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Polar Vortex Is Not For Bloggers

January 29, 2014


Erin Schrader

I’m struggling over here with this whole polar vortex thing. Do you all know how cold negative forty degrees really is? It’s asinine really. But here is where my struggle comes into play, pictures for blogging. I know. I have a hard enough time getting my husband to agree to take outfit pictures outside when it’s 78 and sunny, let alone when you see your breath before stepping outdoors. I feel like this polar vortex thing is happening just to spite bloggers who think it’s a good and cute idea to take outfit pictures all of the time. It’s like God’s way of saying “fools. you are all fools..” All of this to say, if you start to notice that all fashion/product pictures are taken on my couch, this is why. Because of wind. And freezing temperatures. And red noses. And toes that have up and fallen off. I just keep praying for my husband’s you know whats that they don’t become inverted due to this polar vortex thing. I’ll keep you posted on that one. 
So on that note, I should probably display all of my beautiful couch pictures for you. Allow your mind to be blown away by the level of creativity behind these suckers. 
“flash is bad, it really makes your face look greasy”–Shawn 
So then we went with this..the more natural orange look because that’s pretty. 
And because neither was working, I said screw it, let’s go for the natural light selfie where I forget to put on lip gloss or enough blush so it looks like I am near death. 
I promise there is a point behind these beautiful pictures. The point being in all of them I am wearing one of my favorite new pieces (make your eyeballs to the necklace) from Allena Mistral. There’s just something about natural stones and I that go well together. I’ve never been a big marijuana person so this is my way of getting stoned. My parents have to be so proud of my analogies. 
Back to Allena though. Homegirl is talented. I was speaking to her on the phone the other night and the excitement in her voice when talking about her jewelry inspired me. It’s one thing to do something. It’s another to do something you love and do it well. I absolutely adore her style of jewelry that she creates. Dainty, beautiful, and perfectly understated. What I mean by that is her simple jewelry makes such a huge statement without even trying. Say for instance this bracelet… 
I can’t take this thing off. I’m obsessed. If you are in the market for some awesome handmade jewelry, look no further. Allena will not disappoint, I promise you. To be sure of this, she is offering you a discount of 20% off using the code LIVINGINYELLOW. To be double sure you are satisfied, she is giving the chance to one of you to receive $50 shop credit to her store. We call that #winning. Well unless you lose, in which case we call that #losing. 

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