whole cleaning out my closet(s) process, it is this: stick to purchasing quality items that will remain in style for more than 2 weeks. During the past year my goal has to become a wiser consumer and not purchase something just because it is $10, but purchase something that will last and that I will actually wear. Crazy logic I know. This may cost a little more upfront but the cost comparison over a year is totally in the quality item’s favor. I say all of this because Roe Boulevard has those pieces I am talking about. The ones that you can tell ooze quality and aren’t overly trendy but rather classic staples. Say for instance those two pieces pictured above–that is what we call fashion goodness. I would place money on the fact that I would wear and use both of those items for years and years. 
So that’s my words of wisdom to you this fine day–become a smarter shopper where spending more actually means spending less. 
If you need further guidance I have compiled a few items that I would be more than happy to see make their way into my closets ASAP. 
Lets start with these sweaters…I am not going to be prejudice here but come to terms with the fact that either color is perfectly awesome and needed. 

sweater: pink // sweater: blue 

And then we have black with touches of leather. Like this little black dress–if you don’t have one, buy one, and if you haven’t bought one, buy this one. Talk about sex pot overload. A little bit of sex pot is a good thing, hence the leather tank and leggings. One word #Owwwwww.

And last but not least, warm weather necessities. I have to admit that the middle tunic below is probably one of my favorite things I have seen in awhile. Simple, stylish, and a little off the shoulder action–could an article of clothing posses any more greatness? 

top // middle // bottom
And there we have it–just a little shopping inspiration that probably wasn’t needed but hopefully appreciated. To sweeten the appeal, feel free to use the code shoproe for 20% off. Happy everything. 
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